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Monday meal plan 11/21

Posted November 21, 2011


This week it is all about Thanksgiving! Here is the weekly menu and our holiday menu. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Please share your holiday menu and any favorite recipes!



Baked ravioli and veggies (Celantano light cheese ravioli is on sale at HT BOGO through 11/22)

Steamed carrots

Croissants (BOGO with coupon a couple weeks ago)


BBQ chicken sandwiches with chicken from the slow cooker (on sale $1.77/lb at Lowes Foods a few weeks ago)




I will be in a cooking and cleaning frenzy so there will be no time for a big dinner Wednesday night.

Sandwiches (veggie burgers)

Steamfresh rotini and vegetables (BOGO at HT and Lowes Foods - .50/2 coupon from 11/13 SS

Tangerine slices

Thursday – Thanksgiving Menu

We will have 15 people at my house for Thanksgiving this year. This is the first big Thanksgiving we have had in a couple years so we are all looking forward to being together. My brother, his family and his in-laws and their grown kids and spouses are all coming from Florida and Charlotte. I wish my brother and his family in Missouri could join us as well!

Everyone except my dad and his girlfriend have to travel many hours to get to my house and most are flying in Thursday morning and staying for the weekend. Those flying in are obviously not able to bring food to share. My dad and the two guests driving in from Charlotte have offered to bring desserts (thanks dad and Megan!). This means I am (happily) making appetizers, dinner and pumpkin pie for the whole gang. This also means that I have to limit oven use on Thursday for anything other than the turkey, turkey breast, dressing, rolls and sweet tater casserole. None of the appetizers will be cooked in the oven and I will make the pie and broccoli slaw the night before. I’ll also bake the sweet potatoes and put together the sweet tater casserole the day before so it just has to bake on Thanksgiving day.


Vegetable tray and dip, crackers and cheese slices, Hillshire Farm turkey lil smokies in bbq sauce in the slow cooker (we went with the turkey ones because they have 1/3 of the fat that the beef ones have), chips and guacamole -kids and hubby requested this traditional holiday appetizer :-)

Main meal

15 lb turkey (bought at Harris Teeter for .47/lb and a $3 ECB coupon for a total of $4.00)

7 lb turkey breast (bought at Target for .99/lb and they are still on sale this week at Target)

Broccoli Slaw (see recipe below) - my whole family loves this recipe and my oldest daughter requested it.

Homemade dressing with 1 loaf of white bread and 2 loaves of honey wheat bread (Sara Lee was on sale - .55 coupon), celery, mushrooms, onions, butter, broth, herbs

Sweet potato casserole (using sweet potatoes from a local Johnston County farmer that we bought in a 45 lb box for .22/lb.)

Rolls (in the essence of time and ease, this year I am using Sister Shubert’s yeast rolls in the foil container that get thawed and baked in the oven for 20 minutes or so. They are BOGO - .50 coupon at HT and Lowes Foods through Tuesday)

Cranberry sauce – 2 cans of Ocean Spray cranberry sauce on sale with coupon (I don’t care for cranberry sauce and never make it from scratch)

Gravy – I am using a recipe for turkey gravy from AllRecipes.com. As some others did, I am using chicken broth and pan drippings instead of turkey broth. Click HERE for the recipe. It received very favorable reviews. Sincc I have never made this gravy recipe before, I have 3 Heinz turkey gravy jars on hand in case of gravy emergency!


Pumpkin pie – I am using canned pumpkin from Aldi (.99), evaporated milk on sale with coupon from HT, Lowes Foods frozen, unbaked, deep dish pie crust on sale, spices, free French Vanilla Cool Whip with sale and coupon (that is no longer available to print)

Our guests from Charlotte are bringing a chocolate mousse pie and a pecan pie (thank you again, Megan!)

My dad is bringing a cheesecake and a pumpkin cake (thanks dad!)

I think we are pretty well set on dessert!


Diet sodas (Coke Zero, Sprite Zero, Diet Sprite with cranberry, diet ginger ale), white wine, red wine, juice boxes for the 2 younger ones, water and then coffee for after dinner




I have no idea. Our guests will still be here so we may go out to eat, order in pizza or have sandwiches. I’ll wait to see what they would like to do.


Homemade veggie pizza using unbaked Harris Teeter whole wheat crust balls from deli that was on sale for .99 a couple weeks ago. They freeze and thaw very well.

Some kind of veggie

Apple slices (.99/lb at Food Lion through 11/22)

Recipe: Broccoli Slaw with Ramen Noodles

If you have never had this salad, you may be raising your eyebrows at the mention of ramen noodles in a cold salad. I promise - you are in for a treat. The ramen noodles become perfectly soft in the delicious dressing and the nuts add an excellent flavor. It's ideal for a potluck or picnic, because it has no dairy products.

