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17-year-old charged in Raleigh wreck

Posted May 1, 2009

— Troopers charged a 17-year-old driver with a lane control violation and driving without a valid license after her car side-swiped another vehicle, causing both to crash on Interstate 40 early Friday.

Tiffney McClung, from Tennessee, lost control of her vehicle and ended up near the woods, along with the car she side-swiped, authorities said. The crash happened just east of North Harrison Avenue.

Speed and alcohol were not factors in the wreck, officials said.

However, troopers charged McClung’s two passengers, ages 22 and 20, with having open containers of alcohol. Authorities also charged the 20-year-old with possession of an alcoholic beverage by a person less than 21 years old.

Troopers did not release the passengers’ names.

Emergency crews took McClung and one of her passengers to a local hospital. They were expected to be OK. The person in the other vehicle was not injured, troopers said.


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  • Z Man May 1, 2009

    thatsright1233 - just where does dml7009 mention oncoming traffic? What a bunch of boneheads on these forums.

  • Z Man May 1, 2009

    dml7009 just made an observation. Why can't dml7009 make an observation? I happen to agree with them and I would bet it more likely than not she was on the phone! Just because it doesn't say that in the article doesn't mean the laws of statistics don't apply!

  • thatsright1233 May 1, 2009

    dml7009, get your facts straight. She side swipped the other car going in the same direction. No oncoming traffic mentioned in the article. Although I bet the passengers in the back drinking were probably a distraction.

  • computer trainer May 1, 2009

    It was 3 AM, and that particular stretch of road is poorly lit and not well maintained. I was cut off on the Beltline yesterday by 3 DIFFERENT men talking on their cells, so I doubt that gender had a lot to do with this. It must be nice to be perfect.

  • DML May 1, 2009

    Well let's see, b/c you can't drive out on any major highway without seeing 90% of women talking on their phones and driving at the same time (I know men are guilty of it too, but not nearly as frequently). Crossing the lane into oncoming traffic has nothing to do with being unfamiliar with the road. The lines still get painted in the same place on almost every road.

  • computer trainer May 1, 2009

    Why do you assume that she was on the phone. It could have been that she was unfamiliar with the road. Good Grief!

  • DML May 1, 2009

    Who would've guessed it was a girl? Did they confiscate her cell phone as evidence as I'm sure it was glued to the side of her head when this occurred. Go ahead and check those phone records to see when the last text was sent too.