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5 charged with robbery of food, cash

Posted May 20, 2008

— A man and four teens from Fayetteville were charged Tuesday with robbing a delivery driver of food and cash.

The man told police he was making a delivery for Domino's to 2108 Cattail Circle when he was threatened with a gun.

Patrick Terrell Southerland, 22, of 405 Oakland Drive, is being held on $30,000 secured bond.

The four teens are all held on $15,000. They are James King Carter, 18, of 421 Starlight Drive, Robert Lee Hessell, 17, of 1348 Taylor Drive, Demarcus Charles Boyce, 16, of 2301 Sapona Road and Isaac Lee Best, 16, of 1708 Gilmore Street.

All are charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon.


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  • Redfoxxnc May 22, 2008

    This is no surprise. The entire area where this crime took place is laden with drug dealers and thugs. I would be terrified to go into this area as any kind of delivery person or for any reason at all for that matter.

  • NCMOMof3 May 22, 2008

    no one likes criminals. You can't blame this on democrats or republicans, bush or obama or clinton or ghandi or the holy street rat. These "fine upstanding examples of society" (sarcasm here) made their decision to take something instead of working for something. Divide and conquer. If democrats and republicans, obamas, clintons, bushes, and mccains don't learn to band together, the United States will be conquered from within. We won't have to worry about foreign terrorists, we'll do it to ourselves.

  • babyluv May 22, 2008

    Dems don't like criminals more than we like republicans who extort!

    Gentleman, rake leaves, cut someones grass...get some responsibility & get a job and pay for your own pizza. There is no excuse.

  • neutral observer May 21, 2008

    VOTE REPUBLICAN!!!!!!!!! Dems love criminals!

  • orionsteve May 21, 2008

    Armando......You forgot to add "pizza delvery man gets 10 years for blowing away defenseless, under privilaged criminals trying to rob him

  • Armando de Cabana Boy May 21, 2008

    anneonymousone- I spelled it the way it seemed to be pronounced when I heard it on a radio commercial. Please get over yourself! "I am Armando de cabana boy and YOU are NOT!!"

  • BIGCHEESECAMATO May 21, 2008

    Hope you enjoyed that "Yummy" Hot Peperoni Pizza cause now you are in jail and I guess we shall see you on the NC State Chain Gang. "thats the sound of men working on the chaiinnnnn gang, that the taste of fresh baked pizza on its wayyyy..hey hey...

    I knew this was dumb crook news

  • Dolphan May 21, 2008

    It's so comforting to know that our future is in the hands of such capable and upstanding citizens...

  • Meandmytwo May 21, 2008

    Smile now and cry later!!!

  • garnertoy May 21, 2008

    put them on a chain gang at hard labor