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Grocery deals 1-20

Posted January 20, 2010

There are some excellent deals this week including free Steamfresh frozen veggies (love it!), free Mission Flour Tortillas (love it!) and free Fruit 2o water (love it!).  This is also the week to stock up on Ball Park Hot Dogs at Lowe's Foods, General Mills items (with the HT $5 promo) and Heluva Good Dip  for your Super Bowl festivities. Please share any other deals you find! As always, if you have any suggestions for making this list easier or more useful, I would love to hear them.

Harris Teeter
January 20 – January 26

E-VIC Special
12 Double Rolls Angel Soft Toilet Paper, sale price $4.77 - .50/1 printable = $3.77
Limit 1 (non E-VIC price $6.99)

General Mills Promotion: Buy any 15 participating General Mills Products and save $5 instantly at check-out. Purchases must be made in a single transaction. Offer valid 1/20-1/26
There are a bunch of participating products shown in the ad. Keep in mind that with this $5 off promotion you will save .33 off each of the 15 products you need to buy to qualify. If you use these products and plan to buy them anyway (using coupons, of course) it may be worth it for you to do the promo. There are coupons for most of these items on either and/or Print from both sites and you will have plenty of coupons to match with the sales.

GM Cereals: Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Fiber One 2/$6
GM Cereals: Honey Nut Cheerios, Total Raisin Bran, Apple Cin. Cheerios, Honey Kix 2/$5
$1/1 Honey Nut Cheerios - You'll Love Lowering Your Cholesterol
BC Cookie Mix 3/$5
BC Supreme Brownie Mix or Muffin Mix 2/$4
Macaroni Grill or Wanchai Ferry Dinner Kits 3.99
Progresso Microwave Soup Bowls 2/$4
Old El Paso Dinner Kits 2/$5
Old El Paso Shells, Tortillas 4/$5
Old El Paso Bean Products 4/$5
Old El Paso Seasoning Mix 0.79
Pillsbury Toaster Scrambles or Buttermilk Pancakes 2/$4
Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Pastries 2/$4
Pillsbury Ready to Bake Cookies 2.89
Yoplait Smoothies 2.99
Totino's Pizza Rolls 2/$6
Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers BOGO
Yoplait Trix, Go-Gurt, or Kids Yogurt 2/$4
Pillsbury Traditional Dinner Breads 3/$5
Pillsbury Savorings Flaky pastry Bites 2/$6
Pillsbury Crescent or Cinnamon Rolls 3/$5
Pillsbury Grands BOGO
Yoplait Yo-Plus or Fiber One Yogurt 2/$4
Wanchai Ferry Frozen Dinners 5.99
Betty Crocker Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Roll-Ups, Fruit Shapes, Fruit Stickerz, Fruit Gushers 2/$4
Nature Valley Granola Bars 2/$5

PLUS there is a Catalina deal on the Nature’s Valley: buy ANY 3, get $1.50 OYNO coupon (on your next order), Buy any 4, get $2.50 OYNO coupon, Buy any 5, get $3.50 OYNO coupon
AND another Catalina deal that matches well with the GM $5 promo:

Betty Crocker Fruit Flavored Snacks: buy ANY 3, get $1.50 OYNO coupon, Buy any 4, get $2.50 OYNO coupon, Buy any 5, get $3.50 OYNO coupon


6 oz. Blueberries or 5.6 oz. Blackberries sale BOGO for $1.99 each

Large Pears 1.29/lb

Bunch Broccoli 2/$3

Meat and Seafood

HT Roast Beef sale (eye round, top round, chuck sirloin tip or bottom round) – 50% Off

HT Boneless Chicken Breast, frozen, 2.5 lb. sale BOGO for $4.99 = $1.99/lb

Snow Crab Clusters 2.99/lb

Tilapia Fillets $3.99/lb


Stonyfield Yogurt .49 - .50/3 printable coupon for 6 oz containers

International Delight Creamers 3 for $5 ($1.66 each) - .55/1 printable

Heluva Good Dip 2/$3 - .50/1 printable = .50 each

Heluva Good Cheese 2/$4 - .50/1 printable = $1.00
(this is tasty cheese – we use it all the time – including the shrimp quesadillas we had for dinner this week!)


Birds Eye Steamfresh $1 each - .50/1 coupon from 1/10 = FREE!

Morningstar Veggie Burgers sale $3.00 - .75/1 coupons found on some displays in grocery store = $1.50 each

Miscellaneous Food

Mission Flour Tortillas 2 for $3 - .75 coupon from 1-10 = FREE!

