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Reminder: It's the last day of Harris Teeter Super Doubles

Posted January 9, 2012

Tuesday, January 10, is the last day of Super Doubles, so be sure to use your coupons from the Sunday paper on the better deals. Feel free to post your Super Doubles totals from the last few days as well.

You know what to do if they are out of an item on the shelf....don't you?? Get a raincheck! Harris Teeter rainchecks do not expire so you can hold onto it until the next Super Doubles sale and hopefully your coupon will still be in date (or another one will have been issued) and you can get a great deal!  I picked up 7 rainchecks this evening while at a Harris Teeter in Cary.


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  • Nancy Jan 10, 2012

    So one last pass tonight, wanted to get more of the LaBrea bread on bogo sale - they were out of the two kinds I wanted, but got rainchecks for those and picked up two others breads while I was there.

    Quiet as could be at HT tonight!

  • Nancy Jan 10, 2012

    ferret - how to determine percentage saved is done this way:

    Take the amount actually spent ($145.64 + $92.39 = $283.03)
    Divide the amount spent by the total purchased:

    $92.39 divided by $238.03 will give you the percentage saved.

  • Nancy Jan 10, 2012

    ferret - how to read that receipt is just like Totalchaos stated, you saved (combined sale/ZVR/manufacturer coupons tendered) a total of $92.39.

    Your coupon/ZVR savings is the difference between the $46.49 and $92.39 which means you saved $45.90 using your paper coupons and their ZVRs!!! That's awesome! That's enough to fill your gas tank :)

    Another way to look at it, your total retail value of goods purchased is $238.03 (combined coupons tendered figure + actual paid) but you only paid $145.64.

    Can't beat saving nearly $100!

  • t0tAlChA0s Jan 10, 2012

    ferret3 - Any $$ saved is a good day! The fact that you saved $92.39 is good. On HT receipts the coupons tendered usually includes everything (ZVRs, coupons & sale). You can't just look at one shop, it's the over all savings. The key to shopping the big chain grocery stores is only buying what is on sale that you have a coupon for.

  • ferret3 Jan 10, 2012

    went this afternoon, had a lot of extra stuff on my list. somehow i never feel like i do very well at super doubles. i still can't figure out what % i saved. here are the numbers from my receipt.

    BALANCE DUE $145.64


    Online Savings (ZVR) $9.30

    **YOU SAVED 46.49 ON THIS ORDER** Does this sound like a good trip to anyone?

  • heartsinmadison Jan 10, 2012

    I was able to use a rain check I had for the evic deal a while back on Tide 100 oz for only $7.77. I coupled it with the $2 off coupon and the $2 zvr for it making a 100 oz bottle only $3.77---pretty sweet deal if you ask me! It's the only thing I can use due to my sensitive skin, so to get it cheap is such a blessing since it's normally so expensive.

  • t0tAlChA0s Jan 10, 2012

    Thanks Nancy. I have been going thru gallon bags like crazy. My last box is already open. Seems like I remember getting those for around $.25 -.50 a box. That probably won't happen again for a while. =)

  • Nancy Jan 10, 2012

    Smart Balance milk continues to be 2/$6 this coming week too, even though coupons won't double, if you have rain check and some of the Sunday coupons, still not bad $3/gallon rate considering the price of milk anywhere is rarely under $3.

    Express Lane is up with the new prices for the sale starting tomorrow if you wanted to look up any coupons to see if there are good deals you want to grab with the new ad starting Wed.

  • Nancy Jan 10, 2012

    Yippee! Hefty zip bags are BOGO tomorrow and there is a $1/2 ZVR and a recent $1/2 MQ, making them $1.29 package ( includes 30 ct gallon and 35 ct quart size bags)

    I've been needing the gallon size, I'm down to one unopened box!

  • Nancy Jan 10, 2012

    LAX - tis ok, I'm good for now, I was at a different HT meeting up with another couponer and they were out so I grabbed a rain check for future use :)