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3-year-old dies after shooting self

Posted November 16, 2009

— A 3-year-old boy died Monday morning after shooting himself, the Onslow County Sheriff's Office said.

The boy, who was not identified, apparently found a gun at his home on Rutherford Way in Jacksonville, authorities said. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

The sheriff's office said that the child's father is a civilian police officer at Camp Lejeune.

Authorities have not said whether charges would be filed.


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  • dlb800 Nov 20, 2009

    Hey GoGreen,
    Maybe someday you might run into a violent criminal, what would you do then? Maybe just tell him to get it over with quickly?

  • kittiboo Nov 16, 2009

    I hate to say it, but if this man was not a police officer you'd all be throwing him under the bus. I don't care WHO you are- if you have a gun and your kid gets ahold of it and shoots himself/others, you should be charged for not securing said firearm. That gun should have been secured, and the man will certainly suffer for the rest of his life, but there are laws and they need to be enforced.

  • tafiliclan1 Nov 16, 2009

    losing his son is hard enough. The child is in a better place.
    His Father is between here and hell right now.
    Lord willing he'll come out it ok. This is worst than looking for IEDs in Iraq or Afghanistan...

  • shortcake53 Nov 16, 2009

    Please, no more stories of children dieing, there have been way too many as of late and its just to much to bare.

  • wildervb Nov 16, 2009

    "own a gun

    lock it up

    plain and simple"

    Even simpler - Don't own a gun.

    That's the best way to keep your family safe.

  • Whatever Geez Nov 16, 2009

    rtp...not saying he wasn't held accountable...but it was an accident. Everyone is trying to get him executed...I mean seriously..

  • If_I_Was_President Nov 16, 2009

    "JustaCitizen" Personally, I believe that if you left your own child unattended long enough to make a ladder out of misc. objects lying around...then you are no better of a parent. I was merely stating that obviously, such a dangerous object should not only be put OUT OF REACH, but also LOCKED IN A BOX. Keep in mind, had this firearm been locked away in a tamper-proof box, would we be commenting on this story? The answer is no!

  • rtpduder Nov 16, 2009

    >se...just something you dont think about...

    What do you mean "just something you don't think about"? How hard is it to lock a gun in a safe? Especially when moving? If you want to own a gun, fine, but stop making excuses when things go wrong and get some accountability.

  • Whatever Geez Nov 16, 2009

    se...just something you dont think about...I feel sorry for the parents...

  • starshield Nov 16, 2009

    According to WITN in Greenville, the gun was left on a table. The parents were moving out of the house and one of the parents, not sure which one, left it on the table. The news said it was not the service weapon used by the officer. So will see. I bet you a steak dinner somebody gets charged.