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Teacher gifts - what are you giving?

Posted November 30, 2011

It's gift giving season and many people give gifts to the folks who teach their kids every week. What are you giving this year? If you are a teacher, please weigh in with the gifts you like to receive most (and those that you would rather folks not spend their money on).

Thanks to carelesswhisper on the blog who asked this question today. You reminded me that it's time for a thread about this very subject.

Here are some things I have heard make good teacher gifts:

* Gift cards to just about anywhere - even just a $5 card to Walmart, Target, Food Lion, Jersey Mike's, Michael's craft store, etc

* Handmade cards from the child

* School supplies including tissues, sanitizer, copy paper

Here are some things I have heard are not such great gifts for teachers:

* Baked goods - they get too many and some folks will not eat homemade stuff from folks they don't know very well (which I understand)

* Mugs and other apple themed clutter - they also get too many of these

What other ideas do you all have?


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  • kma08 Dec 5, 2011

    One year I had a parent who sent in questionaire of all of our favorite things (Ex: restaurants, place to shop, hobby, candy, flower etc...). We filled them out and then she chose what she wanted to get us from that list. It was the nicest thing because she knew she was getting something that we actually liked. One year I also had student who brought in something little for us each morning for 5 days. He was so tickled because he had been spying on us to tell his mom what some of our favorites were. One morning we got bojanles for breakfast, our favorite soda and candy bar etc. It brought me such joy because I knew he had been watching our every move! I am always thankful for the thoughtfulness of gifts but it just took it one step further.

  • trublondmom715 Dec 5, 2011

    My daughter's teacher and TA will be getting a bottle of Bath and Body Works moisturizing hand soap but since I don't like harsh smells, I went with a nice light scent....lemon and peach. I figure that would be safe. I thought about giving them each a box of home made chocolates but after reading the posts, I guess I won't do that. Maybe a bar of Trader Joe chocolates instead. I would like to add that if you are a teacher, and receive a gift from a child, please remember to send a thank you note either by the student or email the parent,just to let them know it was received. Last year, my child's Kindergarten teacher was working her very first teaching job and I splurged a little and got her a nice Tervis Tumbler with #1 teacher on it, with a lid and never even got a response! My daughter took the gifts on the bus that morning and there was a sub who she gave one of the gift bags to, (since her usual bus driver was her TA from last year). We just hope they got to the right person!

  • llamm Dec 4, 2011

    What about gifts for middle school teachers? Buying gift cards can be expensive when your child has 10 teachers.

  • jimsbru Dec 4, 2011

    Teachers love gift cards. Especially to favorite restaurants or even for coffee or ice cream to be enjoyed while off for the holidays. Love gift cards to the mall. Can eat, shop, get a haircut,or just get some hot chocolate. I personally do not love lotions, candles or teachery gifts. Sorry.

  • hockeygalnc Dec 4, 2011

    My daughter's 2nd grade teacher LOVES coffee. Since I lead the coffee ministry at our church she will be getting a fairly traded pound of Larry's Beans coffee!! It's $12 a pound but it will benefit her and our coffee ministry. And it's fair trade and a local company. Win win win win all the way around!

  • ilovelucy31 Dec 2, 2011

    I always do a bath and body works giftcard for the ladies, a little self pampering never hurt us!! Medlinmari has a great idea with the chickfila calendars!!! hmmm...carrabbas is sounding good too! What a bunch of good ideas!

  • shay1 Dec 2, 2011

    oxy - send me your addy to shaunanhay at and I will mail you a rebate - I snagged 2.

  • stephlw Dec 1, 2011

    Carrabbas has a buy $100 get $20 :)

  • lnb6146 Dec 1, 2011

    As a teacher, I am appreciative of anyone that is thoughtful enough to want to give me a gift but I have enough mugs and candles. I also hesitate when it comes to consuming homemade food items. I do LOVE gift cards, having a choice of lunch to be delivered, or anything monogrammed!

  • johnamy3 Dec 1, 2011

    For the last few years, I've been bringing my children's teachers lunch from Panera. They rarely get to go out & so this is a treat for them & really not too much out of pocket for me. Sometimes for middle school when there are many teachers -- I just ask someone else to go in with me. I just bring in the menu & let them chose! So far I've had nothing but positive response!