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Two charged in Franklin County cockfighting ring

Posted June 29, 2013
Updated June 30, 2013

— Sheriff’s deputies arrested two people Saturday in connection with a cockfighting ring near Bunn in Franklin County.

Deputies seized 120 chickens, a malnourished horse and dog, two firearms and about 25 grams of cocaine from a home on Lynyrd Lane near N.C. Highway 64.  The animals were taken to the Franklin County Animal Shelter.

"The horse looked bad," said neighbor D.J. Carlyle. "You could see the ribs and everything."

The homeowner, Jose Angel Prudente Rodriguez, was charged with felony possession of cocaine, maintaining a dwelling for the use of controlled substances and cockfighting. He may also face animal cruelty and federal weapons charges, authorities said.

Eugenio Rodriguez was charged with cockfighting.

Both men were placed in the Franklin County jail. Jose Rodriguez was being held under an immigration detainer and a $50,000 bond. 

Carlyle's father, David Carlyle, said it's not unusual to see hundreds of roosters near the house. 

"One day, two of them did get loose," he said. "I got my son to run up there and tell him two of them got loose. By the time he got to them, they had killed each other."

He said he never saw any evidence of cockfighting, but had his suspicions.

"You could hear roosters all the time, day and night," David Carlyle said. "Sometimes there'd be a van load come in, almost like a bus."


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  • RadioDJ Jul 1, 3:23 p.m.

    The folks here simply couldn't wait to start in on "illegals", and yet we've had dog fighting, wife beating, animal beating and every other sordid activity carried out by our good ol boys here since before the civil war. And yet no outrage over any of those, because the folks doing that have English sounding names.

  • so you dont like my opinion ok Jul 1, 3:19 p.m.

    cXckfighting is horrible so is dogfighting... It takes a certain type person to be able to enjoy something like this, sick individuals allowing inhumane treatment of animals for their recreation...

  • puzzled Jul 1, 3:04 p.m.

    People fighting is perfectly legal and look at the condition of Ali right now from fighting. We think more of roosters then we do people on here???

  • Grand Union Jul 1, 2:28 p.m.

    "yea, you're right but I'll bet dollars to donuts that I'm right. Those here LEGALLY care about remaining, those here illegally don't care about laws! Not much of a stretch there."

    seems a pretty good reason to give them a reason to care......
    These guys.....we could happily send back across the border.

    "Gambling on a chicken fight is something people around here enjoy about as much as a head cold."

    yeah some Americans use dogs instead......

  • Billy the Kid Jul 1, 2:19 p.m.

    Just here to work.

  • outhousecat Jul 1, 2:18 p.m.

    It doesn't seem like many people care one way or the other about cokc (sp for moderator) fighting or animal abuse, judging from the sparse comments here.

    Maybe news outlets should show pictures of mortally wounded poultry, starved dogs and emaciated horses to get the point across.

    I don't care about their immigration status. They should be locked up for the rest of their lives. And if a Mexican prison wants them sent home, fine. These men do not deserve freedom.

  • NE Raleigh Jul 1, 1:38 p.m.

    "Those here LEGALLY care about remaining, those here illegally don't care about laws! Not much of a stretch there."
    I would also bet on their illegal status. This just shows many have no interest in becoming Americans. They want to bring their culture here and have no interest in blending in. Just interested what they can receive for free. By getting arrested the taxpayer is still paying the bill.

  • American56 Jul 1, 1:27 p.m.


  • Scubagirl Jul 1, 10:25 a.m.

    "but judging his immigration status based on his name is unfair.

    yea, you're right but I'll bet dollars to donuts that I'm right. Those here LEGALLY care about remaining, those here illegally don't care about laws! Not much of a stretch there.

  • pinehorse Jul 1, 10:15 a.m.

    On the American farm just 50 years ago- when we produced our own food- the chickens that couldn't lay anymore, and the fiesty roosters that just wanted to fight (that's what roosters do), got chased down and axed. Not condoning this activity but to some this is simply a way of playing with your food, so to speak.