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2-year-old injured after darting into traffic

Posted October 22, 2008

— Fayetteville authorities Wednesday were investigating an accident involving a 2-year-old boy.

The incident occurred shortly after 5 p.m. at the intersection of Murchison Road and Charmaine Road, a residential street near Shaw Heights Memorial Church.

The Highway Patrol said Terrence Vereen and an adult were walking on the side of the road with traffic when the boy darted into traffic to get to his mother on the other side of the road.

An oncoming car could not stop and hit the boy, authorities said. The driver will not be charged. The accident had been reported as a hit-and-run for a time, but authorities said the woman only drove to a safe place after people in the area began to threaten her.

A medical helicopter flew the boy to UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill, authorities said, but it was unclear whether he was still there Wednesday evening or what condition he was in.


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  • b4self Oct 23, 2008

    So sorry for everyone the article states child was walking with adult not parent.Parent was on the other side and does not say adult was not holding childs hand maybe 2yr old pulled away,as Nana to a 2 yr old you never know what to expect, so try not to judge,also driver must be goin through hello ,praying for all .

  • Cricket at the lake Oct 23, 2008

    Sounds like a recipe for disaster with Mother across the busy street. Thank goodness the child survived. I feel sorry for the poor driver being threatened that way. Today's society....

  • fiesty Oct 23, 2008

    People threatening her???? Here we go again....People do not take responsibilty for their own children and blame someone else when things happen...not only blame but use violence. These people should be arrested and charged with a hate crime and not be allowed to get out of jail. This is ridiculous......

  • FullOfId Oct 23, 2008

    I will remember this story the next time I have my [extremely active and unpredictable] 2-year-old on a leash and I get DIRTY LOOKS from people.

  • san4short Oct 23, 2008

    Leonardo - I have an energetic 6 year old and since he could walk my husband and I always have a firm grip on him, ESPECIALLY when walking anywhere near cars or in a store. He doesn't like it and will fuss and give me grief about it, but I tell him firmly NO, I'm holding your hand and that's that. Parents need to do that. I've seen way too many parents who let their kids walk a few feet in front or even in back of them which makes me so angry! And then they cry "oh my poor baby", they are to blame not the driver when things like that happen.

    My prayers for the boy and the driver who is probably feeling guilty over what happened. I know how I would feel.

  • happymom Oct 23, 2008

    I lively child tried to "dart" away from me on many occasions when he was younger, but I knew his intentions well enough to keep a FIRM grip on him.

    I understand accidents happen though, and I have parented long enough at this point to never say that something could never happen to me or that "my child would never..."

    I am keeping both this child and the driver in my prayers. My heart goes out to both families. I truly can not imagine what the driver must be feeling.

    As for the people on the street... Well, there's a reason that we are told not to judge. This case is an illustration of exactly how imperfect our judgments (as humans) can be.

  • Leonardo Oct 23, 2008

    "2 adults and neither of them couldnt grab the boy? If it was a busy street why werent they either holding his hand or carrying him?"

    It is obvious that you do not have an energetic 2 year old.

  • something2say Oct 23, 2008

    The poor 2 year old and driver. A 2 year old needs to be held when walking near a road. They are unpredictable. The poor driver couldn't have stopped in time yet a crowd of people intimidated her! what could be worse!

  • Sessy V--V Oct 23, 2008

    2 adults and neither of them couldnt grab the boy? If it was a busy street why werent they either holding his hand or carrying him?

  • FromClayton Oct 23, 2008

    hold your child's hand before you even get to the intersection. Why do people not know to do this? I watch my dog better than these people watch their children. Children and dogs do not know better, the adults must take care of them.

    I hope the adults are charged with child neglect or something.