McCormick Taco or Chili Seasoning sale BOGO - .75/1 McCormick Spice coupon (the coupon beeped at the register because it exceeds the price of the item, but they manually entered it = FREE

Campbell's Select’s Soup sale BOGO for $1.22 each (18 oz cans) – .50/2 or .40/2 coupons = $1.44 for 2 (.72 each 0 using .50/2 coupon)

Kraft Mac and Cheese 4 for $2 – Buy 3 Get 1 Free coupon from 12/13 = 4 for $1.50 (.37 each)

Campbell's Tomato or Chicken Noodle Soups 5/$3 - .40/4 coupon = $2.20 for 4 (.55 each)

Hellmann's Mayo 2/$7 - .75 printable for 22.5 oz or larger = $2.00

Yakisoba ramen meals $1.00 - .50/1 coupon = FREE

No Yolks Noodles Sale $1.89 - .75 printable on = .39


Fruit 2o sale .99 - .75 = FREE

HT Brand Cola, 2 liter .87

7 Up or Diet 7 Up 2 liters 2 for $2


Ricola Cough Drops sale BOGO - $1.00/2 from 1/10


Lowe’s Foods
January 20 – January 26

Lowe’s has kicked it up this week with a great BOGO sale. There are lots of fabulous deals on meat, dairy and frozen foods. Guess what….more FREE Steamfresh Veggies! Remember, this is the last week to use the 3-week store coupons as well.

Fresh Rewards Cash Deals

Old Fashion Off the Bone Honey Ham on sale for $5.99lb
FRC Deal: Buy 1lb and get $1 FRC
MQ: .55/1 Kretschmar Deli printable
Total after sale, coupon and FRC = $3.89 for 1 lb deli meat

Cheez It or Club Crackers
Sale: BOGO for $1.58 for Cheez It and $1.76 for Club Crackers
FRC: Buy 4 and earn $2 FRC
MQ: $1.00/2 Cheez It from 12-13 insert
Total for 4 Cheez It after 2 MQ, sale and FRC = $2.32 (.58 each)


Navel Oranges, 4lb bag BOGO for $2.49 (.62 per lb)

Better Valu Russet Potatoes, 10 lb bag on sale $3.99 (.39/lb)

Eastern Gala Apples $1.29/lb

D’Anjou Pears $1.29/lb

Leaf Lettuce (romaine, red or green leaf) $1.69 each

Meat and Seafood

London Broil on sale BOGO for $2.64/lb

Sanderson Farms Boneless Chicken Breast on sale BOGO for $2.29/lb (pretty good price although I like it when it’s closer to $1.50/lb)

Boston Butt Pork Roast on sale BOGO for $1.34/lb

Shady Brook Farms ground turkey $1.24/lb

Butterball turkey smoked sausage $1.49 - .75 coupon from 1/10 = FREE

Ball Park Meat Hot Dogs BOGO for $1.40 - .75/2 coupon from 1/10 = $1.30 for 2 (.65 each)

Ball Park Beef Hot Dogs BOGO for $1.90 - .75/2 coupon from 1/10 = $2.30 for 2 ($1.15 each)

Ball Park Smoked Fat Free Turkey Hot Dogs BOGO for $1.90 - .55/1 coupon from 1/10 = .80 each (a very good price for these)

Jimmy Dean sausage, 16 oz on sale BOGO for $1.49

Lowe’s Foods Bacon, BOGO

Lowe’s Foods Italian Sausage hot or mild on sale BOGO for $1.89/lb

Hormel Natural Choice, 8 oz. $1.99 -$.75/1 printable = .49

Beacon Light Tilapia Fillets, 12 oz on sale BOGO for $2.49

Crab Classic on sale BOGO for $1.49 - $1.00 printable = .49


Chobani Yogurt $1.00 - $1 coupon from 12/13 – FREE!

Lowe’s Foods Shredded Cheese sale BOGO for $1.27 (a good price on 8 oz. shredded these days!)

Stonyfield Yogurt .49 - .50/3 printable coupon for 6 oz containers

Sorrento Stringsters on sale BOGO for $2.56 - $2/1 or $1/1 coupons found on some Stringsters products

Better’n Eggs, 16 oz sale 2 for $4 - $1.00/2 coupon from Penguin coupon display = $1.50 each

Eggs, 18 count $1.88


Birds Eye Steamfresh vegetables, 12 oz. BOGO for $1.00 -$.50/1 coupon from 1/10 = FREE!

Or use $2.00/4 Steamfresh coupon from Penguin coupon displays in many grocery stores = 2.00/4 (..50 ea)

Birds Eye Steamfresh vegetables, premium $2 - .50/1 from 1/10 = $1

Celentano Frozen Ravioli, 24 oz. on sale BOGO for $2.50 (We use these a lot – they are easy to make, delicious with marinara sauce and the kids love them. Of course I only buy them when they are BOGO! Next week I am making a ravioli lasagna using these.)

