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CVS – 90 percent holiday clearance

Posted January 11, 2010
Updated January 12, 2010

I was in the Cary CVS on Tryon and Walnut this evening and their holiday clearance is marked down to 90 percent off!

Although they didn't have a lot of selection, there was still a surprising amount of wrapping paper. I bought five rolls including a three-roll pack for 69 cents! The other rolls were 29 cents and 59 cents.

One of the rolls is not even holiday or winter themed and can be used anytime of year. Two of the other rolls are blue with white snowflakes and can be used for any gift wrapping needs all winter long.  They also had some spools of ribbon and some candy canes left.

Now is the time to check your local CVS and look for holiday wrap, bows, ribbon and other items you can use next December. This is the very best time to buy these items – doesn't get much better than 90 percent off!


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  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Jan 13, 2010

    Well said , Sherri3. My thoughts exactly.

    Rainy - you are welcome!

    iam - I will be using the wrap I bought at 90% off all year. As I indicated in the blog, 3 of the rolls don't have holiday print so I will start using them in February when I wrap the gifts for my nieces & nephew who all have birthdays during the month. The blue wrap with white snowflakes will be adorable with a shiny blue bow purchased at CVS for FREE after rebate in December. If you never use wrapping paper, than I would certainly not suggest you go out and buy some just because it is 90% off. That is a ridiculous assumption to make. This blog is for people who want to live within their means by being frugal with what they have and by getting the best buys on items they normally use. If I post a deal, but you don't use that item or you already have enough of that item, don't buy it. Common sense at work. I know how much wrap I use each year & I bought it at 90% off - now that makes perfect sense.

  • sherri3 Jan 13, 2010

    iamyeary, yes you are will have more money if you never buy anything. For those of us, however, who exchange gifts with family and friends at Christmas and throughout the year, and are already planning to spend money on wrapping paper, etc, it makes perfect sense to buy it on sale now. I certainly have room for 2 3-packs of wrapping paper in my closet and I'd rather spend $1.38 than $13.80. Of course, you should use enough foresight to only buy what you will use and what you have room for... I think that goes without saying. I certainly didn't notice Faye recommending we buy out the store just b/c it's on sale. :)

  • iamyeary Jan 12, 2010

    rainy39, My point exactly, you will have more money if you don't shop for items that you are going to put into storage and maybe never use. Thanks, you have proven my point. And I don't have money, just common sense as you have also noted.

  • rainy39 Jan 12, 2010

    Lets see.... .69 as opposed to 2.99 next year...when it can be stored with the other christmas ornaments in my building...guess that makes for a good deal. Thank you Faye for the great deal and postings that you do to help us. Guess people who have more money than sense shouldnt even read the articles.

  • iamyeary Jan 12, 2010

    So.. you saved some money....but you also have to realize that you SPENT some money to buy these items and then find a place to store these items. These items might sit around for years and lose there appeal in richer times. Deals are not always a reason to go shopping! ;-)