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Share the deals 10/7

Posted October 6, 2011

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Found a deal? Here's the place to share it!

FYI - in case you weren't aware of this.....IT'S FRIDAY!! Have a great weekend everyone!






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  • stephlw Oct 8, 2011

    BJs also has coupons from time to time for an additional amount off for the gift cards -- we have gotten iTunes gift cards there a lot because we can get them for $5-10 off the price! Since new music and movies is a luxury -- that is the only time we will be getting those!

  • Oxymoron02 Oct 7, 2011

    I popped in to BJs today (pricing the meat out of curiousity), and I noticed at check out that they sold gift cards, and it occured to me that I haven't mentioned that here recently.

    BJs sells gift cards to other places for LESS than their face value. Now, admittedly, getting a $15 Dunkin Donuts GC for $14.29 isn't a HUGE savings, but I restrain myself and we still spend about $15 a week at DDs almost every week. Using discounted DDs GCs, I can save $36 a year.

    They also had Wendys, one for the parent company of Olive Garden, Hard Rock Cafe, Little Cesars Pizza, iTunes, lots of others, all on sale below face value. All the cards I saw were between 3% and 10% off face value.

  • Nancy Oct 7, 2011

    steph, that's wonderful! So many who can, should home school in my humble opinion. Especially now that home schooling is really become a huge segment and you can coordinate with other home schooled students for activities etc. And I note that many (almost all) universities, even the top tier such as Harvard and Yale, are happy to accept home schooled students. In fact, they've even said these students are better prepared!

    Good for you!! Think of the savings on clothing too :)

  • stephlw Oct 7, 2011

    Don't miss the job I was doing this school year AT ALL, don't miss the commute AT ALL ;) I am working in a way -- we withdrew our kids and I am now homeschooling my awesome kiddos. It was not a decision we came to lightly but made the most sense (I am a certified teacher) because we didn't want them to switch schools again when I find another job. Although I have to say that I am LOVING home schooling them (was totally against it previously). I think they have learned more in one week than in a long time. I just love the flexibility it provides us and if I can get our costs down even more, I may be able to swing it even longer. So THANKS! We definitely are seeing the benefits and I love that we can get name brand stuff for cheaper than the store brand :)

  • FlyingUnderTheRadar Oct 7, 2011

    FREE SKITTLES (14 oz laydown bag)at Target!! They have a $1 q on their website, stack it w/ the $1 q from (I'm not sure if it's still there)...boss man loves Skittles so I'm gonna share!

  • Nancy Oct 7, 2011

    sbigham, I think our paper MQ for Bounty was a measly 25 cents if I recall correctly, which of course is 50 cents doubled and I did have a $1.00 e-VIC ZVR coupon I could use, so I saved that to my card and got them, because $5.27 for 8 rolls (includes the 'choose a size' which we love, less waste) equals only .65 per roll, not the greatest price, since I like to buy at 50 cents or less a roll, but I really, really like the choose a size paper towels!

  • sbigham3 Oct 7, 2011

    Isn't there an e q and paper q for the evic Bounty special?

  • Nancy Oct 7, 2011

    contd from prior post...

    Furthermore, money saved comes with an additional benefit. Unlike the money you earn at work, it is tax free. No payroll taxes. No federal or state income tax.

    If your marginal tax rate were, say, 20 percent, you would have to earn $108 before tax to take home $86.40. If your marginal tax rate were 30 percent, you'd have to earn $123.

    Here is the full article link: break in to please autocensor!)748704820904575055392244583592.html

    So, steph, miss that job/commute, cost of working? LOL

  • Nancy Oct 7, 2011

    steph, isn't that the beat all!!! I'm so happy for you! A couple years ago the Wall Street Journal did an article about couponing and what you would have to earn to equal what you can save in an hour of clipping/filing/pulling/redeeming coupons.

    Here's a piece of what they said:

    "Average saving per coupon: Just $1.44, according to the Inmar report.

    But let's treat this low finance topic for a moment the way we treat high finance. Let's subject it to the same math.

    How long does it actually take to clip and use a coupon? Certainly the more you use, the less overall time you will spend per coupon, because so many of the costs–getting flyers, sorting coupons and so on–are generalized. Let's assume you spend a minute per coupon.

    Saving $1.44 for a minute's effort is the equivalent of saving $14.40 for 10 minutes'.

    Hourly rate: $86.40.

    (continued on next post)

  • stephlw Oct 7, 2011

    Not a deal -- but wanted to tell Faye & everyone here how thankful I am feeling today. My hubby got home from Texas and showed me the credit card bill for September -- it is LESS THAN HALF of what it normally is (we use it for EVERYTHING during the month). What a big difference couponing is making in our lives and I am so thrilled! I started the first week of September once I no longer had a job to go to. So I spent less than half and we have three times as much stuff as we normally have!!! You should see my closets!!!!