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5 things for Thursday, August 10: North Korea, Russia probe, migrants, Franklin

Posted August 10

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1. North Korea

North Korea has responded to President Trump's "fire and fury" threat -- with a threat of its own. The North says it's finalizing a plan to attack Guam and will present it soon to leader Kim Jong Un. Under the plan, North Korea would fire four missiles into the sea about 20 miles off Guam's coast. It's not clear if the missiles would have nuclear warheads. The regime also called Trump's fiery threat "a load of nonsense."-US Defense Secretary James Mattis said-North Korea must "cease any consideration of actions that would lead to the end of its regime and destruction of its people."

South Korea says there's no indication right now that the North is readying a strike. People on Guam, which has a big US military presence, are staying vigilant but calm. Hawaii -- which in the past has been threatened by North Korea and would only have a 20-minute heads-up in case of a missile launch -- is the first US state to prep for a possible nuke attack from the regime.

2. Russia investigation

The FBI raided the home of Donald Trump's ex-campaign chairman last month, a source familiar with the matter told CNN. Agents nabbed financial documents and tax records during the search of Paul Manafort's home in northern Virginia. The source tells CNN that it's part of the ongoing Russia investigation. The raid is considered unusual because Manafort had already turned over hundreds of pages of documents to Senate investigators.

3. Migrant crisis

Stories of migrants drowning at sea are always heartbreaking, but this one especially so. As many as 50 migrants from Somalia and Ethiopia are believed to have been "deliberately drowned" off the coast of Yemen. The migrants, mostly teens, had reached Yemen but were forced back to sea when their smuggler thought authorities were closing in, survivors told the International Organization for Migration. An estimated 55,000 migrants this year have left the Horn of Africa, most fleeing violent unrest in Somalia and Ethiopia.

4. Kenya election

Not all results are in, but already there's controversy in Kenya's hotly contested presidential race. Opposition leader and former prime minister Raila Odinga is disputing returns on the election commission's website that show him trailing incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta by nearly 10 points. Odinga claims the election commission's systems were hacked and manipulated to put Kenyatta on top. The vote was relatively peaceful, but now some worry Odinga's claims could spur violence.

5. Hurricane Franklin

We have our first Atlantic hurricane of the season. Hurricane Franklin hit the east coast of Mexico, bringing with it heavy rains and strong-winds in an area known for mudslides and flash flooding. Franklin, a Category 1 storm with winds of 85 mph, is expected to move inland over the mountains in central Mexico. Forecasters expect a busy hurricane season in the Atlantic this year, with a prediction of as many as 19 named storms developing.



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