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Monday meal plan

Posted February 13, 2012


Dinner is served and at our home this week we are having eye of round roast, spinach enchiladas, teriyaki chicken, breakfast casserole and a menu full of red for Valentine's Day!


Boneless eye of round (actually we are having the leftovers from last night. I cooked it using an interesting recipe from HERE. I adjusted the recipe per the comments from others because I have a gas stove and I was worried about it staying warm enough to cook the roast completely. I following the high temperature directions, then let it sit in the oven on off for 1 hour, then turned it to 200 degrees for another hour. It came out very moist but I prefer it a little more pink so I won’t cook as long the next time. It wasn’t fork tender because it is such a lean cut of meat, but it was very good. My 12-year old said she would help me make it the next time if that would help us to have it sooner. She loved it! For the rub, I just used salt, pepper and garlic powder. Next time I will try a little olive oil first and fill the pan with cut sweet potatoes, mushrooms, onions and carrots.

The boneless eye of round is on sale at Lowes Foods through Tuesday, 2/14 for $2.99/lb – a very good price.

French bread (marked down Pillsbury loaf at local store this week using coupon)

Baked sweet potatoes

Sugar snap peas

Tuesday – Happy Valentine’s Day!

This year, the meal theme is red and white, for obvious reasons. So, every dish will be primarily red. I’m going to decorate the kitchen while they are at school on Tuesday so it’s has an overwhelming red and white theme, as well (red streamers, a few red and white balloons, red tablecloth with white plates, etc.

Appetizer: Sliced RED peppers with red pepper hummus dip (red peppers on sale at Aldi this week through 2/14 for $1.89/3-pack)

Baked cheese ravioli with RED sauce – a favorite dish of my girls (Celentano frozen ravioli on sale BOGO at Harris Teeter through 2/14)

Sliced RED tomatoes with mozzarella and Italian dressing (tomatoes on sale at Aldi for .99/lb through 2/14)

Cheesecake with lots of RED strawberries on top (strawberries on sale at Aldi for $1.39/lb through 2/14 and $1.50/lb at Kroger through 2/18)


Spinach enchiladas

Spanish rice

Steamed carrots


Teriyaki chicken in slow cooker (on sale recently for $1.99/lb for chicken breasts)

Stir-fry vegetables

Brown rice

Egg rolls


Breakfast for dinner!

Breakfast casserole

Fruit salad



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  • Dstned2BMe Feb 14, 2012

    Faye, I agree with Nancy on the recipe book idea. It would be great to see everyone's recipes in one place! I have used several of your recipes as well as tried some things others have posted. Donating the profits fits in with what we do: saving and sharing!

  • pss3 Feb 13, 2012

    Our meals:

    Monday- left overs from Outback (we ate there this weekend for our Valentine's date night)

    Tuesday- "light" chicken alfredo, broccoli.

    Wednesday (our Valentines meal due to hubby's work schedule): marked down NY strip steaks, spicy garlic shrimp, cheesy mashed potatoes, NY garlic knots, salad, chocolate PB brownies.

    Thursday: something light after Wednesday's meal, lol. Maybe grilled chicken teriyaki, brown rice, veggies?

    Friday: slow cooker stew beef with potatoes and carrots, warm bread.

    Saturday and Sunday- leftovers or freezer meals with salad since my hubby is working nights.

  • momssmallvictories Feb 13, 2012

    this is a busy work week so lots of leftovers and emptying my freezer for dinners.

    today- leftover slow cooked barbecue chicken and veggies and rice. made chicken nuggets and mac n cheese and pears for kids.

    Tuesday- heart shaped French toast
    with strawberries and bananas. my boys favorite anytime meal.

    wed- leftover slow cooked brown sugar ham from Christmas, sweet potato casserole and corn casserole

    Thursday- ravioli (maybe i will try fayes baked ravioli recipe) with salad and garlic bread

    Friday- homemade pizza

    Saturday- more crockpot oatmeal (the boys gobbled this up last weekend and i had doubled the recipe and hardly got a serving for myself)! Saturday night is hubby and my date night to celebrate valentines day!!!

    have a happy week everyone!

  • Nancy Feb 13, 2012

    Excellent idea Faye - fundraiser cookbook for the NC Food Bank! I'm ready!!!

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Feb 13, 2012

    We have another tradition every Valentine's. I always have their gifts waiting out on the kitchen table for them so when they get up, their gifts are there ready to be opened. They are usually cute little stuffed animals (from Christmas clearance sales) and some candy - nothing extravagant. They always look forward to getting up on Valentine's morning. It's also a nice surprise for a school day. Shakes things up a bit.

    jdouglas and careless - thanks for posting your recipes! The beef barley soup sounds great jdouglas - so does the lobster tail!

    FYI - for those of you who don't have an Aldi nearby, my Walmart at 40/42 price matched the produce deals tonight. I got the strawberries fpr $1.39/lb and blueberries for $1.49/pint just by showing her the ad. It was super easy to do with no hassle at all. Those are my berries for the cheesecake. Yummmmmmmmmmmm!

    Nancy - you are too funny about the cookbook. We could always put one together and the proceeds could go towards the Food Bank!

  • Nancy Feb 13, 2012

    I still think you need to gather all your recipes and some contributing from posters, and print out a recipe book Faye :)

    Could be a great fundraiser!!!! I know I'd buy a couple!

  • jdouglas13 Feb 13, 2012

    Love your Valentine's Day menu! How cute for your girls. Last night we had beef barley soup made out of the last of Lowe's eye round on sale. Tonight is homemade lasagna. I'm thinking maybe some kind of surf and turf for Tuesday as I have both lobster tails and shrimp in the freezer (got all on sale), just need the 'turf' and a salad and bread. Wednesday will be leftover lasagna and salad. After that, we're winging it out of the pantry and freezer. Actually, for me, that's a pretty lot of menu planning :)

  • thekeslings Feb 13, 2012

    Faye, you're such a fun mom. Don't forget to get a picture of the girl's surprised faces! :)

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Feb 13, 2012

    The "recipe" for chicken teriyaki is so easy it's nto even a recipe!

    I use boneless chinless chicken breasts (usually 3 to 4 medium to large breasts with all fat trimmed off)

    Put breasts into slow cooker.

    Season with garlic powder.

    Pour 1/2 bottle favorite teriyaki sauce (I am using Ken's teriyaki marinade because it is BOGO at HT through 2/14 and I have the $1 coupon making is about 70 cents per bottle).

    Cook on low about 7 hours until done. It is usually falling apart at this point and I spoon it over the rice. Delicious!

    This same recipe works with your favorite BBQ sauce to make delicious BBQ chicken for sandwiches. I usually cut up onions to go into the slow cooker when I make the BBQ chicken.

    Both of the above recipes are so easy and really tasty for a busy weeknight meal. Double the batch and put some in to the freezer for next week. You have only cooked once, done one set of dishes but you have multiple meals.

  • carelesswhisper Feb 13, 2012

    Mon- leftover crockpot chicken thighs, steamfresh potatoes w/grean beans

    Tues- steak & shrimp, alfredo pasta, salad

    Wed- Velveeta chicken and brocoli cheesy skillet

    Thurs- probably leftovers from Wed. (we never finish it all)

    Fri-not sure, maybe pizza