This salad sits overnight and is eaten the next day. It takes a good 8 hours for the noodles to soak up the dressing and become nice and soft.

Dressing Ingredients:
1/2 to 2/3 cup olive oil (if you like an oily dressing, use 2/3 cup oil. If you like it more dry, use ½ cup. I measure halfway between the two for my slaw)
1/3 cup sugar
1/4 cup vinegar
Seasoning packets from ramen noodles

Dry Ingredients:
1 pkg. broccoli slaw mix (found in the refrigerated packaged salad section in the produce dept.)
1/3 cup sliced, blanched almonds
1 cup roasted, salted sunflower seeds
2 packages beef ramen noodles (broken into small pieces – but not crushed)
1 bunch green onions sliced

Mix oil, sugar, vinegar and seasoning packets together in a medium bowl. In a large bowl, mix together broccoli mix, almonds, sunflower seeds, sliced green onions and ramen noodles (broken up). Add dressing to broccoli and noodles and mix well. Let stand for a few hours and toss again so all the noodles are coated with the dressing. I usually make this the night before I am serving it. When I get up in the morning, I mix it up again. A few hours later I mix it again. Just before I serve it, I mix it one more time. Serve cold and enjoy!






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  • arunahlak Nov 28, 2011

    Hi Faye,
    I was seearching for a good way to get a turkey cooked due to a dead oven. I ran across your blog and went to Target to get a Turkey breast to cook in the crock pot. I must say it came out very tender and delicious.

    I also found your recipe for the Broccoli Slaw and thought I would try this as well. I was really please with this…it was very very good. (I added some craisins to mine). This would be a great side with baked or fried fish I think. Thanks for sharing the great meal ideals and have a great holiday season.

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Nov 21, 2011

    So Linda, tell me about this buttery slow cooker turkey breast..... What do you do with the stick of butter? I am interested in hearing more. Any herbs, garlic, etc?

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Nov 21, 2011

    Oh no, pss3! Thankfully you are healing but so sorry you had to go through it. I hope you can relax this holiday and take care of yourself. Better yet, I hope your family can take care of you! Happy birthday to your son!

    Thanks, kelly! I hope you have a wonderful holiday as well!

    alwaysab - good luck with your full house!

  • kellymburdick Nov 21, 2011

    Faye, I hope you take time to enjoy your company! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Nancy Nov 21, 2011

    pss3! Oh my goodness! So glad to know you're on the mend, but what a horrible time you had!!!

  • pss3 Nov 21, 2011

    Hi Everyone,
    I'm back from having appendicitis last weekend and had emergency surgery last Monday. I am still swollen and retaining water but feeling much better.

    My son's 1st birthday was yesterday and we are still munching on leftovers from the party. I'm not really sure what we will be eating until Thanksgiving...pretty much just going thru the stockpile of easy meals.

    I will be bringing green bean casserole and crescent rolls to my in-laws for dinner on Thursday. I got excellent deals on those ingredients during the last SD's and Triples at HT.

    I hope to feel up to doing some Black Friday deals on Thursday...still not sure why they call it Black Friday deals if they start on Thursday but that's just me.

  • Nanee Lion Nov 21, 2011

    Faye, I cook my turkey breast in the crock pot with only a stick of butter cut up. It is so wonderful and saves oven space.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my coupon friends and thanks for all your help.

  • earlychd99 Nov 21, 2011

    fried butterball turkey( hubby swears there is difference).97 a lb target, candied yams. .25lb, baked mac n cheese, collard greens .89lb, I brought 6 bunches will clean, cut and freeze some to use at later time, stuffing, canberry sauce, rolls, I have the sister shubert rolls, buy my sons want them homemade, gravy, I will be using the heinz gravy, sparkling cider, apple pie,chocolate cake and ice cream. The cook is off til Wednesday, Sandwiches tonight, cheeseburgers tomorrow and homemade pizza Wednesday. Happy Thanksgiving to all

  • alwaysab Nov 21, 2011

    This year I am doing all the cooking. Our meal will include a 19# turkey, homemade stuffing, homemade green bean casserole, glazed carrots with bacon and onions. Appetizer will be bacon cheddar pinwheels. Dessert includes homemade dutch apple pie, bluberry pie and a sweet potato cheesecake. His parents are bringing wine and pumpkin bread.

  • kcampbell113 Nov 21, 2011

    Tonight we're having baked chicken legs, rolls, a veg, some fruit. Tomorrow we will eat at Moe's since kids get a free meal with adult purchase and there was $2 coupon in the paper. Not sure about Weds. I want to cook a turkey breast so we will have "leftovers". We will be having Thanksgiving dinner at family's house and I am taking mashed potato casserole, corn casserole, and green bean casserole. Friday is my mom's birthday and she has requested chocolate cake. Not sure what we will have for dinner.