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2 Men Arrested in Raleigh Cocaine Bust

Posted February 24, 2008
Updated February 25, 2008

— Two men face drug charges after Raleigh police found 253.3 grams of cocaine over the weekend.

Andre Ruffin, 31, of 1204 Brighton Road in Raleigh, was charged with conspiracy to traffic cocaine by transportation.

Ruffin was being held Sunday night on a $250,000 bond.

Barry Washington, 23, of at 213 Walbury Drive in Knightdale, was charged with maintaining a vehicle to keep cocaine, trafficking by transportation of cocaine and trafficking by possession of cocaine.

Washington was being held Sunday night on a $1 million bond.

The street value of the cocaine was estimated to be $25,000, police said.


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  • iamforjustice Feb 25, 2008

    gto77, that sounds convincing to me.

  • gto77 Feb 25, 2008

    Here is the problem:

    (A).Sleep all day and go on the block at night for a couple of hours and make $400-$500 tax free money.....


    (B).Wake up early every day go to school and I might get a job paying $8-$10 a hour ($320-$400 a wk before taxes)

    This is the options some kids are faced with in their community and without any positive role models or family values the obvious answer will be (A) for a good percentage of them.

  • iamforjustice Feb 25, 2008

    FE. I am very active in my community. I know what goes on. I talk to people and low level drug dealers. You don't notice the turnover when it comes to drugs and the dealers? Drugs aren't being shipped in immediately when drugs are taken off of the streets. The ones they take off are put back on to make money. If you don't know these things then you are apparently not taking heed to your surroundings. Drugs are a part of all facets of our society. There are no good and bad neighborhoods when it comes to drug activity. You also need to get involved with schools even if you don't have children there. There is a lot of drug activity there with a growing number of gang activity.

  • iamforjustice Feb 25, 2008

    Panther, if it will help I agree. Drastic measures for drastic times. I suggest also until this problem is addressed we should burn down suspected drug houses. Or at least take the power away from these homes and tear down the doors and knock out the windows. Why make it comfortable for them. America promotes the use of drugs with all of its paraphenalia sales. I went into Smoker Friendly recently and they had all this drug stuff. I was overwhelmed but was told it is legal to buy but if caught with it you go to jail. What sense does that make?

  • intuit Feb 25, 2008

    thinkb4uspeak.....sounds like you need to thinkb4uspeak or at least become more educated on your surroundings. You'd obviously be quite suprised if you opened your eyes to what goes on in our backyard everyday.

  • Panther Feb 25, 2008

    Iamforjustice I read an article several years ago where the writer suggested that we execute drug dealers as soon as they are convicted. He was referring to within several hours. He said that if this is done across the nation that within 90 days drugs would be eradicated. I cannot help but think that he is correct. Why waste our taxes on people who will spend their life on drugs just for the thrill of it. Provocative thinking I know.

  • FE Feb 25, 2008

    iamforjustice: "Especially when the drugs that are confiscated are put back on the streets!!!"

    Can you help me out on your facts supporting this statement, please?

  • RIP- Yogi Bear Feb 25, 2008

    This was just over a 1/2# of coke. I'm taking it that the street value was somewhere in the ballpark of 25-30k. It won't be long before somebody rolls on the big dealer.

  • ashewing Feb 25, 2008

    Actually it happens more than you think; the media will not let you hear about it.

    I have a brother who has been battling this demon for 19 years. He just got out of rehab last week and I pray to God this is the last time. But everytime he gets in his car and drives down the street with money in his pocket, it's an internal war he must fight with himself. But if there were no drug dealers on the street, it wouldn't be an issue. So sad...

  • iamforjustice Feb 25, 2008

    Thinkbeforeuspeak...that is the problem, we wait until situations like this becomes epidemic proportions...and yes it does happen. You would be surprised to know of the prostitution rings in the Raleigh/Durham area. They are not grown old ladies either. Kids are getting younger and younger on drugs also. All can not be reported but drugs needs to be eradicted May be you don't agree but one day you will see. It is all ok until it happens to someone close to you.