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17-year-old receives $1.55M bond for peeping, sexual offenses

Posted June 1, 2014
Updated June 2, 2014

— A 17-year-old faces charges of peeping and sexually touching an underage girl.

Kendrick James Sheppard Jr., of 2804 Roundleaf Court, was arrested and charged Saturday with three counts of first degree sexual offense, three counts of secret peeping and two counts of possessing photographic image from peeping.

Sheppard is accused of using his cell phone to record women in their bathrooms by filming under the bathroom door, according to arrest warrants. He is also accused of sexually touching one of the victims and exposing himself, warrants said. Sheppard knew the victims before the offenses were committed, police said.

Sheppard remained in the Wake County jail Sunday on a $1.55 million bond.


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  • I-Defy Jun 2, 2014

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    It's all they got. When you believe you are a victim you will stay a victim

  • "Screen Name-8/20" Jun 2, 2014

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    Guess you missed the part where the "...three counts of first degree sexual offense..." were with an UNDERAGE girl.

    IMO, that touchning an UNDERAGED child alone should warrant a $1M bond for ANYONE, but why the amount above that???

  • "Screen Name-8/20" Jun 2, 2014

    While what he did is reprehensible, murderers have received less bond, including child murderers. smh
    Prayers for his victims, but c'mon on that high a bond.

  • SFSOLDIER Jun 2, 2014

    Wow, got to love that do! Now, with that do, they will abuse that punk once he gets to the big house...what goes around, comes around!

  • areyououtofyourmind Jun 2, 2014

    "what's wrong with that picture????"

    Haha, nice pun!

  • smdrn Jun 2, 2014

    He must have had prior charges that we're not hearing about. Since he's still a minor, those records could have been sealed. There is definitely more to this story that we are hearing about.

  • LuvsThePack Jun 2, 2014

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    Did people even bother reading the article? He did MORE than take pictures. He inappropriately touched underage girls.

    Big difference. BIG.

  • LuvsThePack Jun 2, 2014

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    White kid peeped.

    This kid inappropriately TOUCHED underage girls.

    Sorry, but this is different. Don't even TRY to play the race card here. It does not apply, as it rarely does.

  • Just Once Jun 2, 2014

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    Peeping and touching an underage girl are two different things. Also exposing himself. The color is not an issue.

  • euimport1 Jun 2, 2014

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    have we all gone crazy? yes we have. long time ago!