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Monday meal plan: New salad recipe!

Posted July 9, 2012


On the meal plan this week we have Greek cucumber salad, tacos, chicken and pasta, egg salad and more!

What's on your menu?


Bird’s Eye Chicken Voila (.48 for the package at Walmart after $3 printable coupon that was available a couple weeks ago)

Additional whole grain pasta and bag of frozen broccoli I will add to the Voila because 1 bag isn’t quite enough for 4 people

Corn on the cob (.25 at Harris Teeter through Tuesday)



Tacos with veggie burgers and all the taco trimmings (Veggie burgers are on sale at Kroger through Saturday as part of their Mega Event)

Creamed spinach



Grilled chicken on salad

Wheat rolls


Whole wheat spaghetti and marinara sauce



Egg salad sandwiches (using the .99/dozen eggs from Walgreens last week)

Greek Cucumber Salad (recipe from Food Network HERE
Mix red onion slices, chopped cucumber, kalamata olive halves, dill and feta. Dress with olive oil and lemon juice; season with salt and pepper.

Cucumber are on sale at Kroger for .50 through Saturday




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  • karenmorris17 Jul 10, 2012

    Thanks for sharing the link to the 50 salad recipes!!! Awesome recipes! I like recipes that help me use up items I already have on hand.

  • karenforsythe Jul 10, 2012

    So, I clicked on the link and also got the 50 recipes. I made the Black Eye Pea salad last night, but since my family does not like black eye peas, I substituted black beans. This salad was awesome! I also added 1 Tbsp sugar to cut the acid from the lime juice. I can't wait to try some of the other salads as well! Thanks Faye!

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Jul 9, 2012

    Thanks to everyone for sharing your meal plans and recipes today!

    Bean - your harvest sounds wonderful!

    Nakabi - your stuffed manicotti sounds fabulous!

    I agree about all the other salad recipes on that link jdouglas. Many of them look delicious.

  • ascherer Jul 9, 2012

    M- tomato sandwiches(My Momma grew the tomatoes) T-Chicken salad (diced grilled chicken, quartered grapes, toasted almonds, spices to taste and 1/2 mayo to 1/2 sour cream for the dressing) on lettuce W- the egg salad sounds so good - I may have to do that on lettuce TT - dinner out with the Hubby F- maybe pizza or taco salad.Everybody's meals sound so good.

    bean112455 - thinly sliced squash/zu are great on a salad. And I thought slices of tomatoes and cukes go with every meal during the summer.

  • Sassafras Jul 9, 2012

    nakabi - yes, I think so. Give it a try. Let them sit for a little bit to infuse into the water. I particularly like it on hot days... kind of refreshing. You can also try each one separately too (just lemon slices or just cucumber slices)and see if you can detect the subtle difference... Enjoy!

  • bean112455 Jul 9, 2012

    Wished I lived close by. I have buckets of cukes, squash, and zucchini that I would love to share and it would be free. We eat fresh cukes everyday, and squash/zu every other in some form. It is great on skewers w/onion in between and grill. I sweep a little bit of olive oil on it and nothing else. Great that way. E

  • nakabi Jul 9, 2012

    Sassafras-I've never heard of putting lemon slices in the water with the cucumbers...does it enhance the flavour in some way? I'm always looking for tips so thank you for sharing!

    jdouglas13-you are so right about the salads! normally whatever protein we have for day before, we use the leftovers on top of salad the following night which means we have some sort of salad everyday, which we love.

  • Sassafras Jul 9, 2012

    Just got back from my Kroger and cucumbers are now 4 for $1!!!
    Tonight I'm going to clean and slice one up and add some of it to a big pitcher of ice water with a few lemon slices, and let it sit for a wee bit before dinner, yum!

  • jdouglas13 Jul 9, 2012

    Meant to add that I have another cucumber salad recipe that my mother used to make over 50 years ago... she doesn't remember it at all, but it was so good and simple on a hot night. Sliced cucumbers, sliced scallions/green onions, sour cream. Mix together, top with season salt before serving (don't omit the season salt, but don't do it ahead because it will make the cucumbers weep). Delicious!

  • jdouglas13 Jul 9, 2012

    Faye, thanks for the link. The article on 50 salads has some great easy ideas! Many of them can turn into entree status with just a bit of added protein such as grilled chicken strips, a little leftover sliced steak, or some cooked shrimp sliced horizontally in half to make it seem like more. I have to say my fave item on your menu was the egg salad sandwiches. Yum!

    Menu? Hmm. Tonight is clean out the fridge of leftovers salad which may look somewhat like Cobb salad. Baked ziti with sausage and ricotta one night because I am going through serious pasta withdrawal in this heat. And if we get gas for the grill, Lowe's london broil on sale for $2.99/lb probably with a sauteed side dish concoction of corn, yellow squash, red onion, wax beans? We'll see ;)