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Share the deals 9/10 & 9/11

Posted September 10, 2011

Polka dot piggy bank


Found a deal this weekend? Here's the place to share it! Happy Friday!




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  • heremeaj Sep 12, 2011

    I promised my dog Q's to Happygirl08 so I will be mailing those to her when I am not buying foood for the SPCA to give unemployed dog owners. I do have cat food Q's that are wasted and some diaper/baby Q's not spoken for yet

  • Dragons_lady Sep 12, 2011

    heremeaj---email me for a Raleigh coupons need pet coupons and the diaper ones I send to my cousins up North who have just given birth! thanks

  • amandadeserres Sep 11, 2011

    Just wondering if anyone would be interested in trading some coupons. I can't use any of the glade/ smell good stuff coupons, as I get terrible headaches from these products. I would be willing to cut them and anything like them in exchange for any morningstar farms or veggie or tofu or turkey burger/sausage coupons. Anyone interested?
    I would love to come to a coupon swap, but I am mommy to two lovely and rambunctious boys which accompany me everywhere. I wouldn't consider them swap friendly. Thanks everybody!

  • shelleycole Sep 11, 2011

    Lowes food in Mebane has bottles of the liquid Dayquil and
    Nyquil on clearance for 2.67. I had a q from a couple weeks ago for 3.00 off 2. Got two bottles for 2.34. Time to start stocking up on cold medicine before flue season gets here. My first trip out since my ankle injury. So happy to get out again!

  • bjluckeey Sep 11, 2011

    Enjoy your triple coupons this week I can not go no Harris Teeter in Paso de Mata Mexico near San Juan del Rio. I am here for 3 weeks with my in-laws chidren tracked out for 3 weeks back to Garner in October.

  • rtaborn27 Sep 11, 2011

    Gas Buy Down
    .50 off per gallon gas on Sept. 17th from 12:30 - 3pm @ Cruizers Gas Station in Wake Forest, NC. No Strings Attached!

  • heremeaj Sep 11, 2011

    That show on TLC should be called "Hoarders with wheels" - most of us are not devoting bedrooms to avalanches of mustard and boxes of cereal that will expire long before they can be eaten. They may use Q's to get the stuff but hoarding is hoarding whether it is on shelves that take over the house or all over the floor. I can see people eyeing my notebook when I shop but they never see me clearing shelves and pulling peelies off merchandise I did not purchase. My hope is that this show will be like Kate Gosselin and GO AWAY!!!

  • BaseBallMommy Sep 11, 2011

    ok so I haven't found a deal yet for today but my kids are selling the CitiPass coupon book if anyone is interested. Lots of good coupons while helping out a school

  • Nancy Sep 10, 2011

    kimber - yup, starting the 14th, Kroger in TX and LA will no longer double any coupons - but keep in mind that Kroger has no corporate coupon policy, so what happens in one area may not happen elsewhere, they seem to operate regionally and even independently store to store.

    That said, I would like to remind all that Kroger was one of the first stores to get involved with *the show that shall not be named* and if I'm not mistaken, it was a store in TX too - it just doesn't pay to get tied up in that show. I know the shoppers down there were not happy about Kroger waiving policy for the show and started to boycott the stores.

    If Kroger were to eliminate the little double up to 50 cents they offer in our area, they would lose more business I'm afraid. I know I'd have very little reason to go in there unless a coupon and a sale matched up for free, near free. I don't do a lot of shopping there now because of the better deals at HT.

  • mrswhitelady Sep 10, 2011

    Hi Ladies I was in the Target in Wake Forest and they had all of their backpacks that were $29.99 back when everyone was doing school shopping and they are $2,$4, and $6 DOLLARS now that's a deal I got enough that the girls want need any for a couple of yrs..... Thanks Target