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3 dead, 1 injured in Cumberland County murder-suicide

Posted August 5, 2014
Updated August 6, 2014

— Three people died and one person was injured Tuesday night in a murder-suicide near Fort Bragg, the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office said.

The shootings happened at about 6:30 p.m. in the 6700 block of Winthrop Drive, authorities said.

The injured person, a 15-year-old girl, was in surgery Tuesday night, authorities said.

Mackenzie Cantwell, who lives near where the shootings occurred, was awakened by the gunshots and walked outside to find the victims shot.

She said the shooter, who has not been identified, killed himself.

“I’ve never seen anything like that. I didn’t know what to do,” she said. “They were just dead. I had to tell someone, I guess. I never seen someone dead before.”

Investigators did not release any further information Tuesday night.

The incident is the second in Cumberland County within a week where multiple people were killed during a domestic incident.

Three people were killed and four deputies were injured on July 30 after Andrew "Jay" Michaelis allegedly fired more than 60 rounds from an AR-15 rifle into a home in the Crystal Springs Mobile Home Park. His father-in-law and a 10-year-old boy died in the shooting. Michaelis was also killed during the incident


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  • wetherby12 Aug 7, 2014

    Any help laying them to rest would be appreciated. please read the whole story here. http://m.fayobserver.com/news/crime_courts/victims-identified-in-double-murder-suicide-slain-woman-wanted-fresh/article_80573de6-44be-548a-ac3b-1062db95d82a.html?mode=jqm#.U-OD5Fd-VsY.facebook. http://www.gofundme.com/cp6f3g

  • disgusted2010 Aug 6, 2014

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    Marriage is NOT part of our constitution. Marriage does not affect our safety. Marriage will not cause our country to be taken over by politically correct liberals who will not be happy until we have totalitarianism.

  • Steve Morrison Aug 6, 2014
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    Why all of the debate over gun control? This event happened when someone made the really bad choice of taking people's lives - for whatever reason. He could have done so by a number of different means.

  • Grand Union Aug 6, 2014

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    Yawn. Thats utter nonsense...beyond silly.
    Firstly criminals get all their guns from legal gun owners..................and secondly EVERY other Western country with solid gun regulation has little problem with criminals and guns. The Triangle has more gun crime than all of the UK for example.

    As for the Gov only having them....not a single Western country has only the gov. with guns so thats a baseless fear....and secondly if you think you and your AR-15 stands a chance against an Apache Gunship you are sadly deluded. It would just make you an obvious target.

    Really iof thats the best arguments you have......you are going to lose, big time. If you were smart you be all for sensible regulation....because without it, sooner or later something is going to happen that will drive much much tougher regs than you would have imagine possible today.

    Thats what happened in the UK after Dunblane.......

  • Grand Union Aug 6, 2014

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    Five years ago you would likely have said the same about same sex marriage......and that kills no-one. With 10,000 extra murders a year due to lack of gun regulation, dealing with the gun lobby seems just a little more pressing.

  • Edward Anderson Aug 6, 2014
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    Well said!

  • rocket Aug 6, 2014

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    You are correct. It is possible to repeal the 2nd with another amendment. But you aren't even close to having the support you need to accomplish it.

  • UNC006 Aug 6, 2014

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    You forgot knifes too...


  • fifefan4life Aug 6, 2014

    Imagine if we didn't need gun control because Americans were Christians, truly Christians and not just the church goers we have now. Christians who loved their neighbor more than themselves and sought God's direction for the lives, direction for everything they did or said, and believed in an eternal separation from God as a consequence for rejecting the Holy Spirit. How much different would things be?

  • disgusted2010 Aug 6, 2014

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    Why all of them. He wants a totalitarian government that will make all decisions based on HIS way of thinking, as any good liberal does.