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Harris Teeter and Lowes Foods weekend specials

Posted November 11, 2011

Both Harris teeter and Lowes Foods have some weekend specials for their e-Vic and Fresh Rewards members. Here are some of the deals I received. Check your Friday e-mails from both stores to see the deals you received.

Remember, the deals I list below are targeted to me and you may have totally different deals. Check your Friday e-mail from both grocery stores to see the specific deals that are loaded to your rewards cards. If you don't get the e-mails from these stores, you can sign up online at both company websites:

Harris Teeter website

Lowes Foods website

What deals did you get this week?

Harris Teeter

Saturday only special, 96 oz Clorox Bleach, limit 4, .97 (this offer is for all e-Vic members) - .25 Clorox coupon found HERE

There is also a .50/1 coupon on the CLorox Facebook page when you share a bleachable moment and fill out a form found HERE   - thanks to chipper4800 for posting this coupon link on the blog!

The total with the .50 coupon doubled = FREE!

Saturday only special: Harris Teeter yourhome paper towels, 8 roll, limit 2, $4.77 (this offer is for all e-Vic members)

Unadvertised Facebook deals (good for all e-Vic members Friday - Sunday):

Bob Evans fully cooked sausage links or patties, 8 oz, 2 for $3

Smithfield Deli Meat, 9 oz tub, $1.99

Click HERE for the unadvertised deals on the HT website. 

HT e-Vic deals good through Tuesday 11/15 (these are targeted to me so you may have different ones)

HT butter, 16 oz $2.27 (a pretty good deal)

Angel soft bath tissue, 9-12 roll $3.97 - .50/1 from 8/14 RP = $2.97 (a good deal)

Crystal Springs water, 24 pack, limit 2, $2.47

Planters peanut butter, 16.3 oz, limit 2, $1.47 (an ok price, but remember, the price of peanut butter is supposed to increase in December, so $1.47 may end up being a great price very soon)

Biltmore cheesecake, 32-36 oz $7.77

HT Tussin cough formulas, 4 oz $2.97, limit 2


Lowes Foods (these deals are good Friday, Saturday and Sunday):

LF sliced bacon, 12 oz $2.99

Southern biscuit flower, 5 lb bag, limit 2, $1.68

Wesson oil or best blend, limit 2, $2.88

Better valu salad and slicing tomatoes, 3-pack, limit 2, $1.77

Land o Lakes cheese clices, 8 oz, $2.88

Offer to buy a Lowes Foods thermal bag and get a free 6-pack of Pizzaz soda or buy a Lowes collapsible bag and get a free 2-ltr of Pizzaz soda.

LF paper towels, 6 roll $3.49 (**deal good through Tuesday)




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  • Dstned2BMe Nov 13, 2011

    Good question jcrownel. I am wondering the same thing...

  • jcrownel Nov 12, 2011

    Will the good HTS go bad?

  • Dr D Nov 12, 2011

    Hi Faye - Yes, thanks to your patience and kind repetition in keeping us posted on the current policies at all the stores, I do know that Lowe's accepts up to 4 identical coupons. :) But even in both transactions combined I did not exceed that limit; I used a total of 4 coupons for the fruit cups, and 3 coupons for the smoothies, and the coupons were specifically for those items. CS did tell me that Lowe's recently updated their policy and will not double more than 20 coupons per day, but I also did not meet that limit. They were very friendly and helpful, but I remained puzzled.

  • Nancy Nov 12, 2011

    Oxy - I'm thinking we may need to find a way to maintain that HT list on the yahoo group site. I wish we could "pin" a thread to stay at the top somehow.

  • Oxymoron02 Nov 12, 2011

    Dstned, we need to keep track, somehow, of the bad HTs. The only store I have never, ever had an issue at is Edwards Mill. I mean, you'll get the occasional misinformed cashier anywhere, but so long as the manager sets things right, that's all that matters.

    Lucky for me the 2 closest HTs to me are pretty good.

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Nov 11, 2011

    ddalmas, It is Lowes Foods policy to accept up to 4 identical coupons. Their registers only double up to the first 4 multiples of a coupon. It's been like that as long as I can remember.

    Thanks for posting the Dole deals! :-)

  • Dr D Nov 11, 2011

    Not a weekend special, but Lowe's has these two Dole frozen items on sale this week that match up nicely with coupons:

    Dole frozen fruit cups, 6 oz, $2 - .75 MQ doubled = .50
    Dole smoothie shaker, 4 oz, $1.50 - .75 MQ doubled = free

    I had one coupon for each with me in the store so I made my purchases, then located other coupons from this past Sunday which I had clipped but not yet filed in my binder (can anyone relate?), so I went back into the store and bought 3 more of the frozen fruit cups and 2 more of the smoothie shakers (and then I was out of coupons). On my second transaction, 4 of the 5 coupons doubled, but the 5th was only deducted at face value. I was puzzled as to why the 5th did not double, and so was CS, so they handed me the .75. The second transaction also triggered a .50 off my next order coupon from Dole - maybe from the fruit cups? So if you happen to have 4 of the fruit cup coupons, this would be a good week to use them all in one order at Lowes. :-)

  • Nancy Nov 11, 2011

    Nope, not at that store, in fact I was just there on Tuesday, all was normal as ever, and Todd even was helping to bag my stuff and we were joking about being the end of SD's week and he said "oh, come on, we'll start it all over tomorrow!" LOL He's so nice! I have to talk to him about this, I'm so bummed :(

    Yay!!! Your new freezer! It's so awesome, I couldn't wait to transfer my stuff from the old to the new and man, the additional capacity is just a dream come true!!! Enjoy!!!

  • Dstned2BMe Nov 11, 2011

    ok Nancy, so I take it you've not had that experience at that store before either? That limits my "safe" HT's even further! :(

    On a brighter note: The new freezer comes tomorrow! Can't wait to get organized!

  • Nancy Nov 11, 2011

    Oh sheesh, this worries me a great deal Dstned - I'm afraid this may "spread" :( I can't get there tomorrow but I will hopefully on Sunday or Monday - I'll find out what's the reason for the change..........sigh.......guess I'll have to be careful what coupons I use there from now on :(