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Monday meal plan 1/23

Posted January 23, 2012


This week we are eating salmon burgers, BBQ chicken sandwiches, spinach enchiladas, homemade veggie pizza, and soup and salad.

The menu is subject to substantial changes this week. My oven stopped working yesterday and the repair person will not be here until Tuesday. If he can't fix it Tuesday, I will be switching the oven meals to the end of the week and cooking in the crockpot and on the grill until the oven is fixed.


Salmon burgers with melted swiss cheese on wheat buns (Trident salmon burgers BOGO at Lowes Foods through 1/24)

Pasta salad

Sauteed zucchini, mushrooms and onions (zucchini on sale at Food Lion for $1.29/lb through 1/24)


Homemade veggie pizza (with whole wheat crust ball from HT on sale for .99 through 1/24, shredded cheese BOG at Food Lion for good price through 1/24, Wolfgang Puck pasta sauce free from HT with coupon, ZVR digital coupon and sale AND it printed out a .75 coupon good off my next order so a money maker!)

Crust preparation: Roll out thawed ball on oiled pan, season if desired (I use a little olive oil, garlic powder and Italian seasonings on the crust), pre-cook at 400 degrees for approx. 7 minutes, top with sauce, toppings and cheese, cook additional 8-10 minutes until cheese is melted.

Steamed carrots ($1.17 for a 2 lb bag at HT everyday)


BBQ chicken breast in crockpot (chicken is $1.99 at Kroger this week)

Sweet potatoes



Spinach enchiladas

Spanish rice

Clementine slices







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  • trublondmom715 Jan 24, 2012

    I forgot to add that when school started this year, I found a great deal at Earth Fare on a Bentos laptop lunchbox and I absolutely love it. Designed by moms, for moms, eco friendly and my daughter loves that she has a very unique lunchbox. I love all the little BPA free containers that come with it as I'm not always searching for something to put her food in and it even comes with a nice water bottle that fits the unit along with stainless steel fork and spoon. If you can find these on sale, they are a great lunchbox. I've just been really disappointed at all the ones I've seen in the retail stores b/c they don't hold everything. Just thought I'd pass the info along.

  • trublondmom715 Jan 24, 2012

    Love seeing all the ideas for lunchboxes. My youngest never wants to eat in the cafeteria but also has extreme issues with reflux which has made her extremely selective about what she will eat. She recently got a stomach virus too, so now, she's even more apprehensive about food. She requested this morning that I pack only fruits and vegetables so I made her sliced cucumbers, baby carrots, ranch dip, sliced strawberries, whole apple and a small bag of almonds. She gets milk at school. I ended up making a list of "will eat" foods over the weekend and posted it on the frig. Hopefully, it will make life much easier as she can decide what she'd like from the list and I can rest knowing she's eating enough.

  • jcrownel Jan 23, 2012

    You can get 10% on many items any day of the week.A bigger deal awaits.Search and Find!Reap the reward...

  • RB Drinking Spirits Woman Jan 23, 2012

    If you do have to buy a new oven, ask the store salesperson for a discount. It's a common practice at big-box retailers for their employees to have the ability to give up to a 10% discount. Most people don't know that and more are scared to ask.

  • drswayney Jan 23, 2012

    Monday - Beef and Broccoli stir fry, rice and grapes
    Tuesday - Chicken Burritos, chips, salsa
    Wednesday - Italian Herb Chicken, potato and veggie
    Thursday - Pita Pizzas, fruit
    Friday - Lima Bean Soup in the crock pot
    Saturday - Grilled Pesto Chicken, sweet potato, veggie
    Sunday - Italian Beef sandwiches, french fries or chips

  • sandtran36 Jan 23, 2012

    stephlw, my kids love the Simply Smart chicken from the meal deal. They actually preferred those, the "healthier" nuggets to the regular Perdue nuggets. Good news! Now if they would just put them on sale again...

  • galileosgal Jan 23, 2012

    Monday: Zuppa Tuscana (potatos and onions on sale at Ald's this week), salad (HT sale), leftover sourdough bread
    Tuesday: Sticky Chicken (Aldi meat clearance a few weeks ago), Organic whole grain stuffing (Kroger clearance a few weeks ago), steamed broccoli (Aldi sale last week)
    Wednesday: Chicken Salad (from leftovers)on a bed of greens
    Thursday: Chili, GF cornbread, veggie tray (Aldi carrot sale, and whatever else needs to be used up)
    Friday: Gluten Free Pizza and veggie Tray
    Saturday: Roast Beef (Food Lion sale last month), roasted potatoes, green beans

  • xo_cuppycake_xo Jan 23, 2012

    My daughter likes ham or turkey sandwiches, cold chicken nuggets, cold pizza, or cold Lean Pockets. My son will take just about any kind of leftovers (pizza, meatloaf, fried chicken, etc) or a PB&J sandwich. Along with that, they get some sort of snack - pretzels, Cheez-Its, fruit snacks, granola bars, etc and a Capri Sun.

  • Lovestosave Jan 23, 2012

    My daugher likes the chicken nuggets cold, so I send those with a chesse stick, cucmbers slices, raisin box, and water.

  • stephlw Jan 23, 2012

    I wish my girls would try anything for packed lunches but they are stinkers so we do peanut butter cr*ckers and cheese & cr*ckers.

    For dinners this week:
    M -- Simply Smart Perdue chicken fingers (from the meal deal), rolls (from meal deal), and pasta (still have some from the B2G3 free deal awhile ago)
    T -- On your own! I have a retirement party to go to so hubby will have to make his own!
    W -- chicken breast (frozen from last sale), marinated in salad dressing (66 cents Kens Italian), with rice and vegetable (probably frozen variety from the meal deal last week)
    TH -- Steak for hubby, chicken for me and baked potatoes with salad
    F -- Turkey breast in crock pot, mashed potatoes, and frozen vegetables (turkey breast at Target was still 99 cents a few weeks ago and I picked up 3!)
    S -- homemade pizza S -- tortellini with sauce (free wolfgang this week) and rolls (leftover ones from meal deal!)