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Just the Basics best deals 6/28

Posted June 28, 2012

Just the Basics

Here is your weekly list of good sale prices for the basics at our various grocery & drug stores including milk, meat, produce, eggs, bread, coupon items & more. This list includes deals from the sales ads, with a few regular priced items included. Please add any other great deals on basics that you find!

Kroger, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens deals are valid through 6/30.

Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods, Food Lion and Aldi deals are valid through 7/3.

Carlie C’s deals (for the Garner store only) are valid through 7/1.

Abbreviations used below include:

HT = Harris Teeter
LF = Lowes Foods
FL = Food Lion
RA = Rite Aid
WG = Walgreens

Please post any other favorite basics deals in the comments section below!


WG: Milk, 1 gallon, $2.99 – a good price



HT: Arnold sandwich thins, BOGO for $1.84 each

HT: Hot dog and hamburger buns, .99


Eggs - I don't see any sales in the ads - please share if you found any good egg deals this week. My buy price is $1 or less for 1 dozen eggs. 



ALDI: Sweet corn, 20 oz package, $1.29

ALDI: Vidalia onions, 2 lb bag, .99 – very good price for vidalias

ALDI: Strawberries, 16 oz., $1.29

ALDI: Blueberries, pint, $1.49

ALDI: Honeydew melon, $1.49 each

ALDI: Seedless watermelon, $3.69 each

FL: Limes, 5 for $1 (.20 each)

FL: Sweet corn, .25 each – a good price

FL: Lemons, 2 for $1 (.50 each)

FL: Green peppers, .50 each – a good price

HT: Sweet corn, .25 per ear – a good deal!

LF: Yellow peaches, .97/lb



Aldi: Tyson fresh split chicken breasts, .99/lb

Aldi: Kirkwood frozen chicken breasts, 48 oz., $5.49 ($1.83/lb)

Aldi: Jennie-O Turkey Burgers, 48 oz., $5.99 ($1.99/lb)

Aldi: Ground beef, 80% lean, $2.99/lb

Aldi: Parkview jumbo franks, 16 oz., .99

Carlie C’s Garner store only: Fresh thighs or drumsticks, .88/lb

FL: Chicken leg quarters, 10 lb bag, .69/lb

FL: Spare ribs, pork, $1.99/lb

FL: Ground beef, 75% lean, $2.79/lb

FL: Bone-in NY strip steaks, $4.99/lb

HT: Turkey burgers, 16 oz., $2.50

HT: Oscar Mayer hot dogs, 16 oz., Buy 2 Get 3 Free, regular price $3.99 (must buy all 5 in one transaction to get the sale price)
Total for 5 = $7.98 ($1.60 each)

LF: Ground pork, BOGO for $2.00/lb

LF: Hormel Natural Choice lunchmeat, 8 oz., BOGO for $2.00 - .50/1 coupon from 5/6 SS = $1.00 (good price)

LF: Land O’ Frost Bistro sliced meat, 6 oz., BOGO for $1.65 - $1/2 from 6/24 RP = $1.15 each


Dairy & Frozen

Carlie C’s Garner store only: IGA cream cheese, 8 oz., .69 - great price

Carlie C’s Garner store only: Borden shredded cheese, 8 oz., .99 - a great price!

HT: Yoplait Greek yogurt, .60 - .50/2 coupon from 6/10 SS = .10 each! – great price!
There is also a .60/1 printable on making them FREE! (The Express Lane shows that the Blueberry and Honey Vanilla are on sale, but not the Strawberry flavor)

HT: Heluva Good Dip, 12 oz., $1.50 - .55/1 coupon from 5/13 SS = .40

HT: Pepito corn tortillas, 16 oz., BOGO for .94 each

HT: Daisy cottage cheese,16 oz, $2 - .45/1 cottage cheese coupon from 6/3 RP = $1.10

HT: Breakstone’s sour cream, 16 oz., BOGO for $1.29 each

HT: Kraft shredded or chunk cheese, 6 – 8 oz.
Sale: Buy 2 Get 3 Free, regular price is $3.85 each (must buy all 5 in one transaction to get the deal)
Total for 5 = $7.70 ($1.54 each – a decent price)

HT: Luigi’s Italian Ice
Sale: BOGO for $1.99
Coupon: .75/2 coupon from 6/24 RP
HT coupon: .75/2 digital coupon
Total after coupon = $1.24
Total after coupon and HT digital coupon (if you got it) = .87 each

