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Share the deals 9/15

Posted September 14, 2011

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  • ncsualum09 Sep 16, 2011

    Thank you so much for all the tips! I do think I can reorganize my linen closet and get some extra space out of that. I have some empty closet space in the spare bedroom, but unfortunately, it does not have ANYTHING as far as shelves. It just has the one rack where you would hang clothes, but I think I could find some inexpensive shelving to turn that into a "pantry" (that just happens to be in the upstairs bedroom ;) ) cheaper than buying a standalone unit.

  • Nancy Sep 16, 2011

    ncsu - I agree with Oxy on the storage. So much closet space wasted in our house too - and one closet in the laundry room my husband added shelving too, was originally a small coat closet. And the hall linen closet downstairs had been our "game" closet for all the board games, etc. Regrouped, found a high shelf for those and the rest is storage for fragrance products/bathroom cleaning supplies etc.

    A friend of mine had a huge linen closet in her house, she regrouped, discovered that all the linens would fit on two shelves instead of 4, the other two hold extra condiments and such now. Her kitchen pantry was very small!

    If there are any places where you can add shelving (above the washer/dryer?), much cheaper to do that than buy a large unit you have to find space for.

  • Nancy Sep 16, 2011

    katie - once you click on the link, scroll down, it should be on the bottom left of the page - if it's not there, it could be gone :(

    Just checked, still there!

  • Oxymoron02 Sep 15, 2011

    ncsualum, start with what you have already. Rearrange, reorganize, make room. I requisitioned 2 shelves in our linen closet by consolidating contents and telling my husband to find a better place to stash the caulking gun. I also took over the hall closet that wasn't being used for much of anything except hiding the vacuum. It's amazing how little space all the junk in there actually takes up when you organize it. I have most of that closet for my stockpile (the kids call it the "magic stockpile closet"). Careful rearrangement of vanities and medicine cabinets stash a fair amount of our HBA stockpile. I have a fair amount of cabinet space, but even I resort to a single set of wire shelves for stashing beverages. Juice and soda are expensive, when I get it cheap I get a lot.

    I've heard of people getting those underbed storage things for a little more stockpile storage.

    I would still try to make the most of the space you have before spending money.

  • katie1horton Sep 15, 2011

    Nancy, I couldn't find those coupons at Jimmy Dean's?

  • ncsualum09 Sep 15, 2011

    So, I tried to look online for suggestions, but I feel like the majority of the online community is so focused on being like a particular show, the only answers I could find were a lot more "extreme" and large scale then I would like to be. How does everyone find is the best way to keep their overflow items? I have a fairly small kitchen, so I don't have a lot of extra space in there, but I do have room in a spare room. I was thinking of buying a stand alone pantry, for dry goods, cleaning products, etc. They seem to be ~$150 online. Is this the most economical way you have found?

  • Nancy Sep 15, 2011

    ddalmas - HT corporate policy reads (concerning do notdouble/triple coupons) that they "should not double or triple" - should being an out for the store managers to make their own decision.

    MOST of the stores scan and let them double or triple if they do not begin with a "9", and on the new GS-1 only barcoded coupons, if it does not say DND/DNT, they will double or triple.

    Some HT managers have opted to have their cashiers pull coupons with DND/DNT and so it's really just knowing which stores do that and avoiding them.

    As to why manufacturers print that on their coupons is all about price point marketing. They don't want their items selling so cheap that they will end up on a secondary market (bought then resold at a higher price than purchased). In fact, I've seen that sort of issue present itself at Kroger in FV - they had to stop a man and woman from buying all of a product, they were reselling it in their own store.

  • Nancy Sep 15, 2011

    New Jimmy D's coupon! 75/1, bricks coupon, can print it twice


  • jlamick86 Sep 15, 2011

    Well I had my Sara Lee Iron Kids coupon rejected at HT in North Hills. I did self check out and was told that it wouldn't double because it said so on the coupon. Did anyone else have issues at HT north Hills? I wish I had known before hand as I wouldn't have bought the bread.

  • Dr D Sep 15, 2011

    Do Not Double/Triple, cont'd:

    What I have never understood is why manufacturers would print DND/DNT on their coupons in the first place. The stores are reimbursed for only the face value plus a small processing fee, even when they double/triple them for customers. Hubby has suggested I send emails to manufacturers who do this and see how they reply ... and just maybe they'll send more coupons by mail. He's got a fine idea there, don't you think? :)