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What have you done to make extra cash?

Posted September 4, 2011

What creative things have you done to make extra cash in this difficult economy?

Take a look at this Yahoo Finance Article about 7 people who have found some unique ways to help pay off debt and simply get by week to week. You'll see everything from mystery shopping to donating plasma to flipping art on ebay and more.

I bet there are a number of readers who would be very interested in reading about other ideas for making some extra money (other than couponing, of course!). Any thoughts?

In addition, sometimes simply spending less is the answer. What have you cut back on to make ends meet a little more easily?


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  • HappyGirl08 Sep 7, 2011

    I've done mystery shopping before but the company I worked for quit doing HT or something. I forget now. Anyway, the only other companies I could find required my SSN and like many, I was concerned about giving it out so I quit that. Now I just try to cut corners where I can.

  • pmck Sep 7, 2011

    Direct sales is a good way to make extra money. I've done so with Longaberger for almost 15 years. Crafters typically underprice their wares. If you are a crafter - take a look at your time & materials and see if your prices need to be adjusted up. Take your jewelry, handbags & clothing to a consignment shop - be sure to clean them up so they're presented well.

  • arapahoechief Sep 7, 2011

    squiggs - If you would like to email me, we can either email or talk about it. It would be great to share with you. My email is arapahoechief@aol.com I look forward to talking with you.

  • squiggs15 Sep 6, 2011

    jgram1980-- i want to also hear more about selling "mark" i think I know some stuff about it, but don't know anyone who sells it though. thx :)

  • squiggs15 Sep 6, 2011

    arapahoechief- I wanted to hear more about how you were able to partner with the truly green products company. thx :)

  • arapahoechief Sep 6, 2011

    I have partnered with a company that specializes in truly green products. I was so very pleased with the products that I joined the business side of the company. Now, I save money on what I would buy anyhow and make extra money for paying bills. I would love to help anyone out that is interested.

  • crystal29 Sep 6, 2011

    I sell 31 Gifts and Tupperware, I been doing each over 4 years and enjoy making the extra income.. If i can help anyone let me it;s been a blessing to me..

  • Nancy Sep 6, 2011

    ncsualum - absolutely required by law to have the SSN on file as a contractor with these companies. They are required to send out tax forms if you reach a certain $ amount of payout from them in the form of fees earned (not reimbursed on required purchases). So they have to have that information.

    I've done it with all the companies I've worked for and have not experienced any problem. They are reputable companies.

  • ncsualum09 Sep 6, 2011

    Nancy- Question about the secret shops, I signed up for a few companys through the MSPA site, and all of them have asked for my SSN (which I then stopped the process) Is this normal? I am not comfortable giving out my SSN esp with the increase of identity fraud :( Have you worked with any companies that DON'T require this information?

  • ReallyBigYawn Sep 6, 2011

    Greatly reducing Time Warner services! You can save a ton.