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17-year-old charged with shooting grandmother

Posted April 9, 2009

— A Wake County man was charged Thursday with shooting his grandmother while trying to rob her, authorities said.

Christopher Lane, 17, was charged with robbery and assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. He was being held in the Wake County Jail under a $400,000 bond.

Investigators said Lane, who was moving out of the house at 6143 Vicky Drive, was trying to take a lock-box from under his grandmother's bed early Thursday when she awoke. Dorothy Britt Lane was shot in the shoulder as she sat up in bed and confronted him, authorities said.

Christopher Lane ran from the house with the lock-box, but his mother confronted him outside the house and called 911, authorities said.

Dorothy Lane was taken to WakeMed, but she was listed in good condition Thursday afternoon.


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  • NC Reader Apr 9, 2009

    We have never spanked our children, and they are models of good behavior. They are kind, responsible, dress appropriately, and share our moral values. The important way to raise children is by being consistent, loving, and very firm -- whether you spank or not.

    That being said, we all know great parents who raise several wonderful children but have one child who is a real problem. I know parents with a son who has been in and out of drug rehab, in court for drunk driving, etc. He is an adult now, so they can't just lock him at home. Their other children are well-mannered, compassionate, upstanding people. Children have different personalities even from birth. We can shape them somewhat, but genes still play an important role.

  • cah349 Apr 9, 2009

    I am sorry, but half of you people have no clue what you are talking about. I live a street over from him, went to his elementary and middle school.

    He was always wierd, even back then, yes i have to admit i did my fair share of picking on him. Hes always lived with his grandmother though as far as I can remember. There is no one to blame, i havent seen him since middle school and he lives a street over from me. I dont think it was an act of violence. He was just a troubled kid. Not making any excuses for him.

  • Adelinthe Apr 9, 2009

    What a shame for this to happen in a family!

    Praying for the grandmother. Thank God she wasn't hurt too badly.

    God bless.


  • mwilliams2 Apr 9, 2009

    Too bad he had easy access to a gun.

  • pureivy Apr 9, 2009

    Holly, it didn't say he brought it. Maybe his grandmother had it in her house. And it says absolutely nothing about his upbringing, only his state of mind.

  • hollylama Apr 9, 2009

    The fact that he brought a gun to rob his grandmother says alot about his temperament and his upbringing.

  • TontoKozlowski Apr 9, 2009


  • MamaDummy Apr 9, 2009

    Parents can NOT be blamed for the actions of teens at that age. I know for sure. I had the best parents in the world. But I was influenced by my "peers" and went down the wrong road. Eventually I was able to straighten myself up...but it was NOT my parents fault, ever. It was the influence my friends had on me that brought me down, but it was absolutely my bad choices that hurt me. The way my parents raised me was what eventually brought me around. I wanted what they had..a loving relationship with each other and children.

  • djofraleigh Apr 9, 2009

    Psychic psychogist impression:

    Father NOT in the home.

    Problems at school, including attendance.

    Indulged then neglected, given limits, then having them relaxed out of convenience, while not having a consistent routine.

    Then again, I could be wrong. Reap what you sow.

  • didisaythat Apr 9, 2009

    It may not be the parents fault or may....yes at 17 you are not going to be able to teach him anything. BUT what was the discipline like when he was younger. That may be why the parents should be blamed. I nor anyone else know what the reason was...There are unfortunately many reasons why. The best thing to do is punish at a young age and not let them get away with doing wrong. I heard once there was two ways to create a sociopath. 1) to not punish a child when they do wrong and 2) to punish a child too severly for doing wrong. Parents have a huge affect on a childs development to adulthood...parents take time.