Lowe’s Foods Frozen Pizza Thin Crust $2.77

Miscellaneous Food

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars sale $2 - .55/1 coupons = .90 each
(I ordered the coupons from – we only got a $1/2 coupon here in Raleigh)

Campbell’s Soups (chunky, microwave and soup at hand varieties) on sale for $1.25 - $1.50 and there are coupons available from 1/10 inserts to make them an ok deal

Quaker Instant Oatmeal sale $2.00 - $1 printable = $1.00

Dole Fruit cups, 4 pack on sale $2 - $.75/2 = $2.50 for 2 ($1.25 each)

Jif PB, 17-18 oz on sale $2 and Smuckers Jelly Squeeze 20 oz on sale for $1.50 – use coupon for $1.00/2 when you buy both = $2.50 for both ($1.25 each – an ok deal if you are brand loyal to these brands)

Hunt’s Snack Pack Pudding .99 - .30/2 from 1/10 = $1.38 for 2 (.69 each)


Lowe’s Foods Apple Juice, 64oz on sale BOGO for $1.09

Insta-Save Deals for the Week (must log in to insta-save through Lowe’ and add these to your card to get discount)

Lowe’s Foods Chunk Light Tuna .49

Lowe’s Foods Mayo, 32 oz $1.99

Sliced Crème Cake from Bakery $2.49


January 17 – January 23

Remember, every Tuesday is Senior Citizen’s Day at Kroger – 5% discount off your total bill if you are born in 1954 or before.

Steamfresh Frozen Vegetables, 10-12 oz sale $1.00 each - .50/1 coupon in 1/10 inserts = FREE

Gatorade sale $1.00 each - .50/1 G2 coupon from 1/10 = FREE

Eggs, 18 count sale $1.99

Cameo or Crispin Apples $1.00/lb

Kroger Value Onions 3 lb bag sale $1.00

Kroger Mini Peeled Carrots, 1 lb bag $1.00

Cantaloupe sale $1.50

Dannon Activia Yogurt Sale $1.88 - $1 coupon from 1/10 = .88

Quaker Instant or Simple Harvest Oatmeal sale $1.88 - $1 printable = .88

Tony’s Frozen Pizza Sale $1 - .50/1 = Free

Kroger Cottage Cheese, 16 oz sale $1.00 each

Pillsbury Grands sale $1.00 each – various Grands coupons including .40/3 = $2.20 for 3 (.73 each)

Campbell’s Condensed Soup sale $1.00 each – various Campbell’s coupons including .40/2 and .40/4

Kroger white or wheat sandwich bread sale $1.00 each

Kroger Bagels 14.25 oz sale $1.00

Swiss Miss hot chocolate, sale $1.00 each - .50/2 from 1/10 inserts = $1 for 2 (.50 each)

Assorted Bone In Pork Chops $1.39/lb.

Kroger Value Pack Chicken Leg Quarters, 10 lb bag for .49/lb = $4.90 per bag

Whole Beef Round Sirloin Tip (12-14 lb avg) $1.98/lb

Pride of the Farm Turkey Breast .99/lb

Kroger Flounder Fillets $2.99/lb.

Oscar Mayer Bologna or Salami 16 oz sale $1.66 each - $1.00/2 from 12-13 = $2.32 ($1.16 each)

Pepsi, 12 pack 12 oz cans sale 3 for $10 (there are better deals at the drug stores this week with their rebates – see the weekly drug store deals post on 1/17 for more info)

Cottonelle, 12 double rolls, sale $5.49 - .50/1 printable off Aloe & E variety

Scott Paper Towels, 6 mega roll sale $5.49 - $1 printable


Food Lion
January 20 – January 26

The Food Lion Private Brand Sale is still going on. Buy Food Lion Brand and 360 products and save up to $10 on your next shopping trip. You will get the savings in the form of a coupon that prints out at the register that you can use on your next order (usually called an ONYO coupon)
Buy 4, Save $1
Buy 6, Save $1.50
Buy 8, Save $2
Buy 10, Save $2.50
Buy 20, Save $5
Buy 40, Save $10

There are some pretty inexpensive items to match with the promo like FL yogurt cups, jello, rubber bands, erasers. The FL mac and cheese is 3 for $1 this week. Buy 4, get $1 coupon to use on your next order. Total after sale and coupon = .08 each!

