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Lucky us! We get to pay another fee!

Posted September 3, 2009
Updated September 4, 2009

Do they think we wouldn't figure it out?

And from Southwest of all air carriers! The airline that prides itself as one of the few, if only airlines that doesn’t charge any bag fees! The company even advertises “Luv is a trip with no bag fees!”

But Southwest just announced a “new customer convenience that simplifies travel!” How nice! ANYTIME I can get “simplified” travel I’m all about it!

The offer: Early Bird Check-in that lets us reserve an early boarding position—you know—before those GENERAL customers, but oh.. AFTER Business Select and AFTER Rapid Rewards customers.

But here’s the real burner-- that not-so-special, special treatment-- comes at a special price! $10 extra each way. TWENTY BUCKS round trip!

It’s clear Southwest is jumping on the train that other airlines have been riding for awhile-- trying to squeeze every dollar possible out of passengers by charging for everything from seat selection to blankets to snacks.

If LUV is a trip with no bag fees, then a trip with check-in fees sounds like TOUGH love. Or maybe tough LUCK as the flying public gets slapped with yet ANOTHER fee that Southwest is trying to pass off as great customer service.


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  • Life-goes-on. Sep 9, 2009

    Flying is miserable since 9-11. Clearly the terrorists won. We stand in long lines to be treated like pond scum at the hands of the TSA only to be treated the same way after we finally get on the plane.
    I remember flying before 9-11 when we were treated like customers. You know, friendly, courteous, service? Thank you for flying with us? Anyone remember that?
    Now they charge $4 for a bag of nuts, I saw it, the bag was almost a handful.
    Lets see, outrageous prices, the worst service anywhere, treat their paying customers/passengers like criminals, stupid criminals actually. And they can't make a profit. Maybe they should try doing things the old fashioned way, like they used too.

  • JMHO Sep 9, 2009

    Check out Amtrak. I just went round trip to Tampa for about $140 (would have been even less if I had bought my ticket earlier). Sure, it's an overnight trip (about 15 hours), but pretty comfy and you can get up and walk around and it's super cheap! Can't drive for that! I just checked my next visit dates, and it's only $54 each way!

  • Gnathostomata Sep 8, 2009

    Free? Nothing is or was free. It was included in the price of a ticket. All they did was add the cost above the cost...AND then limit the carry on bags so the customer cannot bring a blanket, pillow or snacks. Talk about a captive audience...oh, they charge for the movie, and now for priority seats...guess I'll end up in the baggage compartment. No, no I won't; I'd rather drive across country than fly now-a-days...

  • Shiger Sep 7, 2009

    Southwest's strange boarding process was already miserable and it just got worse.

  • Artie Blume Sep 4, 2009

    No big deal here. The fees for things that used to be free is raising prices and trying to hide it- snacks, drinks, baggage, blankets etc.... Offering an additional fee based service is not trying to hide a price increase just adding an optional service.

  • HillBilly Sep 4, 2009

    The fun is for sure over when you speak of flying. From the long lines at security, to the jerks working for TSA who think they are the FBI, to the long hot waits on the planes with no air movement, to the never an exmpty seat anymore on a flight, to the people who now beat you to death with luggage they do not want to check and pay high fees, to the long flights with not even a peanut and 2 ounces of drink with 3 cubes of ice, etc.(I could write a book No limit on things to complain about, 0 limit for customer satisfaction. Let's face it, they don't care if you fly with them or not. The flight is already overbooked, so they are not out any money anyway. Wish we had better rail service.

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