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Share the deals 9/7

Posted September 7, 2011

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  • trublondmom715 Sep 11, 2011

    Went to Food Lion this morning and got some great deals with my coupons. All my coupons came from either RP, SS, Food Lion or All You magazine.

    Bob Jones sausage patties or links 3.69 - .75 = 2.92
    Pillsbury breakfast biscuits 2/4.00 Bought one box plus used my .75 coupon = 1.25 for one box. I can feed my middle schooler breakfast for 2 mornings for .75 which I think is pretty cheap these days!
    Chef Boyardee Ravioli 10/10.00. Had .50 off 2= 1.25 for 2 cans.
    Hillshire Farm Select Deli Ham 2/7.00 Used a 1.00 off coupon from Food lIon plus mfg coupon for .35 = 2.15 for one 9 oz. package.
    Cottenelle bathroom wipes (refill pack) 2.29 each. Used .75 coupon/2 = 3.83/2.
    Yoplait yogurt for kids 2/4.00. Got a coupons at the store kiosk for .75 off 2 = 3.25/2.

    Don't forget to use the store kiosk b/c I was able to use just about all my coupons that printed out today and all the items I used them on, were on sale!

  • shelleycole Sep 11, 2011

    Faye- I'm not sure really, they didn't give me a time frame. I can put pressure on it now but not for long. Unfortunately, I don't live near there. I am actually in Mebane. I have a follow up next Thursday. I'm gonna have to break down and use one of the motorized carts if I'm gonna make it to triples. Don't want to miss that!

  • carelesswhisper Sep 8, 2011

    pss3 that is gross!

  • Oxymoron02 Sep 7, 2011

    Eagleland, when I moved to NC I outright refused to get cable. I was single at the time, and my kids complained. I told them that when they stopped playing outside with their friends and hung out in the house, I would get cable. They told me that if I got cable, they'd hang out in the house more. I said, "EXACTLY! Go play!" and that was the end of that.

    When my husband and I consolidated houses, my kids thought it was awesome that he had 3 cable boxes and a DVR. I thought it was ridiculous. The first box I talked him out of was the one in his daughter's room. Children don't need TVs in their rooms. Then I talked him out of the living room box, because the kids needed to stop noodling and play outside. As of last Friday, we no longer have a box in our bedroom and I'm extremely happy about it. I could live without TV, except Dexter and Trueblood. I'd find someone nearby to befriend who got those channels if it came to that. :P

  • t0tAlChA0s Sep 7, 2011

    pss3...that is just nasty! I surely hope it's not a store I shop at.

  • pss3 Sep 7, 2011

    Just a rant for today: I went to my local grocery store and a lady brought her dog into the store. It was clearly not an assistance dog as it rode in the cart and looked to be a multipoo. Anyway, the lady starts saying oh pebbles! in a annoying tone...I looked down and the dog had peed thru the cart all over the produce department floor. They lady then yells at everyone around here "look out ladies, pebbles went wee-wee" and kept moving her cart away from the scene of the crime. I kid you not, this is a true story. Can you believe people??? I had to be the one to inform the grocery store clerk about this situation. Ridiculous...

  • Eagleland Sep 7, 2011

    boyces: we decided to put one of our children in private school this year and looked for ways to cut cost...1st thing to go was TWC. We just had them disconnect it 2 wks ago, took their equipment back and now we are living on just plain digital tv, Netflix and Redbox. I do miss the dvr but I'm able to view all my favorite shows online when I miss something. We are trying no cable for 1 year and see how it goes. So far, kids are fine as they only get to watch certain shows on the weekends anyway. My hubby the sports junkie is content for now.

  • boyces Sep 7, 2011

    HappyGirl08: might try asking to speak to the manager next time. Or try calling back again another day. The deal you get does seem to fluctuate a lot. We called 2 years ago and only saved about $10 a month, we didn't know any better and thought that was good. Got locked into a 2 year deal. Called this year when that was up and saved over $30 a month for 3 months and then will be saving $20 month compared to what we were paying. I told my husband that we're holding out next time for the better deal. I recently read someone's blog (maybe Krazy Coupon Lady?) about how they gave up cable TV a year ago and have not missed it because there are so many shows available for free on demand now and they use Netflix. If the cable companies keep jacking people around, I think more are going to bolt and do free on demand and Netflix.

  • boyces Sep 7, 2011

    oops, forgot to subtract: 40% savings.

  • boyces Sep 7, 2011

    Target deal today: a coupon for $3-4 off Sorry (on sale for $12) and similar coupon for Connect4 (on sale for $12) and $3 off Memory. Then, 2 free sausage pizzas worth $2.99 each for buying Sorry and Connect4. I also got a puzzle and was out for $30. Not bad for merchandise worth ~$50. 60% savings.