4 tips to a better breakfast

Posted April 19

Breakfast is widely known as the "most important meal of the day."

Research shows that breakfast consumption is linked to benefits such as a healthier body weight, better grades for students and improved problem-solving skills. It is the first meal of the day that replenishes our energy stores, and despite numerous benefits, it is also the most commonly skipped meal of the day. In children and adolescents, it is estimated that 12 to 30 percent miss out on the benefits of breakfast each day.

Whether it is snoozing alarm clocks, getting active kids ready for school, or an early work commute, it’s likely for any schedule to include barriers to consuming a healthy breakfast. Here are four tips to help you start your day off right by consuming a healthy breakfast:

1. Plan Ahead

Sometimes the easiest way to fight the breakfast struggle of not having enough time in the morning is to plan ahead.

There are a lot of breakfast items that can be prepared ahead of time. Simply cutting up fruit, freezing breakfast burritos or preportioning out food the night before can help save precious minutes in the morning. Also having a well-stocked refrigerator and pantry with healthy breakfast options will surely make mornings easier.

A healthy breakfast has been shown to help us make better food choices later in the day. If we curb our hunger in the morning we won’t need to play catch up during snacks, lunch and dinner. Starting with planning ahead for a good breakfast can also help us in all our food choices we will make in the day.

2. Include multiple food groups

A great model for planning a healthy meal is to use the principles of MyPlate.

Have your plate include foods from a variety of food groups. Foods packed with protein such as eggs, peanut butter or yogurt can help you feel fuller for longer, which will make it easier to make it till lunch.

There are endless combinations of foods that can be used to create a well-balanced breakfast.

3. Make time to sit and eat

Even though the word “fast” is a root word of “breakfast,” there are a lot of benefits to slowing down while eating meals.

If you do take the time to plan ahead, also plan on sitting down and enjoying it. When we put our full attention into what we are eating, we not only are able to enjoy the experience, but we are better able to listen to our hunger cues.

If your schedule does force you to eat breakfast on the go, plan a breakfast with a realistic portion size and make sure it includes nutrient-dense food choices. Packing a healthy meal can be just as easy as packing empty calories.

4. Make it a Habit

Everything becomes easier after we make it a habit. Remember that planning a healthy breakfast doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming.

Keep it simple and enjoyable so that your body will look forward to it. Simple changes can lead to dramatic results. Decide today to start your day off right each morning by committing to eat breakfast.


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