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4 arrested in Hope Mills home invasion

Posted June 3, 2008

— Four men were arrested Tuesday for a home invasion in Hope Mills.

Cumberland County sheriff’s detectives allege the four forced their way into a home on Pan Drive Monday afternoon and held the homeowner at knifepoint.

The victim said he was pushed into the closet and held there while the suspects ransacked the home.

All four men are charged with five felonies -- robbery with a dangerous weapon, second degree kidnapping, breaking and entering, conspiracy and possession of stolen goods -- and are being held in the Cumberland County Detention Center under a $550,000 bond.

The suspects are:

  • Kedric Andrew Carr, 20, of 5627 Walking Trail Way in Hope Mills
  • Brandon Jamal Brown, 19, of 1336 Leander Lane in Hope Mills
  • Terry Zedrick McLaughlin, 18, of 525 Torhunta Drive in Hope Mills
  • Travis Jerrod Johnson, 19, of 187 Conway Road in Conway.

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  • moorecs Jun 10, 2008

    Another good article..this one titled: Why are black leaders silent on black hate crimes?

    Blurb: Unlike after other hate crimes, no black leader or organization immediately rushed forth to vigorously denounce the shootings. There was no expression of outrage from black communities, and there was no demand that Taylor be harshly prosecuted under the federal civil rights hate crimes act if he shot the men because they were white. Worse, some blacks quietly shrugged off the killings with the bitter remark that whites have been killing blacks for years and getting away with it, and that there has been no massive explosion of white outrage at the lax treatment of white killers.

    More whites than ever are the targets of racially motivated attacks by blacks. True, some of the attacks against whites by blacks are for their money and valuables. Others are revenge assaults by blacks for real or imagined racial insults.

  • moorecs Jun 10, 2008


    check out this article..it's 13 years old, so I can't imagine how the numbers have changed!

  • moorecs Jun 10, 2008

    "Just say NO to drugs"... how about "Just say NO to THUGS". I am so tired of watching these worthless punks shuffle around the neighborhood all hours of the day and night." Luckyman7

    It starts so early these days. I teach and this week I heard my 7 & 8 year olds playing Rock, Paper, Scissors...with a new twist...Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot. Belive me, I put a stop to it fast and flat out told them the ghetto/thug version was NOT ALLOWED and they shouldn't even be playing it at home. I'm sorry, but the excuse most give of living in an "socio-economically challenged area" is a poor excuse for a person's actions. You don't have to be "rich" or "well off" to know the difference between right and wrong!

  • streetfightinman Jun 10, 2008

    Can you say conceal carry permit

  • PikeMom4real Jun 10, 2008

    Oh,Please! Say it ain't so!!

  • beachboater Jun 10, 2008

    I have my protection at home. The thing that scares me is if someone comes in while I'm watching t.v. I don't want to carry a gun on my person when I'm in my "castle."

    If the dog barks at night, shame on anyone that comes in my door.

  • beachbum1 Jun 10, 2008

    There appears to be a pattern of the same people committing the majority of the crimes over and over...

    Yep and APPEARS the same ones have been doing it for YEARS. My old home town was never lock a door or car now that NEW people are moving in there is trouble!

  • retired and luv it Jun 10, 2008

    Same crowd different day! Probably all have a record and dodging through the probation system. My advice is buy your own justice and don't think twice about using it.

  • jchelpus Jun 10, 2008

    simply stupid simply stupid these criminals get no sympathy from me.

  • mramorak Jun 10, 2008

    how do you get started?