5 reasons your next vehicle should be a crossover

Posted March 23
Updated May 19

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Is it a less boxy van? A taller wagon? A small SUV? No, it’s a “crossover.”

"[Crossover utility vehicles] have become so popular these last several years because you can get a comparable size and space of an SUV with the smooth ride and price of a midsize sedan," explained Alan Broughton, senior sales manager at Leith Toyota.

Sometimes joining the crowd is the smart move, so let's take a look at five reasons you should make your next vehicle a crossover.

  1. Space - Crossovers have ample room in their cargo area that dwarfs that of a typical sedan’s trunk space. There is also plenty of seating room for multiple passengers. This makes the crossover the ideal car for everyone from college students hauling friends and junk around campus, to the young family with kids and sports equipment. Crossovers seem to be replacing the minivan for many families, and the full-size SUV for sporty young consumers.
  2. Affordability - One reason people have tended to buy sedans over SUVs and trucks is because the latter are built on more expensive truck platforms. This more affordable construction allows for very reasonable pricing usually starting in the low $20,000s. For those avoiding SUVs because of price, the crossover eliminates this concern.
  3. High Seating - It may seem trivial, but a major reason many consumers choose trucks and SUVs is for the higher seating position. This gives the driver better visibility as they can see from a higher vantage point. It also makes it easier to get in and out of the vehicle. Crossovers maintain the higher seating of an SUV despite being built on a car platform.
  4. Gas Mileage - A drawback of trucks and SUVs has always been the poor gas mileage. They are heavier vehicles, so it simply takes more energy to haul the body around. Crossovers, however, have gas mileage more similar to cars than trucks. Frugal car buyers who have traditionally avoided SUVs are now taking a look at crossovers.
  5. Rugged - Versatile, rugged, sporty -- whatever you want to call it, crossovers achieve it. This is true both in its look that makes you feel like you’re on a mountain vacation, or the capabilities that allow you to actually go on one.

Leith : Spotlight : Crossover

"The new 2017 RAV4 provides an elegant yet sporty design that offers-up a lot of useful space for families," Broughton pointed out. "The 60/40 split rear seats allow you to carry cargo as well as passengers in comfort."

He added, "Owners also like the higher seating position that a CUV like the RAV4 offers compared to your average sedan."

For those who want to have it all, a crossover allows them to achieve the benefits of many different classes without any major downsides. It can provide the gas mileage and price of the sedan, while also providing the space, high seating and versatility of the SUV.

This story was written for our sponsor,


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