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Harris Teeter Super Doubles good deals list!

Posted February 13, 2012


Harris Teeter was kind enough to confirm the Super Doubles promotion on Twitter today (Monday) so it's time to get those coupons ready!

The Super Doubles promotion lasts from February 15 – February 21, 2012. Scroll down below the deals list for the Super Doubles coupon policies and tips on how to make your Super Doubles shopping trip more successful.

This list will continue to grow in the next few days. At this point, I have included a list of sales that will continue through Super Doubles and their coupon match-ups. Already there are some great deals! In case you are wondering how I know what will remain on sale,  I walked the aisles of the HT at 401 and 10/10 for an hour or so this morning looking at shelf tags to see what would remain on sale during super doubles.

This evening, I will start adding deals using regular priced items and coupons match-ups. By sometime Tuesday, I’ll add the deals for items going on sale 2/15 (once I have an ad preview).

In the deals list, ZVR is the abbreviation for Zavers, the Harris Teeter digital coupon portal. You can add the ZVR coupons to your Vic card through the e-coupons link on your weekly e-mail or by logging on to your account at They can be coupled with hard copy paper coupons for some great deals! ZVR digital coupons will not double.

Harris Teeter coupon policy can be found HERE

Products that are on sale right now and will continue through Super Doubles:

Kikkoman soy sauce 5 oz. $1.59 - $1 printable = FREE

Ricola drops BOGO for $1.10 - $1/2 coupon from 1/1 SS = .10 each

Got2b hair stylers BOGO for $3.20 each - $3 coupon from 2/12 RP = .20 each (these are regularly $6.30 so this is clearly a good deal!)

Betty Crocker potatoes pouch .87 - .40 printable coupon HERE = 7 cents!

Pasta sides $1.00 - .50/2 coupon from 1/29 RP = .50 each

Dawn dish soap, 9 oz., .99 - .25 coupon from P&G coupon book mailed out a couple months ago = .50

Halls cough drops $1.50 - $1/2 coupon from 2/5 SS = .50 each

Mariani banana chips $1.59 - .50 coupon from 1/8 SS = .59

Uncle Ben’s whole grain rice pouches $1.66 - $1/2 printable coupon = .66 each (as long as this coupon will work on the pouches – it does not specify a size at all but show the brown rice box and is printable so if it beeps, the store may not accept it)

Dean’s Dip $1.50 - $1/2 coupon from 1/15 SS = .50 each

Wishbone salad dressing, 16 oz., $2.29 – .70/1 coupon from 1/29 RP = .89 each

Herbal Essences or Aussie hair products $2.99 - $1 coupon from P&G coupon booklet I received in the mail a couple months ago = .99

Speed Stick deodorant $2.50 – BOGO coupon from 1/29 SS = $1.25 each (my buy price for deodorant is .50 or less with coupons and sales)

Degree deodorants $3.00 to $3.50 - $1.50/2 coupons from 1/29 RP

Boca burgers $3.00 - $1.00/2 coupon from 1/8 SS = $2.00 per box

Ziploc bags and containers, various $3.00 - $1/2 coupon from 1/15 SS = $2.00 each

Playtex tampons $3.99 - $1 coupon for Gentle Glide or Sport varieties from 1/1 SS = $1.99

Sorrento Ricotta cheese, 32 oz., $4.99 - $1 coupon from 2/12 SS = $2.99

Huggies diapers big box $19.99 - $1 and $2 coupons from 2/12 SS = $17.99

Coupon policies during Super Doubles:

* HT will Super Double coupons worth up to $1.98 face value. A $1.50 coupon will double to $3.00. A $1.00 coupon will double to $2.00. A $2.00 coupon will not double at all and will only be taken at face value ($2.00).
* HT begins super doubling coupons at 7:00 AM on the first day of the sale. 24 hour stores do not super double coupons before 7:00 AM on the first day (at least that is how it has worked in the past).
* HT will super double/double up to 20 coupons per household per day. Spouse's cards registered with the same address are linked because the policy is 20 per household, per day. If you have twenty $1 coupons and twenty .75 coupons, only 20 total will double. They will not double 20 coupons that are under $1 and also super double another 20 coupons that are over $1. It's 20 total coupons doubled per day.
* HT policy is to double up to 3 identical coupons (as long as you buy the product required for each coupon, of course). So, if you have five $1.00 coupons for a product, the policy is to only super double the first three.