LF: Daisy Cottage Cheese, 16 oz., $2.00 - .45/1 coupon from 6/3 RP = $1.10

LF: Sargento deli slices, 6.67 – 8 oz, $2.50 - .55/1 printable coupon from Smart Shopper coupons link in box above, .55/1 thin slices from All You Magazine July = $1.40

LF: Budget Saver ice pops, 18 count, BOGO for $1.70 – .50 coupon from their website = .70 each – a good deal for 18 popcicle


Misc. Grocery

Carlie C’s Garner store only: Del Monte squeeze ketchup, 24 oz., .69

Carlie C's: Del Monte spaghetti sauce, .69

HT: Trix cereal, 10.7 oz.
Sale: BOGO for $1.77
Coupon: .60/1 printable coupon on Betty and on
HT coupon: .50 HT digital e-coupon was available for some
Savingstar: .50/1 e-coupon credit
Total after .60 printable and HT e-coupon = 7 cents (and you also get the Savingstar credit!)

HT: French’s spicy brown mustard, 12 oz., $1.00 - .30 coupon from 5/13 SS = .40

HT: Mueller’s pasta, various, 16 oz., $1 - .55/2 coupon from 5/20 SS (exp 6/30) = .45 each

HT: KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce, 18 oz., $1 - $1/2 coupon from 5/13 SS = .50 each

HT: Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad, $1.00 - .50/2 from 6/10 SS = .50 each

HT: Ken’s Marinade, 16 oz., BOGO for $1.62 - $1 coupon from 5/6 SS (exp. 6/30) = .62 each (We had the Honey Teriyaki on sautéed tofu with dinner last night and it was delicious!)

HT: Nabisco Wheat Thins and Triscuits, BOGO for $1.57 - $1/2 printable coupon from or = $1.07 each

HT: Planter peanuts, 16 oz, BOGO for $2.17 each - $1 coupon from 6/24 SS = $1.17

LF: Ken’s salad dressing, 9 oz., BOGO for $1.10 – coupon for Buy 2 Get 1 Free from 5/6 SS (exp. 6/30)
(Not sure how this coupon will ring up but you need to buy 3 to use it. It may end up that you pay $1.10 for 1 and get the other 2 for free making them only .37 each – a very good deal)

LF: Chex Mix, 6 – 7.75 oz., $1 - .50/2 coupon from 6/3 SS = .50 each

LF: Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad, $1.00 - .50/2 from 6/10 SS = .50 each

LF: Mt. Olive dill spears, various, 24 oz., BOGO for $1.65 - .50 coupon from 6/24 SS = .65 each – very good deal

LF: Kellogg’s Fiber Plus Bars, $2.50 - .75/1 coupon from 6/17 SS = $1.00 AND there is a deal in that ad that you get a free Rice Krispies treats when you buy 3 Kellogg’s breakfast bars

LF: Kellogg’s Special K granola bars, $2.50 - .70/1 coupon from 5/20 RP = $1.10 AND there is a deal in that ad that you get a free Rice Krispies treats when you buy 3 Kellogg’s breakfast bars



Carlie C’s Garner store only: Pepsi products, 2 ltr., .69 - very good price

CVS: Pepsi 2 ltr bottles, $1 each

CVS: Pepsi 12 packs, Buy 4 get 1 Diet Pepsi free - $1 printable coupons at
Total if you have 3 coupons (you can only print 1 of each per account and there are 3 different coupons) = 5 for $11 ($2.20 per 12-pack)

FL: 7UP, A&W, Canada Dry soda, 2 ltr., .99

FL: Coke 6 packs, .5 ltr bottles
Sale: $2 each when you buy 5 (if you buy less than 5 your pay more)

HT: Harris Teeter soda, 2 ltrs, .87

WG: Pepsi 2 ltrs, 4 for $4, limit 4



Carlie C’s Garner store: White rain shampoo or conditioner, .59

CVS: Bayer Advanced aspirin, 20 count, $3 – $3 coupon from 6/24 insert = FREE

CVS: Colgate sensitive pro-relief toothpaste or toothbrush
Sale: $4.99
ECB: $4.00 reward
Coupon: .50 coupon from 6/17 SS
Store coupon: there were $2/1 coupon printing from the coupon kiosk last week. If you received one, the toothpaste is free after reward and coupon
Total after ECB and coupon = .49

CVS: V05 shampoo and conditioner, 15 oz., .79

CVS: Xtra 2 x liquid detergent, 28 loads, $1.49 - .75/2 coupon from 5/6 SS = $1.12 each

HT: Chinet plates, 15 count, BOGO for $1.89 - .55/1 coupon from 5/20 SS = .79

RA: Bayer aspirin, 20 – 24 count
Sale: $3
Coupon: $3 coupon from 6/24 SS
Total after coupon = FREE!

