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Wild preview of Extreme Couponing Season 2

Posted September 2, 2011


You are not going to believe what you see on this preview from season 2 of Extreme Couponing! This season looks to be even more disturbing than the first with a preview of a woman....FROM NC...who appears to take great pride in shelf clearing. Warning: the following video may cause fits of couponer rage! Click HERE for the video and scroll down to the second picture of the couponer to watch the video (the first one is just a picture, not the actual video).

I admit, I wasted too many minutes of my life reading the comments under the article and it appears that Michelle, the person shelf-clearing in the video, is also posting comments. She posts repeatedly to make sure you watch the whole show because the video does not tell the whole story. Such drama, but the general consensus is that shelf clearing = bad. I sure hope the rest of the show does not continue on this ethically challenged theme, but I am not hopeful. Maybe she does actually give the guy looking for the granola bars a few of them from the entire stock he watched her take.  Maybe she even offers him some coupons for them. THAT would be a nice twist! If you think the stores are cracking down now, another season of What Not To Do in Couponing will certainly prompt continued coupon policy belt tightening.

My only advice is to continue being respectful couponers who don't shelf-clear, don't throw fits at the register about a silly coupon and don't think that they can actually buy 100 of an item and use 100 coupons at any of our area stores.

Your turn...any comments?


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  • aaliyahsmom1 Sep 3, 2011

    I was also angered by this lady after I watched the video a few days ago. If I was that guy in the video I would've took the stuff out of her cart and said I'm so sorry I need this lady! What a &@$*@! Grrr

  • Dr D Sep 3, 2011

    My comment is NOT intended to slight the very valid complaints in this thread about "that show", because this is unrelated...

    One day I hope to meet many of you in person, but especially Nancy, MaryBeth, and HappyGirl(whose posts are usually punctuated by a "ha!"). Thanks so much to you, and many others, not only for all the helpful savings alert posts you contribute to Faye's blog, but also for the many times you have lightened up my days by making me laugh out loud. Seriously, I asked one couponer in a store the other evening "Are you sure it's legal to have this much fun?"

  • CouponLadyCoupon Sep 3, 2011

    I have to admit that I started couponing after I watched a few episodes of that show and was quickly let down when I realized what a crock it was. One thing I did notice about a few of the people on the show is that they did do some good deeds in their community, like the Youth Minister who donated his entire $1000 shopping to a homeless shelter. I bet you can't say this about the North Carolina woman.

  • willisfamily5 Sep 2, 2011

    This is so embarrassing!!!This is what people think of when I call myself a couponer even thought I follow policies and never shelf clear! If people quit watching this show it would go away! ugh! the teeth comment on here...omg too funny!

  • cmk617 Sep 2, 2011

    That clip is hard to watch. Amazing how someone could be so self-centered and say to someone else, "The early bird gets the worm." I don't know how one could do that with a clear conscience.

  • claytonsaver Sep 2, 2011

    Back in June I remember reading a post on another blog that EC was filming at a Lowes in Davidson. The poster inquired about policy and was told they were holding the couponer to 20 Qs at a time but would allow multiple transactions. Poor decision by the store I say.
    Seeing this video really got to me as yesterday I dropped by my local Lowes and every item I planned to get was no longer on the shelf. I do not know that there was a shelf clearer ahead of me, but seeing this video makes me wonder. I prefer to think that it the results of lots of sane coupon users picking up small quantities of those items and that the store has not learned how to anticipate demand.

  • bean112455 Sep 2, 2011

    You don't really want to know what I think of Michelle, the shelf clearer from North Carolina. After watching the video, she is exactly what makes even me angry when I go to market to use the few coupons I have accrued to get the necessary items I need each week and the shelves are cleared. She gives us all who coupon a hard time by those who don't. I do all I can to help others and there have been times I've let others ahead of me in check out lines because I had coupons to use. I've also given coupons to others checking out that helped them offset their cost. We must not let this show nor folks like Michelle ruin our chance to save for our families. Thanks for hearing me out! E

  • Nancy Sep 2, 2011

    excuse me "few" should be "flew"

  • Nancy Sep 2, 2011

    jdouglas, last year when the show premiered, the hue and cry and emails few to TLC - their reaction was "the show is getting attention!" and they flat out ignored the response.

    As long as people tune in, they'll keep running it.

  • jdouglas13 Sep 2, 2011

    Perhaps it's time for the honest couponers to contact the network and let them know how offensive the show is and how damaging it will be in the future for those who do coupon. Basically, if the network doesn't cancel the show soon, they won't have to worry about filming any future episodes. None of the stores will take coupons, nor will the manufacturers provide any. Just my two cents.