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Tasty store brands can save you money

Posted January 11, 2010
Updated January 12, 2010

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Many of us are always looking for ways to save money at the grocery store. 

Here's an idea you may not have considered: store brands!  They often cost less and, new surveys show, many taste as good if not better than name brands! 

For example, my family LOVES HT Trader brand salsas, especially the black bean and corn.  Also,the HT Trader Chocolate Chip/Pecan cookies can be passed off as homemade!  They have just the right balance of chew & crunch.  No kidding. 

Another friend says she loves the Tomato Vodka pasta sauce from Trader Joes.  I love many TJ's crackers, especially the "Everything" variety!

Do you have any favorite store brands?  Let me know in the comments below and I'll share some of them in a story we're working on for Tuesday night!

Tonight at 5 5 On Your Side compares store, name brands


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  • ehmphm Jan 12, 2010

    Harris Teeter Coffee Ice Cream!

  • awomnsptofview Jan 12, 2010

    Wal Mart's brand peanut butter is as good as any othe national brands! And their fresh pizzas in the deli....no one can come close to comparing to them for the price, the size, the quality and the taste!!!

  • 3stoogesfan Jan 12, 2010

    I love the Kroger brand chicken strips and popcorn chicken. they're still expensive when they're not on sale but I do grab up some when they slash the price down.

  • HappyGirl08 Jan 12, 2010

    I'm a fan of several things at food lion and harris teeter. At HT I also like the salsa and at FL, the shells and cheese (=to velveeta brand mac & cheese) is the best! Taco shells are good as well.

  • pirategirl12 Jan 12, 2010

    TJ's pizza dough is great...both white and wheat and a bargain at .99!! I also use the Aldi Brand half and half constantly!

  • babyboomer47 Jan 12, 2010

    We mostly buy Food Lion Brands and are very satisfied with them. Food Lion brands include Healthy Accents, Home 360, On the go Bistro, Nature's Place, Smart Option, and Taste of Inspirations. We love the coupons that Food Lion emails to us each week and the great weekly sales promotions at Food Lion. Food Lion is having a promotion January 6th thru February 2nd where you can get up to a $10 coupon on your next shopping trip when you use you MVP card and buy Food Lion & Home 360 brands. You can earn a $10 coupon on each shopping trip thru February 2nd. We save a lot of money at Food Lion and eat very well. Food Lion is having a mega meat sale January 13th thru 19th-- check out the weekly flyer on the Food Lion website. We are great fans of Food Lion brands!

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Jan 12, 2010

    We love the Trader Joe's Organic Creamy Tomato Soup in the 32 oz. box. It is so delicious and we use at least one box a week. It's great as a sauce on pasta as well! We also like the Whole Foods brand firm tofu. It's a good price ($1.69/package) and stays firm when cooking. My girls really like the Lowe's Foods flavored instant oatmeal and it was 75 cents per box a couple weeks ago with sale and store coupon that was right there on the shelf!

    Kitty - you are the second person to mention that TJ's pizza dough recently. I think we need to try it!

  • GrandmaEva Jan 12, 2010

    We are Kroger fans and buy the Kroger brands all of the time. With their reward program and store brands, we have saved a lot of money over the years.

  • Amomoftwo Jan 11, 2010

    I love Trader Joe's Strawberry Preserves. They have just the right amount of sweetness and plump strawberries. I also love Trader Joe's fresh salsa and also their fresh pizza dough. The pizza dough is a steal at only 99 cents each!

  • kimmiesmith Jan 11, 2010

    Kroger brand raisen bran is much better than any name brand-the bran flakes stay crip longer and taste better! Kroger also has a really good vanilla bean ice cream. It is very creamy and has rich vanilla flavor. Food Lion has our favorite chocolate ice cream-I think it's called Creamy Chocolate. it has a deep chocolate flavor-we think both of these ice creams are better than the more expensive brands!

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