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18-year-old shot in Henderson

Posted May 5, 2011

— An 18-year-old man was shot in the Kittrell Street area of Henderson around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, police said.

The man, who was shot in the back, was taken to a local hospital, police said. His name hasn't been released.

Police continue to investigate the shooting.


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  • pinkiglock May 5, 2011

    2 great kids - exactly what do you think law enforcement can do? Stop them from shooting each other and roaming the streets committing crimes? The police arrest, but the courts let them out. WE are the ones responsible for putting pressure on the courts and our neighbors and our families to be responsible and not commit crimes. Instead, Society is liberal and make excuses for the criminals and expect the police to do 'something' so we can blame the police and not ourselves and our family members and neighbors. Instead of blaming police, start naming names and calling in tips.

  • dominiquebullock May 5, 2011

    For Everybody That Want's To His Condition His Doing Okay Just Keep Him In Your Prayers !

  • mjlt3 May 5, 2011

    These little "immature, unraised, uneducated amount to nothings need to do some HARD TIME instead of playing monopoly in the court system! They think it a video or joke..... that they are banging (killing each other) and innocent bystanders. We will the system start making them pay the price?????

  • The7thSeal May 5, 2011

    "I'm keeping my doors locked on Hwy 39...

    As if windows will stop someone?

  • brassy May 5, 2011

    I'm keeping my doors locked on Hwy 39...

  • TheDude abides... May 5, 2011

    Need to chalk Henderson off as a TOTAL LOSS.

    Used to be confined to Moccasin Bottom, but not the whole blamed town is just one gang-related location.

    Do society a favor and just NUKE this place. The whole town just looks dirty and unkempt compared to...Warrenton.

    Aint that funny.

  • wildcat May 5, 2011


  • dtd1961 May 5, 2011

    Henderson has become Dodge City,NC. Get rid of all the bullets and make them settle it with logic.

  • wildcat May 5, 2011

    I wish WRAL would wait until they have more information to post news.

    I absolutely agree with you. They are always jumping the gun without no kind of information. Who got shot, where and why? They need to wait until they have better information to give to the public. Bringing nothing gives nothing.

  • 2 great kids May 5, 2011

    The real sad thing about this shooting is it was right beside The Boys and Girls Club were kids play football in the field beside the building. I was actually going down Kittrell St when the shooting took place to pick my son up from the after school program!! It makes me sick that the Henderson Police Dept want do anything about this area beside the school!! What would it take ... one of those kids playing to get shoot by a stray bullet!!