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5-year-old girl killed after pit bull attack in Union County

Posted January 12, 2011

— Two pit bulls killed a 5-year-old girl and severely injured her grandmother in Union County on Wednesday morning, police told WBTV. 

Mckayla Woodard and her grandmother, 67-year-old Nancy Presson, were attacked by the dogs just after 11 a.m. on Rehobeth Road in Waxhaw. 

Police said Presson was hurt while trying to get the dogs off of Mckayla. 

Both were taken to Carolinas Medical Center-Union in Monroe, where Mckayla died a short time later. Presson was listed as stable on Wednesday afternoon. 

McKayla's cousin Amy Plyer, who lives across the street from where the incident occurred,  told WBTV that the girl was attacked while trying to get into a fenced yard adjacent to her home.

Plyer said Mckayla was mauled by a pit bull named Rebel, which she said tended to wander the area.

Investigators said Rebel was immediately killed by authorities. The other dog was on the loose for a brief period before being fatally shot by authorities. 

Both dogs were owned by neighbor Michael Gordon.

Waxhaw police went to Gordon's house last month and warned him about restraining his dogs.

Neighbors told WBTV that at least one of the dogs often got loose. 


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  • Bartmeister Jan 14, 2011


  • bowhunterjunkie Jan 14, 2011

    To Official Jury--Does that meal all bullying humans should be banned and destroyed. I bet all of you that are saying that the dogs should be destroyed are AGAINST the death penalty if humans kill someone!!!!!!!!

  • RM24 Jan 13, 2011

    nayfleww: when you say redneck what is your definition?

    Originally used in reference to poor, white farmers, Redneck is historically a derogatory slang term to refer to working class Southerners in the United States. This is as it is interpreted in the dictionary.

  • RM24 Jan 13, 2011

    Now I do not agree with banning the breed. If you want to house a Tiger/Lion/Bear/Alligator that is your business. Just keep him away from others he may harm. If that means in the house then so be it. If you can guarantee that no one will or can get to this animal then great. If not then you should be as responsible as the animal. If the animal is known to have had these problems or tendancies in the past.

  • RM24 Jan 13, 2011

    According to the Clifton study, pit bulls, Rottweilers, Presa Canarios and their mixes are responsible for 74% of attacks that were included in the study, 68% of the attacks upon children, 82% of the attacks upon adults, 65% of the deaths, and 68% of the maimings. In more than two-thirds of the cases included in the study, the life-threatening or fatal attack was apparently the first known dangerous behavior by the animal in question. Clifton states.

    There have been many news reports about deaths caused by dogs in the USA. The attention given to the homicides has put the spotlight on pit bulls and Rottweilers. There is a very good reason for focusing on these two breeds: in recent years, they have usually been the number one and number two canine killers of humans. (The breeds most likely to kill.) It therefore is correct to single out those two breeds when talking about canine homicides, because those two breeds lately have caused half or more of the deaths.

  • nayfleww Jan 13, 2011

    I have 2 very well-behaved & trained pit bulls that have never even come close to showing any aggression and for ignorant people to say that they haven't bitten anyone YET is just ridiculous. That's like saying that your son/daughter hasn't killed anyone YET, but we should just go ahead and ban the rednecks as a precaution, they are prone to violence. WOW the ignorance up here is too much. Now off to kiss my sweet puppy doggies, but WATCH OUT! They may lick you to death.

  • jpkp2003 Jan 13, 2011

    The owner should be charged with murder and attempted murder. I agree with a post I read earlier... Authorities should have shot the owner of those dogs.

  • RM24 Jan 13, 2011

    I am sitting here wondering when I ever read a headline saying "Child killed or attacked by a pac of Labrador Retrievers" "or a pack of bassit hounds", or "person dies from wounds issued from golden retreivers"! Is it the goverment/American public/police only report stories of pit bulls because they have a issue with this breed? Or do no owners of any other breed mistreat them? Help me find all these stories of killer beagles?

  • IAMAmerican Jan 13, 2011

    Cujo was a saint bernard, should you ban that breed? It is big and can do alot of damage. To humans and anything else it wants to.

    Cujo had Rabies, give me a break you people!!!!!!!!!

  • IAMAmerican Jan 13, 2011

    They should have shot the owner while they were at it. The dogs and little girl paid the price for his negligence. RIP