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Food Lion deals: New Big Deal Promotion!

Posted July 11, 2012


There's a new Big Deal Promotion at Food Lion this week and you get $5 off at the register instantly when you buy 10 participating items!  These deals are valid 7/11 – 7/17.



Food Lion Coupon Basics

Food Lion does not double coupons

They have no limits on number of coupons they will take, unless specified in the ad

BOGO items ring up at half price so if you only buy 1, it rings at half price. You can use a coupon on each BOGO sale item.

E-Coupons: You can now load manufacturer’s coupons to your Food Lion MVP card and when they scan your card at the register and you buy the qualifying items, the discount will come off automatically. I spoke with corporate and they confirmed that these are manufacturer’s coupons and not to be combined with hard copy manufacturer’s from the newspaper and other sources. She said their policy is only 1 coupon per product. No e-coupons will double. Click HERE for more information.

Wet‘n Wild Emerald Pointe discount on tickets when you show your MVP card:
$5 off all-day admission July 1 – September 3
Valid for up to 6 people for each MVP transaction, no discounts during 4 pm admissions during entire 2012 season

Summer Savings event: Get $20 in free groceries when you shop 6 times between 5/23 and 7/17 and spend $45 or more in each shopping trip. Once you make the 6 required shopping trips, you will receive a coupon on your receipt for $20 off your next shopping trip. See store for more details. Honestly, I never spend that much an any one store every week, so I never get these types of rewards. If Food Lion is your main store, though, you may spend enough every week to get the reward. coupons available for Food Lion My Essentials products. You’ll find coupons for cereal, eggs, bread and more HERE.

Food Lion printable coupons: Be sure to check your Wednesday Shopper’s Companion e-mail newsletter from Food Lion, there are printable coupons for $2 off $7 purchase of meat, $2 off $7 purchase of produce and $1 off $3 purchase of My Essentials products. If you are not signed up for the weekly newsletter, you can sign up at

The MVP Big Deal Promotion:
Buy 10 participating products and get $5 off at the register instantly
Buy 20 participating products and get $10 off at the register instantly
Buy 30 participating products and get $15 off at the register instantly

There are a ton of participating items in addition to those listed in the ad. You can see the full list on their website HERE.

Here are some of the deals included in the promotion from the ad:

Old El Paso taco seasoning, 1 oz., .59 – promo discount = 9 cents each!

Yoplait Trix or Go-Gurt Yogurt multipack, $2 - .50 promo discount AND .75/2 coupon from 7/8 or 6/10 SS insert = $1.13 each

Luvs jumbo diapers, $6.99 - .50 promo discount = $6.49


Bulk garlic, 2 for $1

Green onions, 2 for $1

Peaches, $1.25/lb

Mushrooms, sliced, 8 oz., $1.57

Yellow onions, 3 lb bag, $1.79

Strawberries, 1 lb, $1.88

Cantaloupe, $1.50

Yellow potatoes, 5 lb bag, $2.99


Holly Farms boneless, skinless chicken thighs, $1.79/lb

Assorted pork chops, bone-in, $1.99/lb

Holly Farms Boneless chicken breasts or tenders, 50% off

T-Bone or Porterhouse steaks, value pack, $5.99/lb

Food Lion fresh deli cooked ham, $2.99/lb

Dairy & Frozen

My Essentials pizza, 6.5 oz., .69 each

Dean’s dips, 12 – 16 oz., $1.39 - $1/2 coupon from 6/24 RP = .89 each

Breyers ice cream, BOGO - $1/2 coupon on Smart Shopper coupons link in box above


French’s mustard, $1 - .30 coupon from 6/24 SS = .70

My Essentials jam or jelly, 18 oz, .99 - .40 digital credit = .59 after credit

Hanover baked beans, 28 oz., $1.50 - $1/2 coupon from 6/24 RP = $1 each

My Essentials Soda, 3 ltr, $1.15

My Essentials potato chips, 10 – 10.5 oz., $1.97 - .50 SavingStar digital credit = $1.47 after credit is applied

Pepsi products, 12 count, cans, $3 – various $1 coupons on  HERE = $2 each


Charmin Basic bath tissue, 12 double rolls or Bounty paper towels 6 rolls, $4.49 - .25/1 coupons from 7/1 PG = $4.24



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  • LAXMom12 Jul 12, 2012

    I just went to Food Lion to use my $20 coupon. When it scanned and didn't work, the cashier grabbed an item, voided it, and scanned it again and the $20 magically came off. He said that is what they have had to do to make it work. Just wanted to pass that along to those who need to use them.