Harris Teeter coupon policy can be found HERE

Things to remember about Super Doubles:

Please make sure you read the coupon wording and only use the coupons on the sizes allowed. Some other deal sites list coupons that are not valid on the sizes of products they are recommending (for instance, using a $1 coupon on a trial size when the coupon clearly indicates that it excludes trial sizes). Cashiers are watching closely for fraud and it just holds up the line and gives couponers a bad name if the stores feel like they have to constantly deal with people trying to cheat the policy. If we stay within the policies, the stores are more likely to continue these promotions.

Remember that just because you have a $1 or $1.50 coupon for an item it does not automatically make it a good deal, even when it is super doubled.

Keep in mind that there are some freebie sites listing coupons that we did not get in our local paper. They may have received those coupons in their local paper but we did not. You can always check the coupon database on the home page of the smart shopper blog to see if we got a specific coupon.

If you do not get to the store at the crack of dawn the first day of super doubles, many of the best deals will be gone by 10 am. The stores will get at least 1 or 2 more trucks in during the promotion so check with your store to see when the next truck comes in and try to be there early the next morning when the shelves should be better stocked (at least for some items). Sometimes the warehouse runs out of product so even if your store is ordering it, the store will not get any more stock during the promo because there is none to be had.

Always get rain checks for the out of stock sale items and use them during the next super doubles (Harris Teeter rain checks do not expire).

Feel free to print out the good deals list and share it with your store manager so they have a better idea of what to order.

If you find some good deals and are pleased with your super doubles experience, please call the HT customer service number to thank them. It's always good to hear positive feedback and customer service people don't get enough pats on the back. The number is: 1-800-432-6111, option 2.

Have fun and good luck!


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  • littanybreigh Feb 14, 2012

    Did anyone get an e-mail about a HT focus group at the North Chapel Hill location? I got an e-mail from someone asking me to come to one, but it didn't come from a HT e-mail address or look very official (and it came to a different e-mail address than the one I have listed with HT) . Also not the location where I usually shop. Has anyone done this before?

  • Nancy Feb 14, 2012

    ahhh, thanks Alison! I'm so 'old school', I guess I just can't see using that service - now, because I'm so old, I might end up using it eventually anyway LOL

  • sewcountrycrafts Feb 14, 2012

    Jess BB they put the coupon onto your vic card and it comes off at the register.

  • jessbb Feb 14, 2012

    I just want to thank everyone on here for all of the hard work everyone does in getting these specials out to us. I don't know what I would do without this site.

    Also....Does anyone know how the Harris Teeter pharmacy deal works? I just transfered 4 of my husbands prescriptions there today. Thanks in advance!

  • alisonalieu Feb 14, 2012

    Nancy, they call with replacement suggestions or offer a rain check for pickup with your order. On Double coupon weeks, I usually place a 21 coupon order, knowing a few things might not be in stock. Works great for me.

  • Nancy Feb 14, 2012

    alison, what do they do when they're out of something on your list?

  • alisonalieu Feb 14, 2012

    I shop online, the shop at Home Express Lane, and for $16.95 I can shop as many time a month with coupons! They take coupons for the order I just picked up and take it off the next order and I can place multiple orders one day for the next (up to 7 day) pick up! Love it.

  • Nancy Feb 14, 2012

    Faye - HT is knocking this one out of the park! So many great deals and a wonderful opportunity for stocking up! Thankfully I don't need much but this is great for those who do, HT comes through again :)

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Feb 14, 2012

    I agree Nancy! I am very pleased about the green giant veggies deal and of course, the free Smart Balance milk. There are so many different deals this week my head and typing fingers are spinning. I'm about half way through matching the ad deals and will be done in another hour or so....hopefully! lol

  • Nancy Feb 14, 2012

    I need so little BUT those boxed green giant veggies have me doing the happy dance! And of course the milk and my rain check for the crock pot liners ;)

    I have to do the shopping for my brother/sister in law this time, she's having surgery and he can't drive due to his health problem - I think I should just see if I can sleep in the back of the store LOL