RA: Gain dish liquid, 9 oz., .88 - .50 coupon from 5/13 PG = .38

RA: Schick Hydro, Edge or Skintimate shave gel
Sale: $2.49
Coupons: .75 Hydro coupon from 6/10 SS, .55 Skintimate coupon from 6/24 SS,
Total after .75 coupon = .74

WG: Bayer Advanced aspirin, 20 count
Sale: $4.00
RR: $1 register rewards
Coupon: $3 coupon in 6/24 inserts
Total after coupon and RR = FREE

WG: Pro Clearz anti-fungal pen, $4.99 - $4.99 mail in rebate = Free after rebate

WG: Suave RR deal:
RR: $2 when you buy 2 participating shampoo or conditioners, stylers, lotion or Caress bosy wash
Sale: Some of the shampoo is as low as $1 and if those are included (and the picture in the ad looks like they are) you will get 2 for FREE after RR!

WG: Scott Naturals paper towels, 6 rolls
Sale: $5
Coupon: $1 coupon from 6/10 SS
Store coupon: $1 in-store coupon from monthly coupon booklet
Total after both coupons = $3.00


Pet Care

LF: Kit & Kaboodle cat food, 16 lb. bag, BOGO for $7.00 - .50 coupon from 4/22 SS = $6.00



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  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Jun 29, 2012

    Great deal on the Egglands best! Thanks Flying. Sliding Rock sounds perfect right now! Have fun!!

  • FlyingUnderTheRadar Jun 29, 2012

    True that, will still be warm there but a little relief...looks like the perfect time for some tubing & Sliding Rock...

    Hey, on Eggs, I got the Friday E-vic email...Egglands best $1.97 for 18 eggs less .35 q = $1.27

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Jun 28, 2012

    Thanks for the added deals and input everyone!

    Flying - have an awesome time in Asheville! This is definitely the right weekend to get out of Raleigh and head to the cooler mountains!!

  • Oxymoron02 Jun 28, 2012

    The online Carlie C's ad does say prices through 7/1, but the ad that came in my midweek paper says the prices are good through 7/3. I was in Carlie C's Monday (first day of this sale ad), and they didn't have the Garner specific ad in the store at that time. If I go back for this sale after 7/1, I'll be sure to bring my printed ad. :D

  • FlyingUnderTheRadar Jun 28, 2012

    For the Heluva good dip, I had a ZVR as well, making it a MM!! It's going with us in the cooler to Asheville this weekend...along w/ the great buys on Sargento Slices, Hormel lunch meat, rice krispie treats, kellogs bars, and Lays chips I got @ LF yesterday... aware that the Lay's coupon did not double...that's is good :)

  • jdouglas13 Jun 28, 2012

    This is a huge job to put this together, and very much appreciated! Thanks Faye! :)

  • itsmyownopinion Jun 28, 2012

    Overall, I save more by shopping at Kroger than any other grocery store. However, to be fair, I have not been to Carlie C's because I don't live near one. Baseball2hockey mentioned eggs, and I have found Kroger egg prices are generally lower than I've noticed anywhere else. Yes, if I'm going by another grocer and I know they have a bargain price on an item I can stock up on I will stop by and take advantage of it, but I'm not going to run all over town at today's gas prices just to get a few items, and Kroger is closer to me than any other grocer.

    Thanks for posting just the basics all on one page, Faye, as I'm sure that's a lot of help, particularly for people with a family with kids still at home.

  • theCouponDiva Jun 28, 2012

    baseball2hockey youre a lifesaver!! thanks so much, i REALLY need to buy at least 3 dozen eggs. Thanks once again!

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Jun 28, 2012

    Thanks Sharon. It is still worth it to look at the full deal lists for the other stores that you will be going to. There are other good deals for non-essentials listed there as well.

    Thanks for the oj and egg info packy!

  • sharonmunoz2003 Jun 28, 2012

    I loved the way you wrote this for us! Thanks! Instead of going back and foward from the other type of list (by store and then the list of all the items), you show us here WHERE is the best deal and you are also helping us to save gas and time on the trips.Please keep it like that. Thanks, thanks, thanks.