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41 Cited for Gambling After Warehouse Bust

Posted March 26, 2007
Updated October 21, 2016

Editor's Note: The charge against Karim Olweean was dismissed on Aug. 15, 2007.

The charge against Brian Vickers was dismissed on Feb. 4, 2008.

Police cited 41 people with gambling after executing a search warrant at a local warehouse with the help of federal agents and a National Guard unit.

Police said they asked for backup Friday night because they believed drugs and guns would be inside.

"This isn't a friendly game of poker. This was a situation where there's people that are making profit, there's drugs there, guns there, and we have to make sure that everyone is safe," Capt. David Wulff of the Cary Police Department said Monday. Cary called on Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents for support,.

The warehouse, located at 233 “M” E. Johnson St., is leased by Matthew McCoy, 25, of 2013 Bulon Drive. He was charged with one count each of gambling, possession for sale of alcoholic beverages without permits and unauthorized possession of liquor.

In addition to breaking up a large-scale poker operation, officers confiscated some heroin, Wulff said.

William Tillman, 45, of 5724-D Valley Court in Raleigh, was charged with one count each of possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana and gambling.

Thirty-nine others were charged with gambling:

Bob Elliott, 56, of 620 W. Jones St. in Raleigh; Ivan Hsu, 26, of 12425 Carabey St. in Cerritos, Calif.; Marco Lugo, 24, of 1521 Wedgeland Drive in Raleigh; Lawrence Wiggins, 31, of 7012-B Longstreet Drive in Raleigh; David Algood, 21, of 11830 Dan Maples Drive in Charlotte; Tammy Watson, 42, of 6820 Greenmeadow Drive in Raleigh; Dameion Rutherford, 33, of 4914 Highgate Drive in Durham; David Bradshaw, 38, of 3810 Grey Harbor Drive in Raleigh; Cecil Massengill, 61, of 607 Church St. in Benson; and Rodney Strickland, 37, 4605 Aviary Circle in Apex.

Also, Benjamin Dawson, 39, of 107 Hilton Ave., Apt. 2 in Durham; Peter Lenk, 26, of Manor Village Way #50 in Raleigh; Francisco Rivera, 43, of 110 Streamview Drive in Cary; Ian Dressel, 24, of 102 Pennsbury Court in Cary; John Schachte, 47, of 101 Torrey Pines Drive in Cary; Dena Wright, 28, of 4621 Landover Dale Drive in Raleigh; Evangelos Liatos, 61, of 5005 Lady of the Lakes in Raleigh; Jason Reed, 33, of 712 B Greenfield Drive in Garner; Heather Honeycutt, 29, of 5326 Crescentview Pkwy. in Raleigh; and Joseph Turecky, 37, of 242 Caudia Lane in Cary.

Also, Thongsavanh Vongprachanh, 33, of 1424 Summit Park Blvd. in Apex; Johnny Lyons, 32, of 312 Burgess Circle in Broadway; Karim Olweean, 25, of 5533 Vista View Court in Raleigh; Brett Marshall, 35, of 2633 Cottage Circle in Raleigh; Matthew Jennings, 28, 1083 Mclemor Drive in Clayton; Lorimer Covington, 70, of 139 W. Main St. in Garner; Brian Vick, 25, of 5608 Big Sandy Drive in Raleigh; Nishant Patel, 29, of 309 Adelaide Road in Holly Springs; Diane Smith, 51, of 3808 Kingfield Drive in Apex; and George Smart, Jr., 45, of 5702 Williamsbury Lane in Durham.

Also, William Rich, Jr., 30, of 2827 Sterling Park Drive in Raleigh; Raymond Gunter, Jr., 28, of 800 Grimm St. in Sanford; Harold McClain, 41, of 100 Calibre Clase Drive in Raleigh; Benjamin Phillips, 24, of 109 Bebington Drive in Cary; John O’Connor, 21, of 3504 Song Sparrow Drive in Wake Forest; Oliver Prince, 27, of 309 Edgewater Drive in Broadway; Paul Smith, 51, of 3808 Kingfield Drive in Apex; Gregory Gunter, 27, of 6705 Bradley Road in Sanford; and Edward Brown, 41, of 308 Glen Bonnie Lane in Cary.

“While we realize and appreciate that many friends and neighbors enjoy playing cards and other games in good fun as part of their recreational activities, doing so for money simply isn’t legal in our state,” Wulff said.


