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Mega Swagbucks Friday!

Posted July 6, 2012

It is Mega Swagbucks Friday and today is the day they award larger than normal Swagbucks just for using the Swagbucks site when you search for information on the Internet. If you are not signed up for Swagbucks, you should be! It's a super easy way to earn giftcards to places like CVS, Starbucks and

New to Swagbucks?

How do you get these super Swagbucks? Each time you need to search for something online, use the Swagbucks search engine (instead of Google, for instance).  I actually have the Swag Bucks toolbar installed on my desktop and it places a search box right on my screen making it super easy to search.  There are also a number of other ways to earn Swag Bucks including taking surveys, answering polls, watching videos and more.

If you are on Twitter or Facebook, Swagbucks also posts links to codes that will earn you additional Swag Bucks. Once you click the link they give you and find the code (they will tell you how to find it) you then copy and paste the code into the "Gimme" box on the homepage of Swagbucks HERE. The Gimme box is on the right side of the page under the My Account section where it indicates: Enter your Swag Code.

You are welcome to post links to these awesome codes (but NOT the actual codes) in the Comments section of this post or in the Share the Deals section here on the blog each day but please DO NOT post the actual Swag Bucks code. That's against Swagbucks policy.  You are more than welcome to post the link to the Swagbucks page that shows the code though.

If you are new to Swagbucks, I bet you are wondering what you do with the Swagbucks points you earn. They can be cashed in for gift cards, books, magazines, movies and much more! I usually cash mine in for CVS or gift cards. A $5 Amazon gift card code is only 450 Swag Bucks and a $5 Starbucks gift card is 635 Swag Bucks.  It's such an easy way to score some freebies while doing the same searches you already do.

It's free to sign up for Swagbucks and only takes a minute. New members get 30 Swagbucks when you sign up HERE.


This post contains affiliate links and I thank you very much for using them!



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  • astabh Jul 11, 2012

    @Beckyjanm I have just had the same thing happen to me. I just moved into my mothers house who has her own swagbucks account and tried to order my first gift card but was deactivated instead. After 4 emails with no explanation I finally got someone to confirm that they thought I was sharing accounts with my mother despite only having lived there for 4 weeks (been a member for 2 years or more) and despite the FAQ clearly stating that each member of a household may hold their own account. I wrote yet another email to support and received yet again that generic reply. It took me 2 years to earn those 20 dollars worth of gift cards so it's not like I have been abusing the service. It is just really disappointing when someone calls you a fraud and a cheat only to ignore when you try to prove that you are not.

  • beckyjanm Jul 9, 2012

    Hi Faye,

    My and my husbands accounts (2 different computers - 1 mine and 1 his) were both deactivated and when we inquired we were told "
    We regret to inform you that unfortunately your account will remain deactivated.

    To continue to provide all our members with great services and prizes, we must protect our Swagbucks Community and itself from cheaters and potential fraud activity.

    You can review our FAQ to see more such policies:

    We apologize for any misunderstanding. Thank you for your time and have a nice day. "

    I don't like being called a cheater! My opinion is swagbucks is the dishonest party. We both worked hard to earn over 3000 swagbucks and then deactivated.

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Jul 6, 2012

    Send me your info realstory and I'll see if Hal, the swagbucks guy, can help. :-)

  • wral suks bauls Jul 6, 2012

    Thank you for your reply Faye. I've been very busy and forgot about checking this thread. I will email my info to you. I have 2 laptops and sometimes log on using my cell phone, but the 2 laptops are connected at my home via wifi. I dont think they've ever been logged on simultaneously.

    It's just aggravating because I haven't done anything to cheat them, and have been really active since the daily bonus promo they had going on. I've even claimed 2 prizes and they have all my contact info so not sure why they'd think I wasnt legit.

    I will send you my info and see if that gets me anywhere - if not I will be filling a complaint with the BBB. I see swagbucks is a member. It's just very frustrating when you've done nothing wrong!

    Thanks for the help Faye.

  • happy2.0 Jul 6, 2012

    Well, I'm obviously not the most savvy out there. I bought the $25 Fandango card. Then realized I could have bought two of the $10 for much less. Oh well. Live and learn. I still have 920 points...what to do...what to do.

  • New York Yankee Jul 6, 2012

    I meant Happy2.0. Not Mom2.0.

    HappyGirl....So glad they reactivated your account. =D

    Oh and are you guys not being credited with the videos? Sometimes I watch a video on Swagbucks TV and I don't get my 10 points towards my 3 points to where I have to type the letters into the Captiva. =(

  • New York Yankee Jul 6, 2012

    Mom2.0, if you are looking into the Amazon gift cards why not maximize your SB's and get 5 - $5 Amazon gift cards. Then you have a little bit left over to start saving for the $25. One month I was very lucky and made $50 in amazon gift cards by getting 5 - $5 and 1 - $25. HAPPY DAY that was!!!!!

  • happy2.0 Jul 6, 2012

    Thanks all...then I'm going to be selfish and get something just I can use. I'm the one doing the searching. haha

  • drcyndimd Jul 6, 2012

    I've gotten PayPal and Barnes & Noble and never had a problem. It does take 10 - 14 days to receive the GC though.

  • HappyGirl08 Jul 6, 2012

    Never had an issue yet. The only ones I've gotten though are starbucks, cvs and amazon.