  • HappyGirl08 Jul 12, 2012

    Well, when I go to FL there is one in my neighborhood and one beside my office. The folks are usually always nice; just didn't seem to understand what to do about this promotion. When I got the last GC deal, to be honest I used the self checkout. I found once that you can ring them up yourself, thus I am able to scan my MVP card w/o issue, and usually just someone has to come over at the end to punch in some code to activate the GC. I can handle that. I just got frustrated with the lack of concern first of all...and I say that because the CSR was telling me to just pay for my order and go on home and call the 800# and then, when it became clear to her that I wasn't going to do that...she calls her manager and tells me he said well...we'll just give it to you. Really? You are darn skippy you'll give it to me, I earned it! OH well... live and and learn!

  • Oxymoron02 Jul 11, 2012

    ....and that's why I avoid Food Lion like the plague if I can. There is a Food Lion within walking distance of my home, and I will GLADLY drive 2.5 miles to Lowes Foods, 3.5 miles to Kroger, or 9 miles to Harris Teeter. Before the free yogurt deal they had earlier this year, I hadn't set foot in a FL in almost a year and a half. Since, I've set foot in them to abuse ... I mean take advantage of ... gift card deals ONLY. I got a stand alone freezer (FINALLY) and we've ordered a new front door using those lovely "Dads and Grads" Lowes GCs. Had to argue with my CSR for every one that they DID need to scan my card because it WOULD matter, and then they'd look confused, and I'd show them their ad.

  • labs Jul 11, 2012

    I had the store manager laugh in my face for coming up 48 cents shy of the minimum. I have not participated in that type of promo again and the minimum purchase per visit has increased.

  • peverwine Jul 11, 2012

    The first week of the promotion, I forgot to give them the paper to scan during my transaction and after my transaction was complete I remembered and the cashier told me that they couldn't give my a voucher showing I spent the right amount of money for the week (like they used to) and that everything was based on your card through the computer now. So after that, I stayed away from FL unless there was a really good deal.

  • dragonflydaff Jul 11, 2012

    I also had trouble using my $20 coupon. The cashier and customer service person had never seen one before. They acted like I was trying to get over on them (making comments to eachother), but never directly said anything to me. They took my coupon over to the customer service desk and consulted a few more people. No one knew what to do, so they decided to "just let me have it", and took my $20 off. I felt like a criminal for using a coupon they have been promoting. Way to make customers feel appreciated, Food Lion!!!

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Jul 11, 2012

    HappyGirl - I definitely think you should call customer service to relay your experience. I am sure you are not the only one who had frustration over that promotion. Corporate should know that the stores were not trained correctly and that the "coupon" they issued was not easy to use. Thanks for sharing your experience so that anyone else who has that coupon will have a heads up that there may be trouble redeeming it.

  • sandtran36 Jul 11, 2012

    Sorry about your bad experience HappyGirl08! I feel your frustration. I didn't participate in this promotion at FL and rarely patronize their stores as I have found them multiple times in the past to be less than customer friendly. I pretty much try to stick to HT unless its a really great deal elsewhere. I find it's usually just not worth the frustration. Hope your day gets better!

  • HappyGirl08 Jul 11, 2012

    continued they gave me a gift card for the 20.00 off. That's fine but its the principle of the thing to me. I was made to feel like I was doing something wrong for standing up for myself...and that the mgr was "doing me a favor" by authorizing the cashier to give me the GC. Now, perhaps on the phone he didn't sound as put out as the CSR was acting...and I'm sure I was projecting frustration which I'm not proud of...but it was their promotion. I did exactly what i was supposed to do and in the end they didn't want to honor it. Frustrating. Probably just as well for them I didn't call the 800#. ha!

    Has anyone else had any issues with this?

  • HappyGirl08 Jul 11, 2012

    I just wanted to relay my experience with the "get 20.00 off if you shop six times" promotion. After my 6th trip the receipt printed out with a box at the bottom that said to bring it and present it to my cashier at my next trip for my 20.00 off. I was expecting some sort of coupon so BEFORE I left the store that day I asked someone at the CS desk about it. I was told oh yes, just bring this and show it and the cashier will call one of us to come bring over this coupon (and she showed me a coupon) to scan and get you the 20.00 off. So, I left. Last night I tried this. The poor cashier had no idea so she called the CSR over. That lady tried to make me leave and call the 800# because even though the receipt said it was the coupon because I didn't have something w/a bar code, she couldn't help me. I held firm and explained my last visit. Realizing I wasn't leaving she called the store mgr on the phone. He told her to just "give it to me" and keep the receipt.