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2 men sought in April murder case

Posted May 23, 2008

— Two Roanoke Rapids men are wanted for the April 3 murder of Jerry Yellorday.

Charles "Ossie" Hockaday and Damien "Dane Dane" Mitchell are wanted on charges of murder, conspiracy and possession of a firearm by a felon. The suspects, who are brothers, live in Halifax County, but might be staying in the Raleigh area, according to sheriff's deputies.

Trayvon Purnell, 18, of Roanoke Rapids was arrested in the case Friday.

Deputies said further arrests in the case are pending.

Anyone with information about Hockaday or Mitchel is asked to call Halifax County Crime Stoppers at 252-583-4444 or the Halifax County Sheriff's Office at 252-583-1991.


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  • Just the facts mam May 23, 2008

    I kind of figured the person who got killed probably wasn't a saint either - the "birds of a feather stick together" theory is what I guessed...

    The Iraqi police and military seem to be doing a pretty good job recently of cleaning up some bad neighborhoods in Iraq - maybe when they are done over there they can come to NC and do some clean-up over here. Our judges, courts, and prison system
    does not seem to be too interested or capable of doing it...

  • Have2LoveME May 23, 2008

    It's amazing what is left out of the media. While I agree something needs to be done to keep the dangerous people off the streets its often ignored by the judges. I am very familiar with the Hockaday man due to working in corrections myself. It took a lot of fighting just to get him in prison for a short amount of time. Another thing that is not mentioned is that when individuals are given a prison sentence it's often reduced by the dept. of correction once the individual is in their custody. One final interesting thing that has been left out of the media and that I feel needs mentioned to the individual worried about the "innocent" people... Jerry Yellorday, aka Jerry Yellowday, was also convicted of 2nd degree murder. His sentence was reduced once he entered doc and then he was released on parole. I just thought I would put that into the mix.

  • cool_rocker999 May 23, 2008

    I totally agree. Same people, same crimes - The trend must stop.

  • Just the facts mam May 23, 2008

    So what else is new - same people committing the crimes over and over (assuming they are guilty). I guess we will need to build more prisons. Something needs to be done to stop the violence - in prison at least they cannot hurt the innocent people...