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Rite Aid deals 10/9

Posted October 9, 2011


Wow! It's a big week at Rite Aid. There are lots of freebies and close to free items!

Video Values coupons can be found HERE.


Rite Aid regular hand sanitizer $1.00 - $1 +UP = FREE! (this is a great item to pick up for your child’s classroom!)

Emergen-C Immune Booster $3.49 - $3.49 single check rebate = FREE after rebate

Zarbee’s All Natural Children’s cough syrup, 4 oz, $5.99 - $5.99 single check rebate = FREE after rebate

Blistex lip ointment $1.49 - $1.49 +UP (limit 1) = FREE

Burt’s Bees throat drops $1.49 - $1.49 +UP (limit 1) = FREE

Cepacol sore throat lozenges $2.50 - $2.50 +UP (limit 1) = FREE

Preparation H totable wipes 10 count
Sale: $3.00
+UP: $3.00
MQ: $2 printable coupon found HERE.
Total after +UP and coupon = FREE! (moneymaker)

Chloraseptic sore throat spray or lozenges
Sale: $3.99
+UP: $3.00
MQ: $1 printable coupon found HERE.
Total after coupon and +UP = FREE

Colgate Optic White toothpaste or manual toothbrush
Sale: $3.99
+UP: $6 +UP when you buy 2
MQ: $1 coupon from All You Magazine October, .40 toothbrush and .50 toothpaste coupons from 10/2 SS
Total after 2 coupons for $1 and +UP = 2 for FREE!

Bayer aspirin tablets 32-36 count
Sale: $2.99
+UP: $2.00, limit 1
MQ: $1 coupon from 9/11 RP
Total after coupon and +UP = FREE

Carefree liners 18-22 count
Sale: $1.00
Store coupon: $1/2 video values store coupon
MQ: .50 coupon from 8/21 SS
Total for 2 after store coupon and 2 manufacturer’s coupons = 2 for FREE!

NeilMed nasal mist $5.00 - $5.00 +UP (limit 1) = FREE

Crest Complete extra white toothpaste, Oral-B Complete Fresh Scope scent toothbrush 2 count, Scope Dual Blast mouthwash 750 ml
Sale: $4.49
+UP: $2.00, limit 2
MQ: $2 coupon for Crest Comp0lete toothpaste, Oral-B toothbrush or Scope Dual Blast rinse from 9/11 SS, .50 and $1 Crest toothpaste coupons from 10/2 PG, .75 off Crest rinse coupon from 9/18 RP
Total after $2 coupon and +UP = .49

John Frieda +UP deal
+UP: $5 +UP when you buy 2 of the John Frieda items in the ad including
Full Repair, Brilliant Brunette, Sheer Blonda, Luxurious Volume, Root Awakening, Frizz Ease at $5.00
Precision Foam hair color at $11.99
MQ: $2 coupon for any full size product in 10/9 SS, $2 coupon for any full size Root Awakening product
Total for 2 after +UP and 2 coupons = .50 each – a very good deal!

M&M’s, Hershey’s Milk Chocolate, Kit Kat, Reese’s, Snickers fun size or snack size candy
Sale: $2.00
+UP: $1.00 +UP when you buy 2
Store coupon: $1/2 video values coupon for various candy bags including Reese’s, Kit Kat, M&M
MQ: $1.50/2 coupon for Mars Snickers from All You Magazine October, $1/3 coupon for various Hershey’s snack size candy from 9/25 SS, $1.50/3 coupon for Mars candy fun size bags from 9/25 RP
Total after $1.50/2 coupon and +UP = .75 each
Total after $1.50/2 coupon, store coupon and +UP = .25 per bag (great deal!)

Ocean nasal saline spray $2.49 - $1.50 UP = .99, limit 1

Comtrex 24 count, $3.99 - $2.00 ECB = .99, limit 1

Hyland’s Defend Cold Relief 8 oz., $5.99 - $5.00 +UP = .99, limit 1

Bausch + Lomb Soothe PM ointment, BioTrue contact solution 10 oz
Sale: $9.99
+UP: $1.00, limit 4
Store coupon: $1.00 in-ad coupon
MQ: $4 coupon from 10/9 SS
Total after all coupons and +UP = $3.99

Rite Aid Tugaboos jumbo pack diapers, overnights, baby wipes 360 count
Sale: $8.99
+UP: $4.00, limit 1
Total after +UP = $4.99

Poise pads 20 count or Depend underwear 6 count
Sale: $5.50
+UP: $2 +UP when you buy 2
MQ: $1.50 Poise coupon on hourglass pads (if included in sale) from 9/11 SS, $1 Depend coupon from 9/11 SS

Dr. Scholl’s foot care products
+UP: $8 +UP when you buy $20 worth of Dr. Scholl’s foot products (excludes orthotic insoles)
SCR: various $1 - $3 single check rebates available
MQ: $3 coupon for massaging gel insoles from 10/2 SS



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  • ymorris2 Oct 13, 2011

    Just thought I would let you guys know I received the Smart Source coupons in my Wednesday's mail and there was a coupon for Comtrex cold medicine. This week it's on sale for $3.99 with a $3 +Up reward making it free!!

  • ncsualum09 Oct 11, 2011

    thanks steph! it was one! I was at work and couldn't get the ad to pull up (big brother has many sites blocked :( ) thanks so much! now to hide the kit-kats from my "candy drawer" at work, and save it for the trick-or-treaters!!

  • stephlw Oct 11, 2011

    ncsu-- it should say in the ad -- I think it is one per rite aid card/household. I was able to get one set with my card and then went with my mom so she could get the other set.

  • nikkijohnson4 Oct 10, 2011

    On the Rite Aid Tugaboo diapers, there is a limit of only (1) $4.00 +UP, but there is also a $3 SCR when you buy two jumbo packs.

  • ncsualum09 Oct 10, 2011

    Does anyone know if there is a limit on the +UP's for the M&M’s, Hershey’s Milk Chocolate, Kit Kat, Reese’s, Snickers deal? If I have 3 of the video values, and 2 of the off 3, can I get 2 +UPs?

    I am not sure if the combination of candy types will work out yet, my math isn't working yet, haha, but I don't know if it can even be a possibility.

  • Nancy Oct 9, 2011

    You're very welcome leeandkaren :) If you want to try it an any store, before you shop just go up to the customer service counter and show them and ask if they accept them as competitor coupons - some do, and some don't but it can't hurt to ask :) That way you'll know before you shop if you can take advantage of them.

  • leeandkaren2 Oct 9, 2011

    Thanks again Nancy!

  • Nancy Oct 9, 2011

    leeandkaren, the HT on Main in FV takes all three, ECB, RR and +UP, and every other grocery store I go to have all accepted the RR's because it clearly states "Manufacturers coupon" on it. I haven't tried to use the ECB or +UP at any other store other than that one HT which I rarely use, I shop at a different one.

  • stephlw Oct 9, 2011

    Don't forget that some of the deals this week are the SCR and to put your receipt in as soon as you get home! I sat at my table trying to figure mine out this morning trying to figure out why they didn't give me one of my UP rewards -- but it was a SCR instead. Silly me!

  • leeandkaren2 Oct 9, 2011

    Does any grocery store except the +UP reward?

    The LF near me will take the Walgreen's RR, but not the ECB; I've never tried the +UP, so any advice would be extremely helpful!