Regular Weekly Sale

Holly Farms Boneless Chicken Breast 50% off – sale price $2.50/lb ($2.29/lb at Lowe’s Foods this week)

Navel Oranges, 8 lb bag $3.99 (.49/lb)

Cantaloupe $1.99 each

Kiwi 2 for $1.00

Red or Green Leaf Lettuce $1.49 each

Carrots, 2 lb bag $1.69/lb (.84/lb)

Grape Tomatoes, pint $1.99

Cube Steak or Stew Beef $2.79/lb  - use $1 off $5 purchase of Butchers Brand Beef Food Lion Printable for an even better deal!

Deli Canadian Maple Ham or Black Forest Ham Buy 1 lb get 1 free, reg. Price $5.49/lb, sale price = $2.74/lb

Smithfield Smoked Sausage, 16 oz. $2.00

Pepsi products, 2 liter .99

Food Lion Sodas, 2 liter .79 each
Great item for Private Brand Sale promo if you drink soda. Buy 4, get back $1 coupon to use on next order. Total after sale and coupon = $2.16 (.54 each)

Tombstone Pizzas BOGO sale price $2.84 each - $1.00 Food Lion Printable Coupon = $1.84 (a much better price than having a pizza delivered!)

Campbell’s chicken noodle or tomato soup on sale for .50 – .40/4 coupons from 1/10 = $1.60 (.40 each)

Food Lion Mac and Cheese 7.25 oz on sale 3 for $1
This is a good item to use for the Private Brand sale mentioned above. Buy 4, get $1 coupon to use on your next order. Total after sale and coupon = .08 each! It’s a great item to donate to the Valentines Food Drive I posted earlier in the week!

Farm Rich Value Pack Snacks (cheesesticks and meatballs) BOGO on sale for $3.74 - .75 coupon from 12-3 = $2.99 (think Super Bowl snacks)

Gorton’s Value Pack Fish on sale BOGO for $3.49 - .60 from Feb All You Magazine (found in Walmart) = $2.89

Angel Soft Bath Tissue, 9 mega, 12 double or 24 single rolls sale $4.99 - .50 printable = $4.49

All Laundry Detergent, 50 oz Sale $3.99 - $1 coupon from 1/3 = $2.99

Pampers, 19-50 count sale $8.99 - $2/1 from 1-3 = $6.99




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  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Jan 25, 2010

    unc85 - when you click on the link in the box at the top of this page, it brings you to the Heluva home page. Look on the bottom left corner on the home page and there is a box that reads: Click here for a Heluva Good coupon. Click on the box, click on the Continue button on the pop up screen and the page to print the coupon will appear. Enjoy!

  • unc85vw Jan 22, 2010

    Hi Faye - I see you have the Heluva Good cheese link on your post, but I go there and don't see any coupons... :(

  • pirategirl12 Jan 22, 2010

    I absolutely LOVE your blogs and look forward to them! Please keep the great ideas AND savings coming!

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Jan 22, 2010

    Thanks for the A & H coupon link, unc!

  • unc85vw Jan 21, 2010

    Just FYI... A few weeks ago I was looking for the A&H clothes detergent coupon on the A&H website, but it was gone... now it's back!

  • sherri3 Jan 21, 2010

    J, I put my lotion w/ soap. I don't know exactly why...I guess b/c I use soap in the shower and I use lotion right after my shower (and OTC was already so full). I know that probably sounds crazy, but it makes sense to me and, as you pointed out, that is the real answer.

    Faye, you're welcome.

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Jan 21, 2010

    Hi J - So glad you like your new organizer inserts! I put lotion in the Over the Counter section. I also include meds, batteries, bandaids, tape and makeup in that section. I guess over the counter is my miscell. section. I could probably stick makeup in feminine though since it's pretty much a girl thing!

    Thanks for your comment, Sherri!

  • j3434 Jan 21, 2010

    I received my new coupon binder inserts and tabs from your website and finally got them into my binder last night. The inserts are so much nicer than the ones I picked up at Walmart (heavier quality). And the tabs do stick out farther and are easier to read. The ones I used before were hand-made (by me!). In general I like the categories that are preprinted, but I do have a question that I just could not resolve. Which category do you put lotion coupons under? I thought "feminine" for a while...but that didn't seem quite right. I know, I know, the real answer is put them wherever I can find them when I need them. :) I did end up putting an extra old tab in there called "Miscellaneous" because I needed somewhere for my battery, post-it, and Scotch tape coupons. Thanks!

  • sherri3 Jan 21, 2010

    Thank you again for sharing all the special deals. Having all the information in one place like this (especially w/ links to the printable coupons) makes my planning so much easier! You show savings that I would never even know about without your list. Thanks!