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20-year-old shot to death in Fayetteville

Posted November 29, 2011

— A 20-year-old Fayetteville man died Tuesday after being shot near the intersection of Italy Street and Cheer Lane, police said. 

Officers responding to calls about a shooting found Maurice Daquan Patterson dead from a gunshot wound just after midnight.

A silver vehicle, which police say may have been a Dodge Charger, was seen leaving the area just after the shooting.  

Investigators were on scene Tuesday morning but did not have any suspects in the case. 

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call the Fayetteville Police Department at 910-549-7326 or Crime Stoppers at 910-483-8477. Crime Stoppers pays cash rewards for anonymous tips that solve cases.

No other information was released. 


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  • Rico Nov 30, 2011

    lock all them up!!!

  • gabbiesmom1 Nov 30, 2011

    bigal02282, don't assume that you know him by the picture on the news. I know exactly what happened and it has nothing to do with drugs or gangs!!!!

  • brittanynicole2410 Nov 30, 2011

    im sorry made a typo he has a son not a daughter either way he was a good dad and great with all of our familys kids and a good person!

  • gabbiesmom1 Nov 30, 2011

    How dare you blame Reese, which was the victim in this crime!!! You may want to get the facts before you start assuming. He was a very good friend of my families and a great guy. He did not deserve this!!!! I, by no stretch of the imagination, am involved in drugs or gangs. I am a 47 yr. old mother of 4 and grandmother of 8. I would not put my self or my family in the company of a person that was involved in any of the above. So, I suggest that you keep your negative comments to yourselves. His family does not need that right now. How would you feel if this happened to a member of your family???? Would you like people that have no idea what they are talking about to be on here making these kinds of statements??? I think not. I know it is hard for some of you low class citizens but, try to have some class and respect before shooting your mouths off!!!!

  • brittanynicole2410 Nov 30, 2011

    You people need help someone lost his life...how bout going back to the old saying "if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all" people get killed all the time doesnt matter who you are where you are it happens and to just assume since they used his jail pic that he was dealing drugs or something is just ridiculous... I knew him and he was a great guy he recently had his first child she is beautiful...Reese we miss you im so sad for you and your family you did NOT deserve this...see you in heaven someday...you'll always be"our little Polamalu"
    Brittany,Cindy,Tiffany,& Caitlin

  • theyknow Nov 29, 2011

    I feel so sorry for those who will realize that it does not take drugs,money or domestic reasons to get killed now a days. Lets be logical here, people are so heartless and can careless about who you are, your family and definitely your life. I am so exhausted by the many comments and replies that has something to do with and I quote well what did they do. PEOPLE WAKE UP YOU COULD BE NEXT AND DO NOTHING AT ALL BUT WALKING TO YOUR CAR, SITTING IN YOUR HOUSE, RUNNING. NO ONE CARES. Reese I truly want to apologize for heartless imbeciles that never knew you but judge so quickly. love you and may you and my little brother live in the clouds. This world is the devils work.

  • americaneel Nov 29, 2011

    bigal02282...Thank you professor

  • Classified Nov 29, 2011

    Comparing us to South Carolina like I did in my comment, I'm grateful. South Carolina ranks 4th in the
    nation in violent crime. Chairman of the bored

    Also in your comment you found it “amazing we have such a low rate of violent crime” and we should be grateful. Why would you be grateful?. A fine example of apathy at it’s best.

  • Chairman of the Bored Nov 29, 2011

    more executions would help to! And stiff penalties for hard criminals that keeps them in a box for the rest of their lives and not on parole after 1/5th their sentance." - I Carry even in Cary

    How you wanna pay for all that Bubba Duke?
    Simplistic solutions sound good. You should run for office.

  • babedan Nov 29, 2011

    How about teaching your kids right from wrong to begin with and let them know weed is against the law and you don't do it. You do the crime you do the time. After all what harm is there in taking a candy bar out of a store, it's less than a dollar. or what is the harm of getting a 10 year old high on weed or say other drugs while your at it. No difference in Weed and say pills will be the next comment. You do the crime you do the time. They put people in jail for selling alcohol when it was illegal too.