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Woman charged with stealing coupon inserts!

Posted March 9, 2012



A woman in Pa. has been caught and charged with theft for stealing whole coupon inserts from a newspaper storage facility before they even had a chance to insert them into the papers!

The 58-year-old woman was apparently taking the papers from an unlocked storage unit that the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette used to store coupon inserts before they were inserted into the newspapers. Over the course of a year, she allegedly took $2700 worth of inserts!  Strangely, though, the storage unit did not have a lock on it. Click HERE for more information on this bizarre story.

Thanks to The Consumerist for finding this one. If these folks keep this up, coupon distribution will continue to change dramatically.  We have already seen more and more good coupons appearing as printables and not issued through the Sunday newspaper inserts. I predict that will continue and we will see more digital coupons loaded directly to store cards or show and save digital coupons on the smart phone.


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  • beachblues1 Mar 12, 2012

    I wonder if she has a get out of jail free coupon !!
    More than once the coupons were missing when I bought a paper from a coin operated box, so now I take a paper from the bottom of the stack.

  • caryann86 Mar 12, 2012

    brassy-I do cook at home were not over weight or anything.I don't see anything wrong with my husband and I taking our kids for a treat once in a while.

  • brassy Mar 12, 2012

    "my husband and I took our 3 and 1 year to get some frys"

    Use your coupons to buy those kids some real food!

  • this is my Screen Name Mar 12, 2012

    She'll probably ask the judge if she can use a coupon to lower her bail.

  • caryann86 Mar 11, 2012

    about 3 months ago at sheetz in wake forest my husband and I took our 3 and 1 year to get some frys and to get 3 papers while I was sitting down when my son in my arms. I saw a guy he acted like he was looking at the paper and then he took out the coupons and put them in this jacket and left the rest of the paper he thought none saw him.he got outside the door and then my husband came around the corner and I told him what just happened and he went outside to get him and told him that he needs to pay for it that he's wife saw him and he acted like he didn't but in the end he did pay for it.It makes me so mad b/c I'm a stay at home mom and I'm trying to save money. I felt so good that I caught him and he did not get away with them.sorry for the long story.

  • itsmyownopinion Mar 10, 2012

    Years ago there was a Raleigh man who owned a small grocery/gas station, where he mostly sold beer and guys would hang out until closing time, drinking and shooting the breeze. I was shocked when I heard he had been prosecuted for coupon fraud. Although he didn't sell many groceries, he was collecting and sending in the coupons for payment.

  • marybethwright06 Mar 10, 2012

    Nancy ... I haven't seen them since that one time! I about headed up you alls way for the Food Lion doubles.

  • Nancy Mar 10, 2012

    "BUYING 20 @ one time of same item" - luv2coupon

    When a person buys a lot of the same coupons, that doesn't mean they can use them at one time. I don't know of any store that allows such a high number of 'like' coupons.

    But I have bought coupons in the past for things we use a lot of, knowing the expiration date of the coupon giving me time to use them as deals came up.

    For instance, Smart Balance Milk - I have a friend in AZ who I get those from and I supply three households when it goes on sale. Really helps if you can plan ahead for your needs.

  • Nancy Mar 10, 2012

    ROFL - marybeth :) Your wit is enjoyed LOL Sooo, do you need us to head your way for HT triples? Are the 'pack dogs' still controlling access?

  • heremeaj Mar 10, 2012

    and marybethwright06, she will not even need a coupon to get those free items. I guess that in the past cultures have used all sorts of things for currency - who knew that a piece of paper with a box of juice printed on it would be such a hot item?