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  • I hit 1 outters Mar 29, 2007

    A reply to agent 0, they just raided the wrong game! Did you happen to look at the ages of these peole! These were not kids or gang members or drug dealers! They said that there were drugs and guns?!!! I didn't see where anyone was charged illegally for a firearm! As far as drugs, one person out of 43, 43(I had to say it again) has a drug charge! This is a CARD GAME people! GET over it! Did you see the agentcies involved in raiding a CARD GAME! Its a victomless crime for gods sake! Do you know how many people in the town of Cary that were actually done harm during this raid? I'm sure that over half of that town could think of many different ways for thier public servents to have spent thier tax money during the hours of that raid! And just as someone else posted about, thank GOD and only him for nothing going wrong during this practice run!....lol. As a good friend of mine says"May your aces be full"

  • polly1959 Mar 27, 2007

    This is ridiculous I dont know why these guys can't just play cards and have fun no one has ever gotten hurt at these games and I know this because I know a lot of people that went to this game and many more games they just go to have fun and make a little money nothing wrong with it...I dont understand how come these cops are so worried about these guys when there is real crime that they don't even worry about. I just think it is all stupid and it needs to be dropped and done with. It's not like these guys are going to stop just because of this one little bust.

  • yukonjohn3 Mar 27, 2007

    This raid is crazy. You folks need to band together and contact your legislators and tell them to legalize gambling. It is just another of the "you cant legislate morality" And my morality might not agree with yours, but I have rights also. "Government is not the giver of rights; only God confers these to the people. People create government, giving it certain and limited powers. Only eternal vigilance by the people will confine government to its proper role."

  • moose13 Mar 27, 2007

    What these people were doing was illegal, yes, but would you rather see them out on the street dealing drugs, shooting people, causing gang problems? I mean, give me a break, they were playing poker for the love of God!! Noone was ever hurt or killed there! Worse things could have been going on...and for all of you that say why Cary, it happens EVERYWHERE!!!! Look at these names (which I think should have never been released to the public)...these people are professionals....don't go slashing people for playing poker and having a few drinks minding their business...it was harmless...thank goodness nothing went wrong when the police raided it. I would rather see people playing poker in a huge group like that then causing problems on our streets!!!

  • Agent 0 Mar 27, 2007

    Just thought i'd mention I don't see any Police Officers names on this list of offenders....why is that?

  • El Doggo Mar 27, 2007

    Yup! This is what carye is turning into! A magnet for crime, corruption, murder and gambling...

  • 07_Bama_Resi Mar 27, 2007

    I'm from JoCo, this sounds like something that would happen in my county, not Wake. Ha, I figured "those" Wake "countiers" have enough money to go to Vegas. Ha, By the way, for all the ones who are going to complain about me saying that, oh well. Either way props to the cops who looked like idiots in the process. And, yes, what's the big difference in this than the lottery, well, the gov't getting the money instead. Someone mention taxing it, if that happened, the gov't would be getting more money - so go ahead, make it legal. Next thing you know, people "invested" into the ball pools will be issued citations. [what this world coming to?!?]

  • pwrstrkdf250 Mar 27, 2007


    Herbie should get off his high horse

  • herbie versmels Mar 27, 2007

    Rolly, you can get arrested for speeding so technically it is an arrest. Just like marijuana, drug marijuana and a whole list of other things.
    Sobercuban, it sounds like you where there  Just “man up” and say when you walked in and gave your cash for chips, you knew you were wrong. Yes, everyone does it, like speeding, smoking weed, and drinking a driving. You got busted. When you’re wrong, you’re wrong. Bringing 40 plus cars to a warehouse after business hours is a dead give away. What did you want the police to do? Walk in and say “anybody that is guilty please stand up”. About the “gun guy”, every one of us knows a “gun guy”. The guy that always has or has easy access to guns and is not afraid to use them. You got caught in a bad situation, but you put yourself there. Go to court, get a half way decent lawyer, and there is no way to prove that you were betting (unless there was money on the table). Keep this crap out of Cary. I live here, and wh

  • keithm61 Mar 27, 2007

    lovemypets: Yes I read the article. Your reply was The location they were busted was in Cary but the folks arrested came from as far away as Sanford. Who cares where they came from, the cancer is present in Cary..Period. Some may have came as far away as Sanford as you mentioned, but there are 10+ in that list that are carrying a Cary address. indulging in unfair generalizations and bashing the entire community...Not, if you read my post you would see it pertains to previous posts from individuals who made statements about Raleigh, Johnston County and now that I think about about bashed Durham....I'm just saying the cancer is spreading and no doubt needs to be stopped. My manners are outstanding as I respect everyone that is law bidding, hell I was even polite to every dirtbag that I arrested and took of the streets so Citizens could feel safe.
    I personally apologize to you if my initial post offended you.