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Lowes Foods Super Doubles Brag Thread!

Posted July 25, 2012


Here's the place to share your great register totals, funny stories, coupon disasters and all things Super Doubles at Lowes Foods this week! Let's hear it - how did you do?

If you feel so inclined, I am sure Lowes Foods would appreciate a thank you for offering such a generous promotion. You can call them at 888-537-8646 or send them an e-mail on their customer comment form at

For a list of Super Doubles deals and good buys from the ad this week, click the link in the box above.


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  • erinlikescoupons Jul 30, 2012

    They were 100% out of Wholly Guacamole when I went. Darnit! I still got quite a few good deals. I bought 2 bags of their shredded lettuce for $0.88. I bought spinach, tomatoes, cherries, bananas, $1.79/lb chicken breasts, voila frozen meal, ice cream, silk fruit & protein, 16 chobanis, 6 boxes of granola & fiber one bars, Dreamfields pasta, Indian seasoning marinade, Jamba smoothie mix, 3 Newman's Own dressings, 6 CLIF bars, 2 MOJO bars, cat litter, etc. I paid $59. I saved $73.

  • Queenbee12 Jul 29, 2012

    Finally got to go to Lowes Food today and got 3 bottles of Gillette shaving cream, 2 packs Glade twin refills, and 1 bottle of Purell hand sanitizer for $6.20.....For my groceries, I got $130 worth of food for $54...very exciting super doubles trip..:)

  • kathryn21 Jul 28, 2012

    3boys3...I know the feeling! I drive through Spring Hope and they had an older Lowes Food that had an awesome staff! They converted it to a Just Save a few months ago. BUT the Lowes Food in Louisburg is still a Lowes Foods. This one is going to change as well soon. They are moving into a different location (the old Farmer's Foods store) and when they move, I think they are going to become a Just Save as well. I hate that the deals and couponing is disappearing from Louisburg!!!

    And can anyone tell me where the Tidy Cats coupon is located?? We are in need of restocking our cat litter stock pile!

  • Dr D Jul 28, 2012

    THANK YOU Faye and all of you who have posted your finds! I have nothing new to report, except that I was pleased to find everything I was looking for except the body washes, even though I did not make it to the store until late Friday evening.

  • 40andtired Jul 27, 2012

    Check the stock of Bailey's coffee creamers.Shelf price for the 16oz bottles was $2.35. Many of the bottles had 1.00 off coupons around the neck, so I got 5 bottles at 35cents each plus tax! Note: if you get more than 3, you will need to do separate transactions. Only 3 coupons of a like item will double in one transaction.
    Has anyone seen the Ivory or Zest body wash lately in a Raleigh store?

  • Nanee Lion Jul 26, 2012

    Well, I for one am really enjoying the sale at Lowe's. I live close by and don't have to drive 15 or 20 miles to get my deals. In fact, I have just had to rearrange my items in my chest freezer to make room for the items I have bought the last two days. I have also been able to find great deals for free or almost free to donate to the Clayton Area Ministries to feed those who need help. I have found some deals with my coupons that were not posted. For instance, I got Comet bath spry for .29 with my coupon and the sale. I got dixie crystal 5 lb. sugar for $1.89. In fact the sugar was the highest price I paid for anything on my receipt yesterday.

    Of course, I normally shop at Lowe's and I am familiar with the store and the great folks that work there. Go Lowe's Foods!!!

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Jul 26, 2012

    Sharon, you are correct that with every sale, you must know what a good buy price is before assuming that it is a good deal just because the store indicates it is on sale. As is the case with Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods and every other store, sometimes a "sale" is not a good deal. There are many items that even with coupons are not good deals at various stores during the week. That's why it is important to know what good buy prices are and stock up when those items hit the buy price. You can see from my price list what I think are buy prices for many items we use. Here is the link.

    Many of us found excellent deals at Lowes Foods this week with the combination of sales and coupons that were doubled. I bought many items for free or a fraction of the retail cost. Did you buy items from the good deals list or other items that you had coupons for?

    In this case, I have to disagree with you regarding Lowes. I found great deals!

  • sharonmunoz2003 Jul 26, 2012

    I am very upset with Lowes Foods this week as I am learning to watch the prices to save money. I have kept record of the prices on the products and noticed that alot of products more than 70 were overpriced, mostly those products that has coupons to be redeem and can be double it!! I couldnt buy alot of the items from my shopping list for this reason. Now I learned that the"doubble coupon week" is not a very good week, I have to be very carefull with the items I put on my basket. Hope other shoppers like me pay attention to prices and go to the stores with a little of time,compare and know how to shop. If anyone has a question, I have a system to carry with me all the time to compare prices between stores and know how to save. hugs to all.

  • Trickat Jul 26, 2012

    You are welcome.

  • eje1015 Jul 26, 2012