5 On Your Side: Cable, satellite companies' 'bait and switch'

Posted January 31, 2014
Updated February 2, 2014

It's something viewers have been complaining about for a while, and considering how many of us it impacts, I knew we had to get involved!

Many of you have shared experiences about how you were offered one price by a satellite or cable company over the phone and when the bill arrived, you didn't get deal you were promised. One woman even had her phone offer confirmed by a manager, but was STILL told she had to pay more! Another viewer calls the whole problem – "bait and switch!"

What does Attorney General Roy Cooper say about it, and what can you do? I'll see you on TV Monday at 5:30 p.m. with an in-depth look at the problem, plus five ways to help you get the price you were promised!


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  • ncpilot2 Jan 31, 2014

    I fear the cable companies are about to pull off the biggest public heist yet in their huge fight against Net Neutrality. They are trying to force the FCC to allow them to charge huge amounts for data flow so that they can defeat competition from companies like Netflix. We don't hear a lot about this story in the news for the same reason.

  • justabumer Jan 31, 2014

    I had nothing but problems with TW but am finding the service to be much better with CenturyLink.

  • genibean Jan 31, 2014

    This happened to me with TWC. I called and demanded they pull the recording of the call where I set up the service. I waited two weeks and either they couldn't get the tape... or wouldn't. I called the TWC corporate office and was told that this was not acceptable. They proceeded to give me six months free plus my original deal that was set up. You need to not give up... take it to the top.

  • Jump1 Jan 31, 2014

    What would Roy do he busy running for another job...besides these companies have more control than anyone, you can not fight them and they know it.

  • QC Jan 31, 2014

    Always and forever... get it in writing.

  • redstarlean Jan 31, 2014

    What we Need in NC is a strong consumer protection agency