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Help a reader: Deals on all things for new baby

Posted July 2, 2012


One of our readers is expecting her first baby and needs your help! She is looking for any tips you have for finding deals on baby clothes, equipment, diapers, and everything else baby related. Please share your advice!

Here is Amanda's request:

"We are expecting our first baby and really don’t know where to start with finding the best deals on baby stuff! Especially what are good prices on diapers and wipes? Best places to buy used clothes or equipment, etc?"

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer to Amanda. I am sure all you moms and dads with little ones can help her get started frugally.


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  • thosig Jul 3, 2012

    KidsEverywear consignment at the airport mall in Morrisville is the best. Not as congested as the Kids Exchange. You could probably get everything you need there except for diapers and wipes! Their website is You can register as a new mom and shop early. My biggest tip is that nothing needs to be new, babies don't care! And if you are doing daycare - send the cheapest diapers you can, they have to change it every 2 hours so you will go through a lot, that goes for wipes as well!

  • ezlayton Jul 3, 2012

    I have actually got a ton of like new equipment/ toys. I have a swing that doubles as a bouncer seat, stroller, infant carrier and some other things I can't remember off the top of my head. My daughter just turned one and everything we have we got brand newso everything is in great condition. My wife was going to consign it but I would love to help a fellow bargain hunter. I can be reached at if you have any questions. My name is Eric.

  • kpeele Jul 3, 2012

    I too am pregnant with #3 and about to join the 3 babies in 3 years club with you, nakabi.

    I agree with pretty much everything the others have said. I have saved a LOT of money on clothes at consignment sales/stores and buying things used on Craigslist. And through couponing to get good deals on diapers and wipes.

    I recommend getting the latest Baby Bargains book ASAP. It gives you info to save money on all kinds of baby/kids things, including helping you know what you really need/don't need. But the thing I like best is the book is great to help narrow down your selections for bigger items. It can be overwhelming to complete your registry and this book really helps!

    And you can get some good deals on helpful items on the daily deal sites like,,,, etc. You have to be careful not to buy unnecessary items, though!

  • soojmagooj Jul 2, 2012

    Also, like a lot of other folks said, my buy price for diapers is $5 per jumbo pack. I started buying diapers as soon as I found out I was pregnant, so by the time my son was born, I had a closetful of diapers of different sizes. If you decide to stockpile, keep in mind that a)some kids never need the Newborn size, and if yours does, you'll likely receive some to take home from the hospital, and b) kids stay in size 3 for a LONG time. If you see a good diaper sale, but you're not sure if you really need another pack of size 1 or 2 diapers, go ahead and buy a few packs of size 3... chances are, you'll end up needing them.

  • soojmagooj Jul 2, 2012

    My recipe for homemade wipes: Cut a roll of Bounty paper towel in half and pull the cardboard tube out. Mix a cup of warm water, a tablespoon of baby wash (or shampoo), and a half tablespoon of baby oil. Place the roll in the solution and wait for the paper to soak it up (the roll should have no dry spots when it's done). Use by pulling from the middle of the roll.

    We keep our homemade wipes in a Tupperware container w/ a hinged lid, which gives us easy access to the wipes w/o letting them dry out.

    Bounty paper towels work great for this - other brands we've tried do NOT. Viva and Sparkle disintegrated when we tried to use them.

    I figure that at about 75 cents per roll of Bounty (if you buy it w/ coupons and sales) and a few pennies for the baby wash and oil, you get about 100 wipes. And making the wipes takes about 10 seconds, not counting soaking time.

  • luvstoQ Jul 2, 2012

    Don't forget the Goodwills in the area. I don't need baby clothing or related items, but I see "new with tags" items that I know what they sell for in stores - a bundle!! Some new parents get way more than they can possible use, so donate them - name brands VERY often. I bought a brand new in wrapper cart cover (like you would use in grocery stores, etc) for $1.29 and gave it as a gift - had never been opened! I keep a "stock" of gifts from there (new) and have them as needed. I've seen beautiful furniture, other baby items, great prices there also.

  • willisfamily5 Jul 2, 2012

    Hi! This is Amanda..the instigator of this thread! You guys are all so helpful! I really learned a lot, but have a few questions. For those who make your own wipes, would u share the recipe? Also, what is the cleaning process like for cloth diapers? Just in your normal washer? We find out this Thursday what we are having, we are so excited! Thank u again!

  • Rescuepets Jul 2, 2012

    This is perfect timing for me- first baby due in January! Thanks for everybody's helpful tips!

  • Savvysaver Jul 2, 2012

    I just had my 1st baby, 2 months ago. Here's what I recommend - My buy price for wipes is $1 or less per each 64-72 count so for the refills it's $3 or less for 180+ count. For diapers my buy price is 15-11 cents per diaper. At the hospital take all the newborn diapers you can! Don't buy nasal bulb - you get 1 in the hospital. Wait until all your showers are over until you buy the big ticket items so you can use gift cards & store credit from gifts you returned. We did this with our crib & had $80 of credit.Babies R Us is way overpriced on diapers and wipes. I get diapers for the lowest prices with coupons at CVS and Target. Don't buy bulky items new - bouncer, swing, glider, etc. because your baby may not like it & then you've wasted money. We got a bouncer for $3, play mat for $4, glider for $8, etc. Our baby hates the glider & the swing, but no big deal since we didn't spend lots of $ of them. And yes to everyone else's comments - go to the Kid Exchange July 20-22.

  • kculbertson4 Jul 2, 2012

    Sign up for the (in store) baby registry at Target- get free samples and coupons, a reusable bag, etc. The coupons alone are worth it for the diapers. You just browse the store with their handheld scanner, scan your wishlist items, and it sends the list to your email.

    The first Target I tried was out of goodie bags, so I drove a little further, lol, gotta have my coupons!