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Monday meal plan

Posted January 25, 2010

This week we are enjoying some of the great meat deals from the last couple weeks including chicken breast for $1.88/lb. at Kroger this week, a Brisket that was marked down 1/2 price at HT last week and veggie burgers from Lowe's Foods on sale through 1/26 (OK - Veggie burgers aren't really meat - but they are good source of protein and we love them!).

What's on your plate this week??


Turkey Subs
Creamy Pasta


Teriyaki Chicken in crockpot ($1.88 at Kroger this week)
Broccoli, Carrot and Onion Stir Fry Veggies
Brown Rice


Ravioli Lasagna (using BOGO ravioli from HT a couple weeks ago, 30 cent Bertolli pasta sauce BOGO from Lowe’s Foods a few weeks ago and .50 Kraft shredded cheese from Kroger this week with the buy 10 items get $5 off promo and $1.00/2 cheese coupon from 1/24)


Veggie Burgers - Morningstar Veggie Burgers on sale for $3.00 at Lowe's Foods until 1/26 - .75 coupon (found on a Morningstar display at HT a couple weeks ago) = $1.50 per box - a very good price for these.
Sweet Potatoes
Pineapple Slices


Brisket (1/2 price markdown at HT last week - cooked with beef broth, onions and mushrooms in the oven)
Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes
Sugar Snap Peas
Marble Bundt Cake


Pizza - $1.88 Tombstone Pizzas from Food Lion (BOGO - $1 Food Lion Internet Printable Coupon) – I’ll cook two pizzas and then we will have leftovers for lunch Sunday.
Peas (free Steamfresh veggies)
Apple Slices ($1 per pound at Kroger this week)


Spinach Enchiladas (using free Mission Tortillas from HT through 1/26 with sale and .75 coupon)
Spanish Rice



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  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Jan 28, 2010

    Juliemarie - I buy fresh fruit that keeps longer in bulk. For instance, apples and pears are on sale just about everywhere right now for about $1 per pound. My local Walmart has Red Del apples for .50/lb right now! They keep for a couple weeks and the kids can easily grab one when they are hungry between meals. I also stock up on canned fruit when there is a good buy so I have it on hand and don't have to pay full price. Walgreen's often puts their mandarin oranges on sale for .50/can - a good deal. You can also buy fruit on sale in bulk and freeze, although I prefer to cook with thawed fruit because the texture is a little funky once it's been frozen and then thawed. You can also freeze bananas when you find them for .35/lb or less in the marked down bins at Lowe's Foods and HT. My kids love to eat them as frozen banana popsicles! If your kids are very young, obviously that is not safe but you could cut them into pieces if they like the taste of frozen bananas. Anyone else have ideas?

  • juliemarie Jan 27, 2010

    Faye, do you have any suggestions for fruit? I have 2 young kids who want fruit at every meal! If I buy fresh, it goes bad too quickly. So now I buy cans. But we can eat an entire small can in one meal! Then we throw away tons of cans, which is not very green. Any ideas?

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Jan 26, 2010

    I love her site! I have recommended it at many classes before. She cooked something in the crockpot every day for a year and blogged about it with pictures and recipes. She recently published a book as well - which was given to me as a gift from a very thoughtful friend! It's full of fabulous recipes. Thanks for posting the link unc85!

  • unc85vw Jan 26, 2010

    And, if you need crockpot recipes, is incredible! Don't remember how I stumbled upon this site... Faye, maybe you mentioned it in one of your blogs?

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Jan 26, 2010

    Time to put the chicken in the crockpot. The house will smell sooooo delicious in just a couple hours. I love it when the kids come home from school and when they walk in the door they marvel at the smell of dinner in the crockpot! No matter how well you cook, you can throw just about anything into the crockpot and everyone thinks you are a genius in the kitchen!