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Back to school deals 7/15

Posted July 15, 2012


The office supply, drug stores, big box stores and Kroger have some great school supply deals this week! Now is the time to stock up on the lowest prices of the year! 

I’ll have a consolidated list for you each week until the great deals subside in about 8 weeks.

Some stores offer excellent deals but require a minimum purchase like $5. Some stores offer great deals after rebates. Most will only let you get a certain number of each good deal.

Teacher Discounts: Some stores will allow teachers with ID to get larger quantities, so ask if that is an option, if you are a teacher (including homeschoolers).

Please post if you find any other deals!



BIC Matic mechanical pencils, 5 pack, FREE after $4.29 Easy Rebate, limit 1

Staples writing pad, 8.5” x 11”, 1 cent with additional $5 purchase, limit 2

Avery insertable 5-tab dividers, 1 cent with additional $5 purchase, limit 2

BIC Velocity ball point pens, 2 pack, .25, limit 4

Staples single hole pencil sharpener, Lucky antibacterial wipes 30 pack, Westcott ruler, Staples pencil box, .50, limit 4 each

Avery durable binder, 1”, $1 with $5 minimum purchase

Staples multipurpose paper, 500 sheets, $1 after $5.99 easy rebate

Staples photo paper, 50 pack, $1 after $13.99 easy rebate

There is also a coupon in the ad for $3 off any UPS shipping package, up to 3 package

Office Max

Purell .5 sanitizer bottles, .10 each AND there is a coupon available at the link in the box above for $1/3 making 10 of them free (+tax)! – Thanks to North Raleigh Dad for posting the coupon link here on the blog!

Just Basics assorted pens, 10 pack, .25, limit 3 at .25 each

Officemax poly 3-fastener folder, zipper binder pocket, Really Useful boxes, .50 each, limit 5

Schoolio 1 or 1.5 inch poly 3-ring bonder, $1, limit 3 at this price

Glue bottle and 5” scissors combo pack $1, limit 3

Hammermill copy paper, 500 sheets, $1 after $6.29 MaxPerks bonus rewards

Office Depot

2-Pocket folders, with and without prongs, 10 cents each, limit 10

tug pencil sharpener, 10 cents each, limit 3

Crayola crayons, 24 pack, .50


Elmer’s Washable school glue stick, 10 cents each

2-pocket folders, .15 each

1-Subject notebooks, 70 sheets, .17 each – a good price for these

Crayola crayons, 24 pack, .50

Elmer’s washable school glue, 4 oz., .50

Composition book, .50 each

Crayola colored pencils 12 pack and Classic markers 10 pack, .97

Wilson Jones, 5-tab insertable dividers

1” Economy binder, .92 each

Dixon pencils, 20 pack, $1.12


Rose Art School Glue, 4 oz, .25

Rose Art Glue sticks, 2 pack, .25

BIC Cristal pens, 10 pack, .99


Elmer’s school glue, .50

Wood pencils 10 count, .50

Solid poly folders, .50



Caliber 2-pocket folders, 10 for $1

Caliber 1 subject notebook, 70 – 80 sheets, 3 for $1

Envelopes $1


2-Pocket folder with prongs, 6 for $1 (.17 each)

Pencils, 8 pack .39

Pencil Sharpeners, .39

Pencil case, .39

Index cards, .39

Index card case, .39

Notebook, 1 subject, 70 sheets, .49

Kids scissors, 5 oz., .49

Composition book, .69

Adventure trails backpack $3.99



Top Flight spiral notebook, 70 sheets, .19, limit 10

2-Pocket portfolio folders, .15

Crayola Crayons, 24 count, .29, limit 4

Oxford index cards, 100 count, .45

Composition book, .50

Pencils, 10 count, sharpeners, erasers, .50

Filler paper, 150 sheets, .75

BIC Cristal pens, 10 count, .89




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  • Oxymoron02 Jul 16, 2012

    tamara, I have my own mental price list for what I will and won't pay for supplies. If I can get it for a good price today (free is my favorite), there's no need to wait for what may, or may not, be a good deal on tax free weekend. I don't want to pay double just for the pleasure of sticking it to "the man" on tax free weekend.

    With that said ... My husband is a technophile, and I'm a former bureaucrat and homeschooling Mom who has a good grasp on what's in her stockpile. I skim through the office supply ads every week, almost all year, watching for deals. What might be a good deal for you may not register for me because of my stock, or because we just have different needs. My husband points out really good prices to me all the time, but if we don't actually need, or reasonably anticipate needing it in the next year, it's got to be free to come home with me.

    I grabbed Kaspersky 2012 2 weeks ago because it was a good deal, and returned it when I found it free after rebate online.

  • tamaraphillips Jul 16, 2012

    The thing I've always wondered is - is it better to wait for the tax free weekend to do all the back to school shopping then? Or am I missing some really good deals by doing that?

  • diamondrun1966 Jul 16, 2012

    Coupon match...1.00 Purell coupon above and 1.00 Target purell coupon = 99 cents at Target for the 8oz size with a free small 2 oz included and on top of that another 1.00 coupon in the package.

  • Packy Jul 16, 2012

    Just a question.... is .92 good for 1" binders? I don't remember....???

  • drajregister Jul 16, 2012

    Thank you so much!!! This is so helpful!!! :)

  • WorkinMom Jul 16, 2012

    @BSW2MSW: Walmart did not have the primary journals, neither did Staples. I found them at Target (Lynn Road) for $2.99. They need them for 1st grade, too!

  • Kellygirl1991 Jul 16, 2012

    Oxy and Corbin - Make sure when you go that you sign up for the "Teacher" rewards card. That way next year you do not have to bring out the orange card. Also, honestly I made a copy of my card at home reduced to wallet sized and laminated it. I found those laminating cards very inexpensive the first year I was homeschooling. I am always excited when businesses don't forget that homeschoolers are teachers without reimbursable expenses. ;)

  • tiggerjd3 Jul 16, 2012

    BSW2MSW I was the Target at North Hills last week and I saw the mead primary journal. They are located in the back of the store next to the electronics. I think the second isle, and they are with the educational resourses.. (flash cards and books) Hope you can find them.

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Jul 15, 2012

    BSW2 - if the other very good suggestions from skkdouble and BuckJJJ don't work regarding the primary journal, you may want to call Stone's school supply in Cary.

    Oxy and corbin - When we homeschooled our girls, I went to Staples and had them make a copy of the official homeschool orange card (on orange copy paper) and then laminate it. I had them make it small enough to fit in my wallet so no matter where I went, I always had my ID and it never got damaged because it was laminated. I used it anywhere that offered teacher discounts including educational places like the aquarium (you have to call ahead for that freebie).

  • skkdouble Jul 15, 2012

    BSW2MSW- check with Office Max (in crossroads by best buy) They had them for .50 when the rest of the black and white notebooks were on sale. They are hard to find. I also know walmart carries them also but I don't remember how much they were.