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Do you price match?

Posted June 11, 2012



How many of you take advantage of the price match policies at Target and Walmart?  For many of the best deals on coupon items, it pays to shop the stores that double coupons including Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods and Kroger. But sometimes, it worth it for me to price match on items that would not be a better deal with double coupons, like produce, meat, dairy and this week, Coke Zero.

The Coke Zero was on sale for 69 cents at Carly C's in Garner (new store that opened last week) through June 10. I did not have time to drive to that store before the sale ended since it is about a 20 minute drive to a part of town I am rarely near. So, I printed off the ad from the Carly C's website and took it into my local Walmart (which was on the way to another place I was going) and got the Coke Zero for 69 cents each!  I also price matched the produce deals from Aldi including watermelon for $2.99.

For the Walmart price match policy, click HERE.

For the Target price match policy, click HERE.

What products do you price match and do you price match more at Walmart of Target?



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  • anonemoose Jun 13, 2012

    Does it have to be a have type store or will they match a single local stores advertised price?


    Does it have to be a have to be a chain type store or will they match a single local stores advertised price?

  • anonemoose Jun 13, 2012

    Is there a "distance limit"? We most often shop WM in Louisburg and don't and don't know if they will PM Aldi from Raleigh. WM in Zebulon is about 5 mins farther away, and Carly C is no where close.
    Does it have to be a have type store or will they match a single local stores advertised price? We have a store near WM that has killer prices, but not so great quality.

  • msgooch2000 Jun 12, 2012

    (sorry, should have thought of this one before I hit send) or with the WM in Morrisville?

    Just trying to figure out which route would be best for me between the office and home.

  • msgooch2000 Jun 12, 2012

    anyone have any positive Target experiences or experiences with the WM @ Brier Creek?

  • nheerdt Jun 12, 2012

    I price match at 40/42 WM all the time. I know which cashiers don't give me a problem and always go thru their line. I love pricematching the produce sales from Aldi because WM is right by my house and Fuquay is too far to drive. I always bring the ads with me to be sure I don't have a problem but I pricematched the avacados (FL .79) the other day without the ad and had no problem. I did try to pricematch eggs this past sunday (1.49 at target,I know not a great sale but I needed them)and the girl told me I couldn't because they were the target brand, I told her it was fine, like I said I needed the eggs.

  • diannecoats Jun 12, 2012

    We price match at WM all the time. They matched grapes last week - $1.19 at Kroger. They match prices on everything except percent off sales. The other Garner store likes to question every time & hassle us, but the 40/42 store has no problems. We have them match other items, too - CDs, charcoal, etc. Really saves on gas when the other stores aren't in Johnston Co. or you know other stores carry limited amounts of sale items.

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Jun 11, 2012

    Wow - lots of different experiences price-matching at WM. I went to the 40/42 location today and has no trouble at all price matching the milk with the Kroger price of $2.69. She never even needed to see the ad. I have had very good experiences at that store.

    Their price match policy says:

    "We do not require customers to have the ad with them to honor a competitor's ad."

    I suggest that you bring a copy of the policy with you the next time you shop at a store that claims you have to have the ad. If you get any grief, show them the policy and nicely offer to wait while they call their district manager or corporate to confirm their own policy. Now, they may not be willing to price match other store brand products, but they shoule be willing to match unpackaged produce (like a watermelon or cantaloupe) or any of the name brands that are the same size as those in the competitors ad.

    The policy does not exclude "warehouse" type stores and my WM always matches Aldi produce.

  • sbigham3 Jun 11, 2012

    I've had HORRIBLE luck at Wal Mart with price matching. Just when I convince myself to try it again, I leave frustrated. Everyone makes you think you are trying to get away with something you shouldn't. It's just not worth the hassle for me with two kids in tow. Target, on the other hand, I've had great luck with price matching. I don't mind going to the Customer Service desk if they are going to be nice about the whole thing.

  • djoyner636 Jun 11, 2012

    i priced matched walmart last week with the All detergent and Birds Eye Voila from Kroger. All were 2.99. These were the only items I had and I told the cashier I had a print out of the ad and not the actual ad and she told me its best if you bring in the real ad because she didnt want to get in trouble. She didnt look at the print off I had,she kind of took my word for it but seemed like she was highly upset because she wasn't sure if it was real. And i used a printable coupon and she asked 3 managers before it got approved. 2 managers said they wouldnt take it but they last said it was okay. so they are very werrie of print offs.

  • Kathy S. Jun 11, 2012

    I have price matched milk at WM many times. As long it is store brand they have no problem. I have done it at 40/42 and Hwy 70 store.