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2-year-old drowns in pool

Posted June 1, 2008

Deputies say a 2-year-old child drowned in a wading pool at a Chatham County home early Saturday.

Deputies did not release the child's name or gender.


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  • DarnYou Jun 2, 2008

    Thanks for your concern Tidbit88 but you are a tidbit too late on that, the orig line did state "girls gender" they changed it, but again thank you so much for your insight.

  • WilloWSnapper Jun 2, 2008

    guess some parents aren't vigilant enough.
    Ive never left my 3 or 4yr old ALONE EVER. I make sure I have the towels, sunscreen, phone, snacks, everything we need. I dont leave them for even a second.
    My biggest fear is being irresponsible for ONE second and my child dying cause of my mistake
    the child is with the best protector in the universe now.
    I will pray that the family heals and learns their lesson

  • Tidbit88 Jun 2, 2008

    Deputies did not release the child's name or gender.

    Nothing in that statement says "girl's name or gender". DarnYou, maybe you wouldn't be the best person for proofreading!

  • Meandmytwo Jun 2, 2008

    Please parents, watch your little ones around these pools. Praying for the family and friends.

  • lawpirate is still around Jun 2, 2008

    As the mother of 2 years olds, I am so, so sorry to hear this and my heart and sympathy goes out to this family. Be easy on them. Accidents happen to even the most vigilant of people.

  • jkca Jun 2, 2008

    Here we go again,the infamous question , WHERE WERE THE PARENTS, as if the parents aren't already grieving and blaming themselves. As a parent of young children, and as most parents of young children, we all know that 2 year olds are capable of opening doors, deadlocks, childproof cabinet/drawer gadgets, you name it, they ususally find a way to open it. So tragedies do happen in a blink of an eye, ie, drowning in wading pools, so lets just pray for comfort and peace for this family.

  • DarnYou Jun 2, 2008

    They "won't release the girls name or gender?" Are there any openings for proof-readers up there?

  • WilloWSnapper Jun 2, 2008

    where were the parents ?