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19-year-old suspect asks for bond in year-old North Hills murder case

Posted May 8, 2014

— A Wake County judge on Thursday set a $1 million bond for a 19-year-old murder suspect who's agreed to testify against her two co-defendants – both facing a possible death sentence for killing a young mother inside her Raleigh apartment a year ago.

Sarah Rene Redden – charged in the May 14, 2013, death of 30-year-old Melissa Huggins-Jones – asked for a $250,000 bond so she could get out of jail to be with her young daughter. But Superior Court Judge Donald Stephens denied the request, opting for the higher bond amount, he said, because he is concerned for her safety.

"Obviously, they may have friends and associates who may well let Ms. Redden know how disappointed they are at the fact that she's cooperating with police. She will be subjected to incredible potential threats and potential harm, as would her child," Stephens said. "The best place for her right now – the safest place for her right now – is for her to wait this out in custody."

Redden, along with Ronald Lee Anthony, 24, and Travion Devonte Smith, 21, have been in the Wake County jail without bond since they were arrested May 22, 2013, – eight days after Huggins-Jones' 8-year-old daughter found her dead from repeated blows to her head and neck in their Allister North Hills apartment off Six Forks Road.

Anthony and Smith are currently scheduled to go to trial in March.

Redden said Thursday that she was in a romantic relationship with one of her co-defendants and admitted to "bad choices in guys."

“I’m not going to get in trouble," she told Stephens when he asked her why he should set such a low bond. "I know I have done some things I shouldn’t have done. I’m a good person. I’ve learned a lot."

"I’m angry because an innocent person died so you can learn something," Stephens told Redden.

Police have said they don't think Huggins-Jones knew her alleged attackers, and although they haven't publicly commented on a motive, court documents suggest burglary might have been a factor in the case.

According to documents, the patio door of her upper-level apartment had been unlocked and a laptop stolen from a model apartment a floor below linked the suspects to the crime.

Also, at a December hearing, prosecutors said the suspects had been breaking into cars in the area and that Anthony and Smith allegedly broke into the lower level apartment and scaled the wall to get into Huggins-Jones' home.

Redden, they said, served as a lookout at a different apartment complex.

Her parents, who were in court Thursday, declined to comment.

Huggins-Jones' parents were also in court, speaking publicly about their daughter's death for the first time.

"We're Melissa' s voice and face," her mother Dawn Sevey Wallace said. "We have to be here for her. She can't be here."

"I feel like we're moving in the right direction, and we just want justice to be served," she went on to say.

Family members say Huggins-Jones, a mother of two, had moved with her daughter just weeks earlier from Tennessee to Raleigh.

"She was just a wonderful person," Wallace said, adding that she was actively involved in her community and church.

"Melissa was a good Christian woman," her stepfather Steve Wallace said. "She was a great mother to her two children who now have to grow up without her. She was a great daughter. She was just an unforgettable person, and it's a devastating loss for all our family."


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  • 678devilish May 9, 2014

    NO BOND! She was involved in a murder as a suspect. Her daughter is fine being looking after, and making sure she is care for and happy. If she was such a good mother, then she would have been with her child and not involved with a murder. She is using any excuse to get out. Don't listen judge. Allow her to see her dire consequences.

  • Alexia Proper May 9, 2014
    user avatar

    Why in the world has the notion of "speedy trial" been tossed out the window. I can't imagine sitting in jail for a year, and it would be especially more difficult sitting there knowing I didn't commit whatever crime I might have been accused of. I guess in this case, the accusation might be correct (since she's willing to be a witness), but still... where is the speedy trial? Why does it take more than a year from the date of arrest to the date of a trial?

  • Richard Hertz May 9, 2014
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    I bet her victim's child would love to be with her Mom too!

  • 50s Child May 9, 2014

    Aw...do you hear that, everyone? She's a self-proclaimed "good person" who wants to be with her child.

    Just waiting for someone to refer to her as a "little girl".

  • sjb2k1 May 9, 2014

    if you want to be with your kid how about next time you don't commit crimes eh?

  • Obamacare returns again May 9, 2014

    View quoted thread

    The girl was in love. Don't you know that's more important than a young child?

  • luvstoQ May 9, 2014

    'Where' was your 'young child' when you were out helping to commit murder??
    Suddenly you are wanting to be 'responsible' and 'mother' your child?? I think not!!

    You're just wanting to save your own skin and tattle on the others. This should not be allowed - you are just as guilty by association, if nothing else.

    You helped do the crime - now you should serve the time - give you lots of time to 'think' on your evil deed.

  • William Unger Jr. May 9, 2014
    user avatar

    This girl wants to get out of prison to be with her daughter??? Unless she truly rehabilitates herself, her daughter would be better off with her not in her life. In my mind, first she would need to live out her punishment (once set) for her involvement in this crime and second, over time she would need to prove that she has been rehabilitated (words won't do it). At the present moment, her daughter is better off without her in her life.

  • Obamacare returns again May 9, 2014

    Denied. Now go back to your cell and rot.

  • Linda Kerns Kellogg May 9, 2014
    user avatar

    It's beyond time for learning life lessons or thinking of her child. Such arrogance to think that her change of heart makes a difference to society! I didn't see any comments about her horrible remorse for the innocent victim being brutally murdered or her family losing her forever. The defendant's daughter must be very young and is better off growing up without her. The child is also a victim, and I hope there is a decent person taking care of her.