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WRAL SmartShopper

Dollar General $5 off $25 coupon for 1/21

Posted January 20, 2012



If you are heading to Dollar General on Saturday, 1/21, you may want to print out this coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase. The coupon is only valid on 1/21.  Click HERE for the coupon.



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  • bean112455 Jan 23, 2012

    hwurr2, well spoken and said. I ditto your remarks to the Kindred Warrior who obviously has nothing but time on her hands to do such extensive research in an effort to save a few dollars. Perhaps she needs not to coupon like the rest of us do. One more thing, I don't know if she realizes this or not, but our infamous government, the one who investigated the Dollar General Stores is the very one reason that most of what we make now comes from China and other foreign lands. If you didn't buy Chinese stuff, most likely you wouldn't buy anything much these days. So there! Nuff said.

  • hwurr2 Jan 22, 2012

    Hey RB,
    How about trying to be a good human when you post on blogs too? There's free speech and there's also respecting other people's rights as well.

    Your comments are just annoying more than anything, just makes me feel bad for you because obviously there's something missing in your life and/or your self-esteem is so low that you must continue to attack others on this blog. But I can tell that what are going for is to get attention so I am feeding into that just by my response. So, here's some attention for you. Time to move on until your next futile vent. We all know you're here. Thanks for your infinite wisdom. Have fun shopping at whatever perfect establishments you find :)

  • RB Drinking Spirits Woman Jan 22, 2012

    Personally, I try to be a good human and citizen when I shop.

    Before you take your next trip to Dollar General, maybe you should read up on their corporate ethics. Dollar General has some of the lowest retail wages in the country, and keeps their employees part-time to avoid having to give them basic benefits. Also, Dollar General leads the world in utilizing companies in China with the worst working conditions on the planet. Investigations last year by the US Govt showed that Dollar General is the main client for 4 Chinese factories that forced employees to live on site and work an average of 300 hours per month. These plants also prevented their employees from leaving the premises and kept their IDs and prevented them from cashing their checks to keep them working in deplorable conditions.

    Just something to think about the next time you are so thrilled to go save a buck at Dollar General and send your cash to a few rich folks in China who abuse their employees.

  • bean112455 Jan 22, 2012

    Hey Faye and others, I took $25.25 total merchandise to the register. First I gave the clerk the $5.00 off coupon, then my other coupons. My final total was $12.30 and tax was $1.19 for a grand total of $13.49. Total savings $13.75. And I might add there is another $5.00 off another $25.00 for 1-27-2012. So, thanks Faye for the coupon. I'll just have to shop more often at Dollar General in future. Elizabeth

  • sdjackson37 Jan 21, 2012

    Thanks Melodie1920!

  • melodie1920 Jan 21, 2012

    I believe the coupon does state that you can use it BEFORE manufacturer coupons. So, if you can find things to get to the $25 and you have coupons for them, you can really get some good deals.

  • sdjackson37 Jan 21, 2012

    Can you stack the $5 coupon with manufacturers coupons and just have them scan that one first since you have to spend $25?

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Jan 21, 2012

    ncsandd, the HT policy does not allow printable competitor's coupons:

    Competitor's Coupons

    " * We gladly accept local competitors’ manufacturer coupons. We also redeem circular or direct-mail coupons for money off of the total order.
    * We do not accept any internet coupons from other retailers."

  • Meg237 Jan 21, 2012

    Forgot to mention this was at HT.

  • Meg237 Jan 21, 2012

    I had a $5 off a $25 purchase from Family dollar that I used at Christmas. The manager told me that it was not considered a direct competitor, but would take it that time.